Points Of Relevance For First Years’ – Amanat | Winters 2019 | Zing Poetry

Points of relevance for first years You’d find this piece to be relevant at this
point of time, And perhaps, only at this point of time So without trading much of it
I draw to you a comparison. A comparison between the young and the old A comparison between the world at this institute
and the world outside A comparison between the citizens we want
to be and the citizens we grow up to be. I have believed that the place where we live
in, is an underscaled version of the world we’re about to be thrown to.
In our case, it is our institution, PDPM IIITDMJ That said I’m a lot less fearful and a lot
more embarassed to say that I was a bit prepared when I landed here.
A little research, mediocre expectations and an exorbitant leap of faith. In my first informal interaction, I remember
being told Greetings, gratitude, and garments, are the
keys to acceptance by students a bit old Surprised by the baselessness of rules, not
to mention the pestering that followed for them to be continued. Devoid and denied of any logic, I was told that if I question back, it would be a disregard to the batch ‘united’ Later one night I’m called to a room with
a dozen of seniors Most of whom I knew and they knew me too,
So I got confused when they asked me to introduce myself
And entertain them for a moment or two I have been a warrior
But I had only fought sensible battles before One of them said something that I could not
take and it was then that I was told ‘I’m sorry but people find your attitude to
be a bit too bold.’ Two years later, as academic calendars roll by
I’ve now seen twice, once mummed kurti-clad young woman policing the just arrived, adapting
to the same I see once ‘oppressed’ turned ‘oppressors’ and excuse
themselves as “Humne bhi toh kiya hai” and reasons more lame And while I gape at student fraternity with
disbelief I cannot help but notice the
underlying drive of.. instilling fear? Fear among the students, by the students
Fear among the students, by the system Fear among citizens, by the citizens
Fear among citizens, by their leaders If I make you, and you make me. If I make the society, and the society makes me And if I power you to rise up and together we build the community
Shouldn’t still we be treated as equals in this democracy? You toss off my discomfort as a junior and
as a student as being disrespectul My doubts and questions as citizens are now
deemed against the society and the nation My concerns are myopic and not fit for the
society So today, I take pride in being bold
And I ask you to rethink How is it that all of us live constantly in
fear while you say It’s all for the greater good of the community. Thank you.

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