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Potential and Kinetic Energy. The law of conservation of energy. Energy cannot be created. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be converted from one form to another. Conversion of Energy. Solar Energy. Electrical Energy. Mechanical Energy. Potential Energy. Energy due to position. Potential Energy. Kinetic Energy. due to motion. The unit of energy is Joules. When we hold the tire on one side. It has a certain amount of potential energy. When it is released. Potential energy starts getting converted to kinetic energy. As the tire moves back and forth. Kinetic energy gets converted to potential energy. The formula for potential energy is mgh, M is equal to Mass, g is equal to gravitational acceleration and h is equal to height. At the top of a tree, the potential energy possessed by is is equal to mgh. m is equal to 30 kg. g is equal to 9.8 metres per second square. h is equal to 20 metres. Potential energy is equal to mgh, which is equal to 30 into 9.8 into 20, which is equal to 5880 J. At the top of tree, kinetic energy is equal to 0. When we fall, potential energy starts getting converted to kinetic energy. Just before we land, all potential energy gets converted to kinetic energy. To calculate kinetic energy, kinetic energy is equal to 1 upon 2 into m into v square, where m is equal to mass and v is equal to velocity. The End. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Smart Learning for All

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  2. Basically potential energy is the energy that could happen if it get into action. And kenetic energy is the one thats in action and yes it is the same
    Kenetic energy=Potential Energy

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    Our education system must adopt this video so that everyone can understand.

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  7. Damn really helpful 😁 for me as a teacher to make students understand the topic 😅

  8. Wow…. I loved it it a lot thank you soo… Soo… Much aumsum time tomorrow is test and i don't at all know about energy I was absent in the class when my teacher was teaching me this chapter i taught it is very difficult but very easy and veideo is very funny. Thanks a lot

  9. Hats Off Man!!..You Stopped Us Of Being Pissed Off In Exams!!…Thankz Bruh!!😉

  10. please make the video of oxygen cycle and carbon cycle.please it's urgent please make till 17 march 2019

  11. Ohhh it's a real practical learning . Please uploade more video about physics .

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  14. Gonna be honest. I’m a second year at PSU and this is more helpful then lion tutors and less weed

  15. really a nice video .It is very easy to understand tq and put a lots of video

  16. i paused for a moment when i saw it was for kids but, when i watched it, it was soo understandable…this video is not only for kids.

  17. Why do we still have to waste an hour in schools, when there is a 4 minute video that can teach you more?
    School System is literally failing.
    You can’t lock up a 100 kids in a room and teach all of them the same thing, in the same way, at the same time.
    It’s an extreme act of both physical and mental abuse.

  18. If this will be the way of teaching science will become fav for every child
    All thanks to Mr. Smart 👌👌

  19. okay im in ninth grade and this video helped me with my physics more than siting on a chair for 1 hour listening to a old physics teacher

  20. Tbh no kids actually watch “for kids” videos. Only lazy high school and collage students 😂

  21. Wow😃 , the teaching way is far better than the schools and colleges. I appreciate the creator.

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  25. I love this video and I was not able to understand from my book so I prefer this video and it's absolutely unbeatable and thank you for making this video😊😊

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