Power Rangers Ninja Steel – Chocolate Fake Power Stars | Episode 11 “Poisonous Plots”

His vital signs are getting weaker. Odius was correct. Soon, the poison will destroy him. Not if you give them your Power Stars in exchange for the antidote! (tense music) Well, what are you waiting for? That’s exactly what
Galvanax wants, Aiden. No, no, we have to stop
and think about this. You know, maybe, we can
do something clever. You mean, like, some kind of a trick? You want to trick them? They aren’t stupid! We can’t risk my brother’s life like this. Whole reason he’s in this mess is because he jumped in to save you two. (tense music) You gotta give them your
real Ninja Power Stars. Or we could try and
make our own antidote! My chemistry skills are top-notch! Fine, go ahead and try,
but if that doesn’t work, you have to give Odius
your Power Stars, right? (tense music) Let’s focus on making the antidote. Yeah, what do we need to get started? Okay, right! Let’s think! To get started, we need– Don’t worry, bro, I’m here. Thanks. I have an idea. What is it? Just help me get everyone’s Power Stars. I hope you know what you’re doing. Okay. (tense music) Got ’em. (tense music) We’ve come to hand over the Power Stars! (warbling) Oh, my, will they really
hand over the Power Stars? So nice to see you again! Here’s the antidote. Now, give me the Ninja Power Stars. (laughing) Yes! You made the right decision, Rangers. Oh!
(laughing) Look, champ, I have
the Power Stars for you! (gasps) They’re mine, all mine! (laughs evilly) (laughing) I’ve been waiting for this! (mysterious warbling) [Levi] It’s working! I can’t believe it! So, you guys did take our Power Stars. We did, but– How could you do that? It’s not what you think! You didn’t even tell me? Everyone, stop! You don’t understand, what they did was– Hold on, the Power Stars are melting! What, they’re chocolate? They fooled us! (grunts angrily) Still haven’t fixed
that melting problem. Don’t worry guys, we’d never hand over the Ninja Power Stars. We just needed these to
make the chocolate copies.

100 thoughts on “Power Rangers Ninja Steel – Chocolate Fake Power Stars | Episode 11 “Poisonous Plots”

  1. So not only did the heroes not just hand over what the villains wanted, but the villains actually were telling the truth and made the trade (the villains would usually take what they wanted and not release the hostages or give what the heroes wanted).

  2. If you whatever that thing is mess with one of the rangers you mess with all of the rangers!

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