POKEMON GO – NEW ROCK POKEMON?? with Ali-A and MatPat!

Hey, guys, and welcome
to another beautiful day of Pokemon catching here
as we try to catch them all in Pokemon Go. Rumor has it there’s been
videos circulating around online that there’s this new
super rare Pokemon out that has proven impossible to catch. Guys, I was literally so close
to catching some new Pokemon. I was literally one step away. But before I could
find it, it was gone. I can’t believe it. I always captured them all. But you know me. Impossible is not a
word that I understand, so we’re going to
find this thing and stick them in our balls. All right, guys. I’ve got my lures all set. I’ve got a pocketful
of raspberries. I’ve got some incense going. Let’s find this new
rare Pokemon, shall we? I think, I think– wait a minute. Hold up, hold up. Here. I think we might have found it. What is this silhouette? I’ve never seen this
silhouette before. Nintendo, you’ve done it again. Some new Pokemon. This is so exciting. Rock, Rock. The Rock. Some sort of weird promotional
thing that Nintendo’s doing. Well, OK, cool. Got to catch them all. Bring it on Rock. All right. A little bit tougher
than you look. You call yourself
a Pokemaster, Matt? Shit. You couldn’t catch an STD. Are you tal– The Rock is talking
to me right now. OK, Pokerock. Are you going to throw
another Poke Ball, or you’re just
going to sit there like some bitch ass Snorlax. Are you kidding me right now. All right. Here’s another Poke Ball then. Maybe you should lay
off the candy, fat Pat. You’re starting to
look like a Jigglypuff. But hey, that’s just my theory. Whoa, hey, offense
taken, Pokerock. At least I wasn’t in a
movie called “Tooth Fairy.” Suck on this Great Ball. Got it. Are you kidding me? I could do this all day, you
little Weedle catching bitch. OK. What about an item then? Wait. Where are all my items? They’re my items now, Matt. Man, Pokerock is a dick. If you smell what
the Rock is catching. (SINGING) I wanna be the very
best, like no one ever was. Too bad I’m shit
like all the rest. Pokerock is the cause. Guys, I have spent all day
and I have finally found it. This is literally the
greatest moment of my life. Are you ready for all this, Ali? Yeah, I bet you think you are,
you and your little Diglett dick. I don’t know about that. I am the greatest Pokemon
trainer of all time. Shut up, asshole. Pokerock. Yo, what’s going on, everybody. I just want to say thank
you so much for watching the video, the Pokerock video. Had a blast making it. And I want to thank
everybody who was involved. Look, you know, you take this
global sensation of Pokemon Go, which is incredibly
successful, highly addictive, and so much fun,
and then we create a little character
called Pokerock, and he turns into an asshole. It’s the funniest thing. Anyway, make sure
that you subscribe to our YouTube channel. Good luck in the
world of Pokemon Go. Good luck catching them all. And in the world
of Pokemon Rock– in the immortal
words of Pokerock, Poke Go fuck yourself. I love you too. Later. (SINGING) His muscles
are so damn big. They are no match for me. Pokerock is just the best,
and [INAUDIBLE] for me. Pokerock, you can’t catch him. It’s you or me. [INAUDIBLE] Oh, I just can’t win when
I smell what’s he cooking. Pokerock, you can’t catch him. The people’s champ, when I
see him my pants get damp. That dick stole my
Pikachu, Pokerock. You can’t catch the Rock. You can’t catch the Rock. Pokerock.

100 thoughts on “POKEMON GO – NEW ROCK POKEMON?? with Ali-A and MatPat!


    TYPE: Rock/Electric
    ABILITY: Intimidate
    Pokédex entry:
    “After years and years of research, scientists have deemed POKEROCK the most electrifying entertainer in poke sports entertainment”

  3. The rock can say worse just watch his savage moments when he roasts Vicky

  4. dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dundudundundun dun dun dundundundun dun dun

  5. "we are going to find this thing and stick it at our balls"
    – MatPat-

  6. Please make a parody of toy story where Bonny (the girl who gets the toys in toy story 3) buys a WWE rock action figure and starts beating up the toys then Bonny discovers that they’re alive then the rock figure beats up bonnie please make it I would be so happy

  7. Don't abuse pokemons but you can abuse the player man🐒🐵😂😂

  8. You are the best… And love you and pokerock is the cooler than you…

  9. Are you gonna throw another pokeball or are you going to sit there like some bitch ass Snorlax… lol 1:17 I don't know about that, I am the greatest Pokémon trainer of all time. Shut up asshole…2:30

  10. How the hell did you get Ali-A to put down Fortnite for more than 5 seconds?

  11. Hey guys look it's ali a before he start it doing click be I mean epic fortnite videos

  12. Amazing. Thought I'm the only one who is crazy both after wrestling and anime/manga. You can see my channel for proof and I wouldn't be here if I don't like wrestling. Well I personally wanna be a mangaka and if there were no anime, manga and games then I would have went for wrestling and if there were none of them then I can't imagine how my life would've been.

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