Pokémon Battle Royale | DEATH BATTLE!

For nearly two decades, people across the globe have struggled endlessly to make one crucial… …exhausting… …impossible choice: Bulbasaur , Squirtle, or Charmander? It’s finally time to learn if the one you chose was really the strongest… And what better way than with their evolved forms! VENUSAUR! The pimply plant monster! BLASTOISE! The bazooka turtle! And CHARIZARD! The… …Dragon. For a fair assessment, we’re examining maxed-out, wild pokemon. For those of you nerdy enough to care, this means: No special EV training No mega evolutions And no tutored, bred, or otherwise unnaturally learned attacks. This way we’ll avoid any, and all, player influence. He’s Wiz, and I’m Boomstick! Aaand it’s our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win A DEATH BATTLE The first start of the pokemon evolves from Bulbasaur to Ivysaur finally to Venusaur, the seed pokemon. Becoming uglier and uglier with every form! Seriously what the hell is that thing? Of the three starters, Venusaur’s the most well rounded and easiest to raise. In combat it relies on its above average special attack in special defence or non physical combat. Old froggy plant has a variety of moves: vine whips for slapping bitches and razor leaves can cut though whole trees. Then there’s the less action-packed skills like sleep powder, which is used to put foes to sleep and take women home from bars. Venusaur’s adaptability is its greatest asset. It can absorb health with leech seed like some kind of jungle vampire or simply heal on its own by using synthesis. It also knows sweet scent which aids the poor accuracy of the sleep and poison powders. But why bother with poisons and powders when you’ve got a super laser! Venusaur can absorb so much sun energy that he can fire the solar beam! Venusaur! When I find flowers that can do that, I might actually take up gardening. Try and pollinate now, bees. In real life, celestially powered lasers rely on heated magnesium combustion. In order to fire, the Solar Beam’s temperature needs to be OVER 6700 degrees farenheit. Unfortunately, the solar beam is so powerful it takes twice as long to perform as any other attack. As a grass and poison type, Venusaur is extremely effective against water type pokemon. But, keep him away from flying and fire types Because as we all know, plants burn… …and bird fucking hate grass. Yet, Venusaur’s well rounded skills and tricky move set could outsmart the competition. “Venusaur, the final form of the Bulbasaur evolution” “This seed pokemon soaks up the sun’s rays as a source of energy.” The second starter pokemon evolves from Squirtle to Wartortle and finally, to Blastoise, the shellfish pokemon. So how did this thing come about? Did a turtle get really drunk one night and then came across a tank and was like, “Eh, I’ll put my dick in that.” Then nine months later, the tank showed up at his door and was like, “BOOM! This is yours!” And then he raised it out of shame until one day it evolved and then all the other turtles were like, “THAT’S FUCKING AWESOME!” So then they all started plowin’ tanks? …sure… …Why not? Blastoise firmly boast defense over offense, Using his weighty bolt to outlast and over power foes. Like a stone firm upon the shore, he can take wave after wave of punishment. As poetic as that was, he won’t be winning any marathons. He’s almost as slow as a tortoise – which makes sense – – unlike the GIANT GUNS STICKING OUT OF HIS BACK. Blastoise can significantly reduce incoming damage with iron defense, barrel through hazards with rapid spin and guard against any and all attacks with protect. He can chomp foes with bite, and crack heads with skull bash. But most of his arsenal focuses on water power, blasting foes with water gun, water pulse, aqua tail and… … bubbles. But despite its lack in attack type diversity, Blastoise can maximise its watery weaponry with Rain Dance. A rain storm that amplifies water type moves and blocks out the sun. But his ultimate attack is Hydro Pump, where he blasts water out of his twin cannons with enough force to accurately punch through steel at a range of 160 feet. High-pressure water jet cutters are used industrially to cut through metal with at least 55,000 PSI (Or Pounds Per Square Inch). By measuring Blastoise’s cannons in comparison to his size, we can tell his Hydro Pump has a power of 90,000 PSI! That’ll get the stains of your patio! Along with your patio and possibly house. Blastoise is effective against fire type Pokémon, but weak to grass and electric. And when he’s not battling, Blastoise can be found training on secluded islands to strengthen his combat skills. If it plays its defenses right, Blastoise just might outlast everyone. “Blastoise’s strength lies in its power rather than its speed. Its shell is like armour and attacks from the Hydro Cannon on its back are virtually unstoppable.”

100 thoughts on “Pokémon Battle Royale | DEATH BATTLE!

  1. Okie this death battle is so bs. First why not use (Venusaur) spore powder to paralyzed blastoise and charizard to at least Venusaur use leech seed to heal him second why blastoise didnt get poison to poison powder even he ( blastoise) use his shell to protect himself from the poison even though it's a huge hole. Third they're too much relied on the Pokedex even tho Pokedex is confusing every game has no so desame bio to the pokemon

  2. U know blastoise cannon cant reach that close so it cant connect

  3. Wait wait wait if blastoise can learn ice and water moves doesnt that mean he has an advantage on both starters

  4. 10:00 Wait, isn't that how Godzilla won in 2014?
    Luckily Godzilla only came out 2 months later, so it propably was not inspired by each other.

  5. basically blastoise could just hide in his shell and then take down charizard

  6. Charizard should've won since his flames can melt anything…

  7. This doesn't make sense they didn't learn the other moves in the other evolution

  8. Leech seed gives Venusaur an edge in the long run. Teach it Giga drain and he's unstoppable.

  9. charzard should win did blastoise defeat mewtwo no charzard defeated mewtwo yes without charzard red will never have mewtwo

  10. Pobres Pokémon tienen que vivir en paz y armonía va tampoco seré tan pobrecito

  11. The battle will have zero human influences
    Dumps a load of rare candies on the Pokémons

  12. As someone who only picks grass type starters out of my own loyalty for Bulbasaur, this hurt a lot

  13. Well in strategic… Blastoise is in the bottom and charizard is in the top (megas)

  14. Actually venusaur is the 2nd best dont say its charizard cuz this video

  15. I like how they changed the name of the vid so it can be relevant on 2019 lmao

  16. Blastoise is my favorite, but did he have to rip off those wings…

  17. blastoise is the only one with a reliable coverage move [ice beam] for venasaur

  18. Bulbasaur, chikorita are all underrated 🙁 atleast treeco, chespin and the other put justice in beginner leaf's

  19. Char Izard could have let vinasaure live then kill him blast boi

  20. As a kid i didn't understand the explainations and ignored it until the battle begins

  21. Stop picking on venasuar 😤🤬😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬😡😠😠bulbasuar doesn't get any love or attention that's why he's on my team

  22. Blastoise only won because he ate more rare candies then the others

  23. When they mentioned Rain Dance I knew Blastoise would own both of them, blocking the sun, no Solar Beam for Venusaur, and creating rainfall, weakening or dousing Charizard's flames.

  24. Well venusaur should have used sleep powder after blastoise used rest and put charizard to sleep. Then… Sludge bomb that zard and giga drain that blastoise! I don't understand why venusaur never used one of it's best tools this death battle. Why use sweet scent if he would then use perfect accuracy moves afterwards like vine whip and solar beam. Makes no sense.

  25. Tbh we know charizard would win with its two Megas because it’s

    F R E A K I N G C H A R I Z A R D

  26. Still going to pick Bulbasaur. He is the best! Even if he is the worst by these jokers standards.

  27. Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur is the best starter statistically. Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard is the worst statistically. And they could POSSIBLY all beat each other. Charizard's flame could evaporate blastoise's water and burn them. And Charizard could obviously burn down Venusaur. Blastoise could put a hole through both of them or obviously put out Charizard's flame and kill Venusaur by giving them too much water.

  28. Cmon you know you did my boy charizard dirty. Metal claw. Dragon rage. Just saying.

  29. While y’all argue about who’s the best, I’m just demolishing in competitive with Mega Venusaur.

  30. Charizard without wings looks like a oversized Charmander with weird things on its head and it’s fat

  31. Imagine if instead of making there final forms fight they make there baby evolutions fight to the death instead?

  32. Wack battle to be honest…it was supposed to be 1vs1vs1…charzard was going like 2v1…my fav blast toys did win but I wanna see more of vina vs blast..it was like a 2v1 for char

  33. Charizard: Venusaur? What are you with out plant powers??
    Venusaur:I dont know
    Charizard: a frog that uses tackle and poison skills to attack me

    Blastoise: what are you with put wings,charizard?
    Charziard: a bigger charmelion
    Blastoise no a ur just a lizard that breaths fire.
    Charizard:thats still so powerfull
    Blastoise: half of your advantage is flying
    Charizard: …

    Venusaur: what are you with out a shell
    Blastoise: a non-shelled turtle
    Venusaur you dont have ur cannons cuz it goes with your shell and what you do is just bite ur foe and squirt water from your mouth
    Blastoise:shut up frogger

  34. Bulbasaur is gonna win because he can kill charizard and block the sun for venasaur so yeah pretty sure he is gonna win

    Yep I was right

  35. Honestly the fight could have gone 2 other ways and made each starter win

  36. I am planning on doing the Johto Starters after I discuss about Ganondorf vs. Sephiroth, I’m not going to make them fight, instead of doing that like other crossover fight shows like this, I judge whether or not it would be a good fight or not, and judge who the winner is, and it’s my judgement, not everyone’s judgement, that is all.

  37. Charizard wins gen 1 because crit and speed are OP and Charizard has slash

  38. Now we know what the starter pokemon was for the writer of this video lol

  39. Yea that's what you get charazard you trash blastoise and venasaur are better

  40. For just 2 £ a month you can help sponsor ivysaur bullying and get them the help they need

  41. so me, a teenager is two inches taller than a charizard…. well never expected that

  42. I wonder what would happen if either Charizard or Venusaur could learn Sunny Day. For Charizard, obviously it would greatly power up his Fire attacks while greatly lowering Blastoise's water power. And with Venusaur, even though he would be even weaker to Fire, would have DOUBLE his speed (thanks to his hidden ability Chlorophyll) and also makes his Solarbeam attack a lot faster, charging immediately and ready to fire at will. Definitely would be a different scenario, unless Blastoise could keep Rain up on the field somehow.

  43. If they mega evolved I think venasaure would win because of its insane defence and thick fat ability

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