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  1. I thought Ruskin was an art critic. I remember him from series about the pre-Raphaelites from a few years ago. 🙂

  2. So much leftist authoritarian Political Theories :/.  

    You guys should do one on Rothbard or Ayn Rand.

  3. Thank you for giving us cognizant and persuasive content from an informed and Conservative vantage point. I have found that works like Burke's, David Brook's, and your's, has recently- and beneficially- tempered the steel of my liberal ideology. Huzzah for reclaiming a conservative mantle and working against the grain of modern-
    American conservative thinking. I look forward to a future where the multiple facets and demonstrable truths of ideas are once again discussed and juxtaposed with reason. A future where I am as apt to change my preconceived notions as I am when watching your program. Conservative ideology is currently a misused apparatus in America. American conservatives should return to very human and romantic vicinity of presidents like Lincoln, Teddy, and even the finer moments of Nixon. The worst disservice modern Republicans in America have produced is the modern corruption of the political party into crass, plutocratic, servants of special interests and corportate oligarchies.

  4. I wonder how ugly our built environment has to get before another Ruskin appears?

  5. I know that TSoL reads the comments and I appreciate that you do, so I have a question, it is rather socially acceptable nowadays to cover either great capitalists or great 'left wingers.'

    However will school of life ever consider covering those that are nowadays considered very taboo* , namely Benito Mussolini(Fascism), Adolf Hitler(Nazism) and other theorists of this type.

    The reason I ask is that the economic ideas of these systems are very fascinating and were buried under the crimes against the humanity committed by the two leaders.

    *I disagree with them too but isn't it the role of philosophers to ask questions and explore possibilities, regardless if such ideas are not supported by the society.

  6. Ruskin must be rich to take a yearly trip to Venice and take time drawing stuff that he likes about the town…

  7. What would Ruskin say about gentrification, where often times places become more beautiful, but the poor are effectively kicked out of where they live?

  8. Can you do a video on Frederick Douglass, or some black history greats? I love your videos. You do a great job. Thanks

  9. Most Ruskin's Seven lamps or seven laws really have no place in any serious contemporary conversation about architecture. Even at the time, they were a regress into the safety of the quaint because of Ruskin's inability or ineptitude to deal with the galloping modernity as, for example, Otto Wagner did. We find ourselves more than ever in similar and even more strenuous circumstances, so a recoil form the present and peddling nostalgia is understandable, if not exactly palatable.

    Sacrifice, obedience, God, even "beauty" (what/whose beauty? the 19th century cows-in-the-meadow beauty?), all terms pivotal to his approach to architecture, pose an insurmountable obstacle towards any meaningful conversation or applicable theory because of their utter ambiguity. Only a layman would delude himself that those have any real power and meaning in practicing architecture today. Ruskin's relevance is, at best, as an socialist offshoot into art theory, which is perfectly ok, but let's call a spade by it's true name.

  10. A metaphor used by Freemasons is that of building the ideal building is akin to building the ideal person, with stones being prepared, rough edges removed, laid level and true etc. etc. and each of these attributes being aligned with a virtuous characteristic. Was Mr Ruskin a Freemason?

    The video also reminded me of the rat experiment about addiction, with the finding that the addiction had more of a hold over rats in the poorer conditions, than those in more pleasant surroundings.


    Interesting video, thanks.

  11. Fascinating. Would like to know more about him / his ideas. Any suggestions on where to begin? Like a book where he might have expressed these ideas, or someone else might have written about him?

  12. This channel… ♥ Last semester I took political philosophy and this semester I'm taking aesthetics (among other things, philosophy and humanities are awesome majors) – So this video is kind of a match made in philosophical heaven.

  13. Beauty (which mustn't be mentioned now)
    was then a living presence
    or an aching absence
    day and night…

    George Santayana (as quoted by Arthur Danto)

  14. At 4:43, why is it "the duty of creative privileged people…"? And does connect with your other film about the rich are not seeking more money, but rather recognition?

  15. I like it. We've made a number of trips lately to Europe and China and when I return to America I alway notice that we lack the numbers of statues, parks and other esthetic elements that are common elsewhere.

  16. If anyone's interested I'm fairly certain that the centre sketch at 1:22 is San Marco Cathedral with the Doge's Palace behind – though I may be wrong since I'm only basing that on three wonderful days visiting Venice and three years playing Assassin's Creed. I'm assuming that that's one of his sketches, anyone know for sure?

  17. I've been watching all the videos and taking notes. I'm totally in love with this channel and I felt an immediate connection with John Ruskin. I live in the suburbs of Rio and I sometimes feel depressed with the appaling general appearance of the city as a whole and specially the suburbs and outskirts. I many times thought I was being too shallow for giving so much value to aesthetics. Now I have Ruskin to back me up. (Oh, and I was also awestruck with Venice as was he).

  18. If everything and everywhere is beautiful, than beauty ceases to exist. It becomes normal, no longer special. Without the ugly or the monotonous, beauty is no longer special, no longer appreciable. Does that mean the ugly needs to be so bad as to be disparaging and soul crushing? No! But not everything should be "beautiful," so we don't diminish how special beauty truly is

  19. can someone (else) please comment on the fact that most…if not all of the videos i have seen from The School of Life contain people who were from wealthy families? Not complaining at all. I was just wondering if someone had a comment on this.

  20. I love these guys and get so fed up that we are unable to change the world. Why is it that the group or herd mentality is slow to learn from individuals in the tribe?

  21. John Ruskin had some good ideas that he later developed into the actual projects. I admire his way of thinking about beauty and that is quite disappointing to see some parts of the world, being unkempt, and I agree that we still should follow his philosophy. He wanted the change in the world; I believe that we should follow this philosophy, because we can make the world a better place, because the world ain't perfect.

  22. Tl;dr: Quit whining about stuff on Facebook and actually do something. 😛

  23. 4:59. 'There are too many shoddy things in the world', he uses my home city of Sheffield as the example the cheeky bastard hahaha.

  24. The mayor of Chicago once made a rule saying "NO more ugly buildings" since then Chicago has seen many remarkable a beautiful new buildings.

  25. This channel really likes the push for external beauty for the massess…never thought much of it, didn't think it was possible to be a different way. I love this channel

  26. Hello,
    I deeply and sincerely admire your work although I have just discover it. However I am quite keen to find the full text of videos. How can I find the full texts of videos ?

  27. If they show one more painting of a guy in a coat standing on a rock imma pop off

  28. This one is particularly outstanding, though I've enjoyed every single one of your videos. I often wonder what books you would recommend on each topic. Is there a Ruskin biography we might find compelling? A long documentary you'd recommend? I don't mean to put you all on the spot; I just want to know where to find more relevant information.

  29. 5:01 Lol, an amiga running Xp. Nice video though, I appreciate the attention to detail and all of the content on your channel

  30. I can't wait until this channel hits the one million subscriber milestone.

  31. What if we took a survey and asked people whether there were too many advertising billboards? We could charge a fee to those who erect the billboards, if surveys show that most people want to see less of that form of visual blight. Raise the fee incrementally until most people polled say it is not a problem.

    "Some people believe that the prevalence of outdoor advertising signs and billboards is too high to allow for an aesthetically pleasing visual landscape. Is the prevalence of outdoor lighting so great that our ability to see the stars has become too severely diminished? We may want to adopt a few "lights out" nights, to remind ourselves that there are stars out there. If enough people want this to happen, then this vision will be borne out in reality. "
    – from: Minimum Wage vs. Minimum Income:

  32. i hate bank of america. this advertis almost makes watching these videos not worth it

  33. dear the school of life

    why do you use trump building in your videos ?

  34. HAHAHA ! The merchant republic of Venice was built on an early form of capitalism ! It was prosperous and beautiful precisely because it was capitalistic and allowed competent commonmen to thrive thanks to their work !

  35. AUTHORS:
    This is an exceptionally good series because you bring into focus the shared challenge throughout each generation: their ongoing attempt to solve the problem of modernity: morality at our new industrial scale, (just as the great transformation in the 5th century bc was created by the scale of our cities and the markets they created between them.

    Most of these men are demonized by one politically evangelical side or the other despite their various attempts to solve the same problem. It's especially helpful that you touch on the … exaggerated focus of each of these thinkers, as 'the one way' to solve the problem. "If we just got everyone to believe this…" is a pretty obvious attempt to replace christianity with a new value system equally homogenous.

    What isn't obvious is that each proposes (like monotheistic religion before them) a MONOPOLY solution to the problem rather than tailoring the social order to the abilities of each class – given that the challenge of modernity is the increasing value provided by our ability to learn, rather than our ability to labor or escape labor.

    I think this is the question that we beg but are collectively afraid to answer because it will eliminate the necessary democratic illusion of equality, that replaced the necessary monopoly illusion of monotheism.

    The one persona I feel you are missing is perhaps Thorstein Veblen. Your addition of Ruskin's aesthetics is … delightful – I wouldn't have thought to add him. You've elegantly illustrated that these are all collectively moral men attempting to preserve monotheistic cultural homogeneity in new institutional form.

    But now that you illustrated the similarities in ambition, it might be just as informative and helpful to illustrate the dissimilarities advocated by the outliers: Marx/Keynes/Rawls(lower/left classes) on one end, Locke/Smith/Hayek(middle/libertarian class) in the center, and Nietzche/Darwin/Spencer on the other(upper/right classes).

    It might be interesting to compare the moral approach you've taken, with the three competing class propositions that would illustrate the conflict between classes more clearly.

    My position is that we are always just choosing between dysgenic, compromise, and eugenic reproduction. And that the rest of our pontification regardless of position is all justification of those priors.

    Anyway. I'm just offering thoughts as a way of appreciating your work.

    Thank you.

    Curt Doolittle
    The Propertarian Institute

  36. I couldn't agree more with Ruskin. I live in gold coast Australia and I find it beautiful. I am faced with a problem that I probably need to move away to get a career but for me it's like I would rather be dead than live in a barren ugly place! The purpose of earning more money is to have a better life but it's not better!

  37. Beauty as a core dimension of life for rethinking a sustainable political economy…perhaps we're only JUST beginning to understand John Ruskin a couple of centuries later…

  38. I keep spotting more and more subtle references to the Trump menace in your videos, years before many started taking him seriously.

  39. Although incredibly trivial, I must say that Ruskin's stone & crystal collection is sooo lovely, I'm very envious of it haha…I love Ruskin's ideology…who doesn't want to live in a beautiful well crafted world? I certainly deem it rather important and what is more beautiful and perfect than mother nature herself? Humans are creating ugliness by default in the pursuit of practicality however much of the early craftsmanship is being lost for the pursuit of mass production, it's a very sad affair indeed since much that is produced today is absolutely tat and often tacky.

  40. You can polish a turd all you want. It remains a turd. Capitalism is finished.

  41. You can also add people like frantz Omer Fanon and Malcolm X and Edward Said bio too. And also people like Deluez , and present writers also

  42. can you make a video about Thomas Carlyle? I save some of your videos and watch it again, thanks for making videos like this.

  43. yet Ruskin never had sex with his beautiful wife for 6 years, until the marriage was annulled by a court order. what an irony

  44. 4:36 So I guess Ruskin would be happy that most students later work in the service industry?

  45. I just read his book art and life, and I picked it up thinking it looked cool and that at 98 pages it would be an easy one day read but fuck me I was wrong thing took me nearly two weeks since I had to reread almost every page and could only get though ten to twenty pages a day before I start zoning in and out. But that book blew my mind in the terms of the artist and his art and I was hoping to find a video breaking down the book as a whole since it is a small just with big ideas. But this video help me a little bit..

  46. This presentation ignores his extreme British chauvinism.  His 'prettification' of the world based on his experience of Venice deals only with the superficial since Venice, as everywhere else in civilization, has its own poorly-paid cleanup crews and lowly occupations, often outside the Venetian island itself i.e. that Venice itself is an island of privilege and Ruskin wished this illusion for Britain too – ignoring those who actually do the work for miserable pay.  And their pay will be all the more miserable the more the employers follow the principles of Ruskin's 'Unto This Last'.

  47. I always think about the beauty of a place it is the first thing I think of. I find it surprising that people are not bothered about it. Then again I am an art student.

  48. The analysis of John Ruskin was always in my mind, because
    if we look closely at our environment here in germany, we can see that everything is aligned and designed to be efficient to business and not for beauty or for pleasure!

  49. He was a paedophile freemason occultist. In a letter to his physician John Simon on 15 May 1886, Ruskin writes that “I like my girls from ten to sixteen I’ve got some darlings of 8—12—14—just now.

  50. I currently drive Uber and dred going to ugly suburbs of ugly houses with feral overgrown yards in dingy environmental areas. The people are also generally uglier, but this is not by force, they all have the option and ability to be more beautiful, be cleaner, take on nobel character.

  51. they forgot to mention Ruskin had a thing for underage girls but that's ok.

  52. This man, one out of millions of lesser thinkers, was on the right track. FACT: There is nothing more important, nor more political than BEAUTY. Not the Judeo-Christian version of beauty, not a philosophy that requires a justification for beauty, but rather one that celebrates beauty, debt free, whenever, and wherever it manifests itself. STRENGTH and BEAUTY must be the very cornerstones of all educational, cultural, and political existence. Nothing is more important than Human Creativity!

  53. Why are the languages for the subtitles on these videos randomized? :s It appears that the default for this video is Portuguese.

  54. There's the utterly conventional diss of Trump Tower but where are the looming satanic mills of social media giants?

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