Pop culture fanatics meet their favorite superheroes, comic writers and artists at Celebrity Fan Fes

The Freeman Coliseum expo halls will be packed all weekend for celebrity fan fest Aquaman Jason Momoa and Avengers Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie are just a few of Hollywood stars in the crowd Eyewitness News reporter John Coker was there for the ribbon-cutting ceremony kicking off the event the stars tonight are big and bright deep in the heart of San Antonio welcome to celebrity fan fest let's go I got one question for you when something strange happens in your neighborhood who are you gonna call well you know I'm afraid I'm gonna done with doing some spring spread you have an opportunity to to fight either Mike Tyson Floyd Mayweather who could you take out you know I have to cheetah belly this year's celebrity fan fest is expected to draw in tens of thousands of cosplayers comic buffs and exhibitors from across the country some are there for the fun and some are having fun for a cause actually raising money for camp discovery it's a camp for children with cancer and it's just a week away where they gonna have a normal camp experience they doing the work of a real superhero we celebrate all things nerd culture so whether it be Comic Cons rather be cosplaying comic books movies I mean everything and the stars say they're here for fan fest and for a little Alamo City vacation time you know I've heard about the foods I'm looking for great meals somewhere yeah get you some tacos before you leave read up on the Alamo again last night because I know I wanted to go to our scene on Sunday and I'm done is take up a man yeah do that do that jon coker Ken's five Eyewitness News

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