Powerful Interview with Anti-War Author Christopher Bollyn (2018)

I'm Adam Green with no more news joined today in sunny San Diego California with 911 researcher and author Christopher Boland he's the author of the great 911 books solving 911 the deception that changed the world and the war on terror the plot to rule the Middle East everybody go find him on bowling calm or amazon.com read the reviews check out the books they're great stuff thanks for joining me Chris thank you it's been a pleasure we worked on a mini documentary yesterday which I'll have edited and out soon it's just a quick overview introduction to the Israeli connections in 9/11 so everybody keep your eye out for that so Chris why don't you talk about what brought you here today and your trip to America yeah well I tell you in my said we came over from Sweden for a little holiday time off in Florida and it happened to coincide with a an event in Orlando with the face of truth people I am the face of truth 9/11 awareness and I decided to come out to the west coast and see you again because your your previous videos have been very successful that's right we had a video about five months ago I interviewed you at a mansion in Laguna Beach one of your supporters during your brook tour and it just passed 300,000 views and it's still growing thousands of views every day how was the face of the event in Orlando was the face of 9/11 truth anybody that follows 9/11 will see the banners on the profile pics on Facebook so how did that goes organized by my friend our friend Claudio and how did that go well that was that was an event for the face of truth people in Florida and so they chose Orlando because a central location it was a small event about 25 people and but it was good to see Claudio and his people again and you know because talk about strategy what the face of truth has done is it's put a face on the 9/11 truth movement but if we needs to grow like everything it needs to grow and awareness of 9/11 truth needs to grow because the war on terror is not ending and and right now you know 9/11 was done in order to the war on terror we're now sixteen years into this war and it's costing you know the United States trillions of dollars so it needs to end it's it's destroying our country the war on terror in 9/11 both come from the same place they're both products of Israeli military intelligence and our nation this nation has been deceived for sixteen years now and and looking at the population you see that still most Americans are utterly deceived about what happened on 9/11 and the on the war on terror there were deceived I feel like the wars in America were so disconnected from all the wars around the world because they never really reach us here but what are some of the consequences or the problems with the war on terror why is it so bad and why does everybody need to get involved and and try to fight this well it's a it's a fraud you know what we're doing what the United States military is doing is is helping Israel to implement its plan to break up the large Arab states and and fragment them into pieces a process called balkanization so what we're what is what American troops doing in Syria the American military is in Syria without any protection of the international law so it's it's legally legally challenged or illegal presence in Syria and we're fighting to overthrow the government of Syria and and we're fighting to actually break up Syria right now the United States and and its Kurdish allies are occupying the eastern third of Syria and really are anytime the Syrian military comes crosses the Euphrates River the United States has been bombing them so it's even though that's their land even though Syria Syrian army fighting you know terrorists in its own country we are supporting we are fighting the government of Syria which is wrong and in in Iraq you know we're breaking up the country and we've broken up the United States with this military we've dismantled half a dozen countries in the Middle East already and it's all the countries that a hood Barak laid out on 9/11 and then General Wesley Clark reiterated a few years later I believe that this is the time to deploy a globally concerted effort led by the United States the UK Europe and Russia against all sources of tell the same all preemptively both pre-emptive and by diplomatic means namely hope states the size of them Iran Iraq Libya North Korea these kind of states should be treated as rogue states he reached over on his desk he picked up a piece of paper he said I just he said I just got this down from upstairs meaning the secretary defense office today and he said this is a memo that describes how we're gonna take out seven countries in five years starting with Iraq and then Syria Lebanon Libya Somalia Sudan and finishing off Iran Wesley Clark talked about that he went to the Pentagon shortly unspell shortly yeah well from upstairs from from the Secretary of Defense and the deputy secretary secretary of defense at the time was Paul Wolfowitz and you know this is during the Bush administration where the the neocons were were were implementing policy Israeli policy under the guise under the pretext of fighting terrorism we're not fighting terrorism you know the United States and Israel we've created these terrorist gangs that are plaguing Syria and so we we use terrorism as a tool to achieve a goal of fragmenting and destroying Arab states and Wesley Clark you know said that after 9/11 there was no American understanding of 9/11 what happened at 9/11 is we didn't have a strategy we didn't have bipartisan agreement we didn't have American understanding of it and we had instead a policy coup in this country a coup a policy coup some hard-nosed people took over the direction of American policy and they never bothered to inform the rest of us but he came across this memo at the Pentagon which called for overthrowing seven Middle Eastern countries in five years and we have done we have done that agenda with the exception of Iran to this day so that what that memo was was the real prognosis there's a speech going around right now on the internet where you talked about the upcoming in Syria and Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan saying that you people are telling you this was going to happen it's happening now is there a follow-up is there any information you know or any thoughts on the speech you gave no those were discussions that were being held in the Pentagon a decade ago reflecting uh discussions from 1991 and it's a tragedy how it's unfolded seeing it come true it's it's unfolding what does that say to the larger extent of everything it says that the United States needs to be a strong force for peace and justice global cooperation in the world do you have anything else you want to say about that talk or any information he came across and how do you feel bomb was handling Syria right now we were just watching the clip last night of the military Israeli on al-jazeera saying that yeah they give medical aid to al-qaeda and they don't care that al Qaeda attacked us on 9/11 that it's they want to overthrow Syria so they're doing that and they make no secret about it there have been reports – Israel has been treating wounded Syrian rebel fighters in its hospitals on the border including fighters from nusra front which is of course the al Qaeda proxy in Syria do those reports worry you that Israel's helping wounded al Qaeda aligned fighters as I said before in a different context it's always useful also to deal with your enemies in a humane way and I think that when you have people who are wounded and you can deal with them in a humane way the considerations as to whether to take them in are not simply whether it's politically useful or whether it's politically humanitarian you say there's no tactical or political strategic I didn't say there's no tactical I said the main consideration the immediate consideration is humane but the tactical issues involved I mean you know better than me the phrase blowback you don't think there's gonna be blowback against Israel if you get into bed with a a group like nusra front no I don't think so would you also treat his below fighters no I would not treat you not just contradicting what you told me so humane Oh treating your enemies no no I think this is Baraka fighters concern with them we have a different account so let me be clear you would treat al-qaeda fighters we have but not his below we have a different account with Hezbollah a totally different account because his valor has carried out the type of actions against us which will preclude us from going into what the al Qaeda has done but Israel did not specifically was not specifically targeted by al Qaeda the history shows that the Israelis Israeli military intelligence basically created al-qaeda in Pakistan in the 1980s and in 1983 and 84 and 85 when this all began the person in charge of Israeli military intelligence who was training these terrorists in Pakistan to fight against the Russian army in Afghanistan it was a hood brach a hood Barak was the was the director or the head of Israeli military intelligence when Israeli military intelligence began arming and training these people in Pakistan and they then became al-qaeda so they were trained in in arts and science of terrorism by Israeli military intelligence they then became al-qaeda and Taliban and and you know the whole thing all along the first trainer the first trainer of Osama bin Laden was a man named Ali Mohammed who was a hebrew-speaking double agent that came out in a court case that he admitted he trained bin Laden oh yeah he admitted in United States of America versus I love Ali Mohammed he talked about his role of of setting up the gang that bombed the American embassies in Africa and and the the the gang that attacked or killed Mia Kahana the rabbi cahana in New York and the same people who carried out the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 this is all these al-qaeda people who were trained by Israeli military intelligence so it's like of course they take care of their own of course they they give medical services to these injured al Qaeda people the guy on al-jazeera goes well to the best of my knowledge that al-qaeda has never attacked Israel al-qaeda to the best of my recollection has up to now not attacked Israel but he's attacked your number one ally and protector and sponsor the United States of America there was a quote-unquote war on terror being owned for 15 years and then it was Yahoo News News everywhere that when they kind of accidentally attacked Israel they apologized like why would the most radical extremist jihadis why would Israel not be the target their first target it's right in their backyard it's right there in four years we'd heard about oh I sis never attacks Israel they never attack them and now we have their leaders admitting that it's true I mean it's just how blatant is it right and if you look at the map of where Isis is in Syria you'll see that there's an Isis pocket right on the border of Israel in the Golan Heights and as you say they never attacked across the border Isis doesn't attack Israel they're always attacking you know the government war on Hezbollah yeah and they're attacking the government of Syria so it's very clear that you know you're dealing with a proxy army an Israeli or American proxy force which is doing the work of which is doing Israel's at work in Syria for it fulfilling the OData non-agenda of breaking up the countries around them so they can grow to Eretz Israel right the inone plan calls for the the breaking up the destruction of the military forces of countries like Iraq and Syria and then and then breaking those countries up of long along ethnic lines and this is called balkanization and this is exactly what we did in you what was done Yugoslavia under the NATO war in the 1990s and that's exactly what they're doing in the Middle East today the biggest news item this in the new cycle this week is all the censorship with YouTube and when you look into who's behind YouTube it's the ADL and the SPLC are doing this policing so you've been a frequent favorite target of the ADL why don't you talk a little bit about how they have targeted you and your book tours yeah well the ADL first criticized me in 2001 shortly after 9/11 in November they came out with a memo or whatever in which they attacked me and the newspaper I wrote for American Free Press at the time for they said you know creating grist grist for the mill the anti-semitic mill or something like that for an article that I wrote about 9/11 entitled eyewitnesses eyewitness evidence of explosions in the World Trade Center something like that and it was one of the very first articles I wrote in which I focused mainly on these eyewitnesses who had seen or felt or heard bombs before during whatever the destruction of the World Trade Center there was nothing about Israel or Jews in the article so it was like it was very odd that they were attacking me for this article but if you recall in the very beginning on day one there were a lot of people who saw reported seeing bombs but those testimonies were quickly buried and there was no discussion in the mainstream media anymore about bombs or explosives in the World Trade Center and so it was like a taboo subject and and that's when I realized that we were getting a false explanation what happened on 9/11 that's really interesting because early on you didn't have this all figured out you didn't have a predetermined outcome that you cherry picked information for you can go back and read all your articles throughout the last 16 years and show your evolution of how you figured this out so early on when all you knew was that there was reports of bombs which I mean totally undisputed there's hours of video of people saying secondary bombs all the reporters on TV and newscasters said it was bombs and explosions so they were already protesting saying we didn't do it you're anti-semitic even though you weren't even blaming them yet I mean that doesn't is that like an admission of guilt right it's like an awful red flag yeah the woman protests too much yeah exactly it was very revealing because the ADL the anti-defamation league its complete title is the anti-defamation league of B'nai brif it is a wholly owned subsidiary of this free Masonic Jewish Zionist group called the International order of B'nai B'rith and they're the attack dog basically they're the attack dog for Zionism and so if you criticize Israel or you criticize Israeli policies the ADL will come after you and call you an anti-semite that's the only card they really have to play because they don't they can't refute the evidence so they attack the messenger yeah it's like they jump to the yeren anti-semite with no discussion at all about if what you're saying is even false it's like that's not even up for debate it's just any criticism of Israel or anything about Judaism or Jewish influence in America and that no discussion about the truthfulness it's just you're bad for even saying the j-word right because it works it like I said in that article I said nothing about Jews or Israel perhaps except that one of the Architects of the 911 complex was an Israeli I think I spoke to him but there's nothing no reason for the ADL to be protesting so it shows that like you say they wanted to malign they wanted to smear me and and 9/11 research from the very beginning as being somehow anti-semitic and as you said if you look at my articles about 9/11 for example the book solving 9/11 the original articles which is the first 11 years of articles you'll see how my how my hypothesis developed over time and as I got more and more pieces of the puzzle the image became clearer that we were dealing with a primarily an Israeli Zionist crime and and where it's most evident is in the cover-up itself you know sure tough yeah michael shara toddler Zelikow and the media cover up and the the spinning of the 9/11 story to make it a cause for war in the Middle East this is you have to understand that 9/11 happened in order to make the war on terror become real the war on terror was is older the Israelis rolled out the the doctrine of the war on terror in the late 1970s Benjamin Netanyahu was involved with it shimon peres mon pere is primarily Menachem Begin and and and Malcolm Bagan was the founder of the Likud Party which which Netanyahu is the head of today and so the the terrorists came to power and they used terrorism in order to to make real the war on terror which is an Israeli conspiracy from the get-go so if if 9/11 made this Israeli war become real and operational who's behind 9/11 and even if they weren't behind it and they just knew about it and let it happen is that really any better like they still it's still complicit with murder if you know something's gonna happen and you and you let it I'm not saying they let it happen but either way they wanted the wars they were they basically were excited and happy that 9/11 happened if they didn't plan it themself they definitely wanted it to happen in Netanyahu said its benefits Israel yes but you know the thing is is that the idea of let it happen or made it happen which of the two when you look at the evidence of the destruction of the World Trade Center with using this highly sophisticated explosive known as nano thermite or super-thermite this is this was made using nanotechnology that's very high level you know sophistication in the crime and the the idea that that the destruction of world of the World Trade Center in 9/11 that 9/11 was carried out by some Arabs some Arab students from Germany from Hamburg or from Afghanistan it's ridiculous the the the the airplanes flying into the buildings is part of the distraction but the destruction of the building was caused by very advanced explosives certainly not done by nineteen Arabs under Osama bin Laden right not possible in recent years like you did a book tour in the last few years promoting your books you stopped at places and ADL kind of organizes protests and they try to get you shut down from venues and they write articles and hit pieces on you and now with all the YouTube censorship it's like this is a hot topic and they're going after shutting people down on YouTube Alex Jones is his channel is under threat and he's wants everybody to come to his aid but where was he when you were being shut down and your freedom of speech was being censored by these guys yeah he was nowhere to be found you know like I'd been on Alex Jones back in the early days 2003 or for once or twice and he knows who I am joining us is respected researcher and journalist Christopher Boland for American Free Press well I haven't read Bowens book I think I may ever be that guy like 15 years ago or something went off the radar he wrote for American Free Press didn't he after he developed a following he then began spinning a little bit out of control and and putting the blame on Saudi Arabia or or this or that when in the beginning he was fully fully aware of the Israeli involvement in 9/11 a lot of the Wars a lot of stuff happening the Middle East is because of the Israeli Lobby one of the most powerful in the United States you know folks always think that well they blew up the World Trade Centers to get the 7 billion in insurance money or they did it to get the oil or they did it to be able to invade the Middle East or they did it for weapons sales so they did it for opium or they did it for Israel it's all those reasons but I've done the research Israel could not carry out these attacks and I again I'm just saying on the record I'm trying to go after who's guilty I'll say who I believed it and all the evidence shows it and it's Dick Cheney his people above him who who put together 9/11 Saudi Arabia the Muslims I don't suppose anybody so they want to invade these other countries how did it happen in the u.s. I mean the US wasn't involved of course wait what are you saying so he he changed his colors he changed his colors at some point Alex Jones is saying oh that Google and YouTube they're coming after me and we know it's the ADL so he wants everybody to rush to his aid and support him but you're like picked up the baton you're carrying the 9/11 truth movement keeping it going writing books doing tours and you're getting shut down out of venues all he could do I mean he think he's he thinks he's like this tip of the spear of 9/11 truth or he was at one point but he can't even have you on and say hey he are being shut down by the ADL you got these books this is your information he doesn't even want to provide the platform to you what does that say about him in his protection and suppression of evidence about Israel it shows that he's not willing to discuss this subject that he's controlled and then I had this Mossad agent one of the top guys in the country whose cover is writing for a major magazine and he gets here and I go I know this is really a visit from the Mossad as well rupture but I'm well how'd you know that I'm not really doing an article I just want to see what you're planning you do to Israel and I'm just like I'm not against Israel I'm not against anybody I'm against World War three and so your guest man I have this conversation I go look I know not just Israel's involved in 9/11 a bunch of countries were I think it's wrong that false flags were carried out and as long as it wasn't personal he just went off yes well even while we're talking I mean Israel I just got another text message I said we're gonna break the news on Alex Jones Infowars broadcast this had one word they said great they're thrilled we're gonna break the news on Alex Jones in two wars and that comes directly from a source who's really above Mossad and the intelligence structure in Israel folks are really getting things for all here on air now yeah and so this is really I mean this coming in as we're talking folks are really getting things wrong here on there now that he either his controllers his creditors have told him not to because he's he any discussion of 9/11 truth if you could discuss with me is going to bring out some information that they don't want to bring out and it's going to promote 9/11 truth so he wants to be sort of like the gatekeeper of 9/11 truth yeah and that's sort of the function that he's actually fulfilling right and you were on his show in like around 2003 or 2005 and he was open to talk about any everything and said yeah we'll have you back on the show and then since then you've reached out to him and hit his employees when you were in Austin callers have called in and said you need to get this guy on the show and he will not do it you're off limits you're taboo you're too extreme for him and it's just people need to call him out for this what kind of what kind of truth movement leader is he that he won't even let you on the show to give your side of it he's a gatekeeper and and that's the whole purpose of why alternative media outlets like his are controlled is is that they they're able to corral or get a following it a large a large following and then they control how those people think by controlling the subject it's like they say he who owns the pipeline controls the product so so Alex Jones is not going to go where I go with 911 because he's not supposed to yeah he knows he knows what what I'm saying is true that's why you can't have me on yeah terribly frustrating who are some shows that do have you on let's give some people like you know people shouldn't be going to Alex Jones he's a gate keeper where are some better outlets that you would point people to yeah well I've been on with red ice red ice radio Kevin Barrett you know what about what do you think a Kent O'Keefe in like David do cuz they're they're more reliable than Alex Jones well I don't know how reliable but I know that I've been on the radio with kennel Keeffe he doesn't actually have a program I don't think I've been on with him I went to England wants to be on his show and he had a show in London he was doing something there and I was detained at the airport and they said that I wasn't to be led into the country because I was a threat to British national security which was odd and so but I did it over the air over the telephone with him Kent O'Keefe and then who was the other one you said David Duke oh yeah talk about you've been on shows with David Duke is he reluctant to go down your rabbit hole he was at that time I was on his radio show twice I think in 2004 or so – that long time ago long time ago and he seemed hesitant to discuss the Israeli connection to 9/11 he didn't really want to go there so I don't know when he hasn't had you back on in recent years when you have because I mean you 10 years ago to you now you've got it way more figured out yeah yeah and that was like 14 years ago I think that I was on his show and the the ADL these articles that they write about you what goes on in your head when you read these things well I'm not surprised I mean the ADL is trying to minimize or marginalize the 9/11 truth movement especially people like me who are naming names and showing the connections of Israel Israeli military intelligence to 9/11 to the cover-up to the destruction of evidence what have you they don't want that information to be you know become popular become understood by the masses of the people so they they accuse me of being anti-semitic knowing that that will that that will tarnish my reputation that people will will look at my information with with skepticism yeah because you're attacking the messenger but this is what they always do but I want to point out that in New York in New York there was a group that came out in Brooklyn New York had an event there about a year ago or so and there was a group of protesters out there from a group called something about the equalization of Jews for racial and economic equality something like that but this little group is actually funded by Larry Silverstein the owner the owner of the three buildings that came down at 9/11 so it's like the people who are very much involved in 9/11 they got zillion in the game yeah they got skin in the game and and they're able to they're able to call out a mob to protest my you know event in Brooklyn and when they protest they don't they just stand up and yell and try to disrupt it's nothing no no debate right when there are protesters at my events I always say come on in listen to the event and we can discuss it in the question and answer period afterwards but they never want to do that as you say they just want to call me a call me names call me an anti-semite Nazi what have you and and try to disrupt the event they don't want to actually discuss the evidence because they can't the evidence is very clear you know I I'm not making this stuff up the Israeli connections that I point out in to 9/11 are documented the longer you you investigate it it all comes together and I finished my book solving 9/11 with the destruction of evidence and I found that even that even every aspect of the destruction of the steel for the World Trade Center was controlled by Zionists how so well it's like they took over the two junkyards they owned the two junkyards in New Jersey where the steel was taken and 24/7 at the junkyards they were cutting the steel up into small pieces mixing it with other scrap and sending it to China to be melted down and every at every step of the way in this process the controlling agent was in either an Israeli or a Zionist like the two guys who actually set up the network the steel scrap steel trading network to facilitate this for I think was from metal management or Hugo Noi they were actually employees of Mike of mark rich the the notorious criminal traitor Israeli trader who Bill Clinton pardoned on the last day of office mark rich he was involved in the Iran Contra and all kinds of big crimes well he sent two guys over to the United States to facilitate the trading of this steel to Asia and you know so it's very so it's like like I say at every point of the 911 matrix or criminal network at every single point where a decision has to be made something has to be done to protect the crime to protect the fraud – you know foster the deception you find either an Israeli or a Zionist agent and I don't mean just a person as warm and fuzzy feelings for the State of Israel I mean people who are connected to Israeli intelligence at the very top people like Arnaud MILCON yeah the producer it's like this is this is not a accident and these people are not covering up these Zionists aren't and Israelis are not covering up they're not covering up the 9/11 crime to protect Saudis yeah or or Arabs or anybody else they're doing it to protect Zionist crime from being exposed which is why the ADL is the first one to attack it makes sense another big part of the 9/11 cover-up Cass Sunstein and cognitive infiltration he talks about sending real live agents into groups – conspiracy groups particularly mentions 9/11 to cognitively infiltrate and disrupt so we see a lot of this right what is your view on infighting and divisive 'no sin the 9/11 movement well it's very simple I mean when when you see somebody coming into movement or discussion who is like intentionally causing bad feelings mean-spirited person attacking unfairly I just immediately severed the relationship with them because the the 9/11 truth movement is infiltrated heavily by people like you said people who are agents provocateurs or they are introductive disinfo thank you there they're coming out with red herring arguments what some of the disinfo and red herrings out there in 9/11 in your view well there's one of the biggest ones was the Judy wood book Judy woods book it came out in 2010 one year after the discovery of nano-thermite by Professor Stephen Jones and the scientists they published their paper in 2009 one year later Julie woods book came out and her book says basically that 9/11 was a cold event well I mean if you look at the evidence molten iron doesn't come from a cold event you don't have tiny balls of molten iron in the in the dust because it was a cold event so her argument is a red herring I get spammed on my youtube by people saying where did the towers go look into Judy wood and I can just tell that their posts are just not authentic and genuine it seems like it they're really trying to put in the disinfo to smear and muddy the waters is there any other besides Judy wood right well there's this Russian guy who who says that they were nuclear bombs planted either down below the World Trade Center or every 10 stories what-have-you and there are different there are different arguments there's the there are people who say there were no planes that this was holographs what do you think of the people that say there's no planes in New York I think that there were planes in New York there were some aircraft that flew into the building's they appear to have been drone aircraft that were weaponized with a missile we have clear evidence of a missile coming out the far side of building to a white hot burning warhead probably depleted uranium burning about 6000 degrees Celsius I mean these things are clear from the videotape but I mean these are the arguments as I said these are the arguments that are presented in order to you know cause division mm-hmm and if you can like in Los Angeles there was there was a very strong group we are change la for example and 9/11 truth groups but they were they were basically derailed by using divisiveness like we're talking about false red herring arguments personality things so what you find is is that the 9/11 movement today is has been weakened yeah through this use of this psychological warfare tactics you're talking about you know people people attack me they try to spread disinfo but what they want is so suspicion and doubt about my character everybody everybody in the movement you asked one side it's Oh Rebecca Roth and Fetzer and those guys they're they're the agents and then other people say you're the agent and Alex Jones is the agent it's that's like everybody's pointing fingers at one another and nobody believes anything right well I believe the facts that are presented and so that you know I don't I don't argue with people who are no planers or thing I say if you really believe that believe that but if you want me to believe that show me the evidence yeah give us the evidence and you know the thing is is that is that discussion of the details of 9/11 and how it was done is no longer really the most important discussion to be having we are now at a place where the the bad guys got what they wanted they got the war on terror they've destroyed a half a dozen countries in the Middle East the war is going on the war is is taking a huge amount of money out of our treasury and and indenting us or enslaving us today and and that has to end and what's what's troublesome in this country is that there's no public resistance or very little public resistance to the war and there's no political discussion about how to end it and that's that has to change we have to our nation our ship of state has been hijacked and it's it's it's under the control of the hijackers today and we have to we have to regain control of our own ship and turn it around so how do we do that well let's let's the answer is there an answer and do you see it happening well yeah public awareness of 9/11 truth is a very very important place to start because people have to understand first that we've been deceived about 9/11 when you understand that then you can understand how the war on terror is a deception then when you understand that then you then you can look at who owns the war on terror who who created the war on terror and who's behind the 9/11 cover-up and you come you come to this same Zionist Israeli cabal a group of a small group of men very highly highly connected people but connected to Israeli military intelligence and and when they rolled out the war on terror doctrine in Jerusalem in 1979 at the Netanyahu Institute the conference was attended by George Herbert Walker Bush who spoke on the final day but it was also attended by four former Chiefs of Israeli military intelligence four of them and and of course it was arranged by none other than Menachem Begin so this is when they this is when they brought terrorism in the war on terrorism out as a propaganda offensive as a doctrine and it's been it's been the plan all along then when you understand that then when the deception is up when you understand how we've been deceived the game is over at least you're part of the game your personal involvement in the deception is over and then has to happen on a large scale but we're really handicapped because we are small media compared to big media and the big media speaks to millions while we speak to thousands so it's a it's a long road to hoe it's it's a it's a challenge but we have to do it because eventually at some point we have to either regain our Republic or we lose it I it could almost be argued that we've all read lost it right 20 trillion in debt 16 years of war the defense budget was 300 billion in 2001 until 9/11 happen after 9/11 they've basically doubled the defense budget every year since then Wow well they haven't doubled it every year but I mean it it doubled the 600,000 and it's maintained at that level and increased above that ever since and now they're talking about 700 billion a year or 750 billion a year and it's gotta end it's because the reason you know one of the things I in America I come and I look at the population I look at how people are doing I look at how cities and towns are doing and it's very I have to tell you it's very painful for me to see the suffering in America today because I see a lot of suffering yeah I see I see a lot of poverty I see a lot of kind of spiritual poverty yeah because because this is a nation that's been deceived and abused and and you can't beat a happy people when you when you're when your reality is based on deception right it's almost like America is being bled dry with all the debt and all the taxes our companies are going offshore and unemployment is rising that income inequality is expanding it's almost like we're Rome overextending the Empire and we're gonna collapse and could that be by design so that another superpower could could rise of course it's by design I mean everything that happens to that that level is done by design and it's done by by plans and designs that are that are that are drafted over decades I mean you think about exactly as you say the war on terror is a two-edged sword you know of course we're causing we're causing incredible harm to countries like Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan and and many other countries but the the other side of the sword is cutting us and it's cutting us very very badly and and and that's what Americans need to understand and and I call this movement a revolution of awareness because when people are become aware of the deception when they become aware of the of the hoax then then we have a chance of stopping it but as long as people are deceived as long as people are deceived by what happened on 9/11 as long as people are deceived about the war on terror and think that we're actually fighting bad guys we don't have a chance of ending it and I find that I find that people who watch a lot of television and consume a lot of mainstream media are the hardest people to reach because they they believe what they hear on PBS or CNN or Fox News or what they read in the New York Times they believe it they they're invested in it do you see imminent war between Israel and Iran well I don't know about imminent um I think that Israel would be very unwise to get into a war with Iran they want to though well they talk about it but they what they really want of course the Zionist planners Israeli planners they want America they want the United States to engage in war with Iran they this is the way it's been through the whole war on terror on September 12 Bibi Netanyahu Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in Jerusalem and said now is the time to build a coalition against these Islamic nations and groups what have you and yet if you look at the coalition that's been put together since then you never see the Israeli flag in there you see the flags of 70 70 other countries but not the Israeli flag so where are the Israelis in this coalition they're running it they're running it they're probably reminds me of the nuclear proliferation agreement where are they in that too right right you know and and and so what they've achieved what they've succeeded in doing is that they've succeeded in tricking the American people and tricking the Pentagon into basically fighting Israel's Wars for it because you you look at Syria there is no there is no US interest in Syria what is the US interest in Iraq what does u.s. entra interest in Afghanistan there is no legitimate national interest in waging war there especially for 16 years or or 26 years as the case may be in in Iraq we've been fighting in Iraq since 1991 January so it's like this is nuts and but the Israelis have gotten the United States to lead the to lead the war against Iraq against Syria so so the the Unown plan the Israeli planned to dismantle Iraq and Syria is being done and they don't lose anybody yeah they're watching it happen they're telling us what to do when you say that the war on terror is an Israeli construct and it's for their benefit there's gonna be skeptics out there who say it's America it's oil it's military industrial complex it's the petro dollar but the idea that Israel wants America to fight their wars in the Middle East for them this is not controversy at all Netanyahu's book books yeah yeah Netanyahu's written or edited at least three books on the subject since 1981 the West anyway yeah the first ones international terrorism challenge and response then fighting terrorism how the West can win how the West can win I mean if that title doesn't say it all right there he wants the West to fight all of their enemies and all you have to do is look at the books read the books they're very simple there are speeches that were giving it there were there were two conferences in the Netanyahu Institute one in Jerusalem in 79 and one in Washington in 1984 and he the books are you know contains speeches by people like George Bush about the idea of fighting terrorism and and the the thesis that that that Netanyahu lays out every time the argument is that Israel is attacked by terrorism because it's a Western state and therefore he says it's incumbent on the West to come and fight the Islamic terrorists to protect Israel and that's his logic that's his spiel and and that's what he's presented in the books all along but they couldn't achieve this they could not achieve this without 9/11 yeah they had to do something that got the American people so enraged that they would willingly allow their armies and soldiers to be sent to places like Afghanistan Iraq and and and the authorization to use military force that was signed just shortly after 9/11 was enacted just a week or two after 9/11 is what allows this war on here to go on and on and on and on so uh I hear the argument well Israel is just a small country and it's the only Jewish country and they're surrounded by big big bad Muslim countries but what's your response to that line of thinking well that's the standard sort of victimization complex that they that they put forward that that they are the underdog they're not the underdog at all they have nuclear military nuclear tipped military they have state-of-the-art aircraft and and Germany's giving them submarines and don't they have like the fourth most powerful military not by not by soldiers but by weapons yeah something like that it's very very high up there because they have all this advanced technology given to them by the United States and so and and more importantly they have they have immense influence at the Pentagon so that the decisions that are made to send US troops to Mali or or Yemen or wherever you find American troops fighting this war on terror you know it's it's it's being done through Israeli management so to speak because this is not an American war this is not as General Wesley Clark said when 9/11 happened we did not have American understanding of it he said so what is he saying he's saying that our understanding the interpretation of 9/11 came to us from non-american sources and how did how the lies that got us into Iraq those are those can be traced back to Israeli intelligence like anthrax and WMDs well it goes it goes back to these Zionist neocons most closely it goes back to the poppy Neck people the project for a new American Century people it goes back to people like Philip Zelikow calling for catastrophic terrorism and and it the the P knack people for example we're pushing on Clinton in the 1990s to take out Iraq and when when the war happened when when we went to war in 2001 first we went to Afghanistan but then quickly thereafter we went to Iraq but Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 whatsoever so we're simply we're implementing the Israeli strategy for them it wasn't the connection between Iraq and al Qaeda they said that oughta met in Prague with with Iraqi officials there autumn met in Prague with Iraqi officials didn't that intelligence come from Israel yeah I think it I think it did but I mean it's it's the whole the whole game has been like that it's it's a if you if you read a book called the little drummer girl by john lecarre a the israeli mossad guy in the book says terror is theater theaters a contract you know what that means a contract you've been deceived it's all about deception the the way that they the way that they get the American people to go along with the war on terror is is just a complete path of deception and that that deception has also been applied as you said at the highest level at the political level our government is deceived us and you know with with : Powell with his little vial of anthrax powder at the United Nations it's all based on lies and that's what I was just about to mention : Powell all the people who kind of got the blame for the Iraq war it's like Bush's blame : Powell is blamed and George Tenet there's you can Google George Tenet drunk in Bandar Bush in the George Tenet says that the Jews the neoconservatives surrounded him while he was a director of the CIA he says they're trying to blame the Iraq war on him so it's all Americans who got the blame but really it was the Pearl Wolfowitz Douglas Feith all these guys and then Netanyahu who Barak and their whole group in Israel so yeah well that's they got off scot-free essentially you have to understand in such a complex operation like solving like 911 you have three levels of operation you have the the mastermind level the also known as architectural level the people who plan it and they plan it in order to change public opinion and change history to change reality and then you have the management level and those are the people that are like you said tenets or Cheney or Bush these are people who are not at the mastermind level they're the ones who make it happen and then you have the third level which is part of the deception that's the working level that would be even the patsies in this case the Arab patsies you know so Bundy dancing Israelis yeah whatever but the mastermind level is not is not George Tenet or bush or Cheney it's the people who have planned and designed this operation over a period of decades as I say it goes back both the 9/11 plot and the war on terror conspiracy go back to the late 1970s and they are products of Israeli military intelligence it's a good deeper into all this you know cuz we're just we're not just throwing out accusations they can go on youtube search your name you have presentations from all your book tours you go over it read your books and also the mini documentary we just shot that's gonna give a little intro to how it started back in the 70s right right it's essential to understand this you have to kind of like read the history and see how how the whole thing developed and my little book the war on terror the plot to rule the Middle East is a very small book I made it intentionally like that so that people could share with each other it's not expensive and and and they can they can share it with their friends because it's essential that that Americans wake up from this nightmare and the only way you can wake up from this nightmare is to understand the reality to break out of the deception what do you think would happen if we did get 9 alleged 9/11 disclosure and it's like we kind of got the critical mass where everybody knew it was true what would like what kind of repercussions for America and how would the World Order change in your mind have you thought that through what the day you win the Pulitzer Prize and you're on that would that would be huge that would be huge when when the population wakes up or at least a critical mass it doesn't have to be all 100% of the population but when you get 10 or 20 percent of the population people with the wherewithal when when when when we understand what's happened and how we've been cheated and how we've been deceived oh yeah the World Order will change it'll be a huge correction it'll be a huge catharsis because we're dealing with right now basically criminal government you know no matter what you think of Donald Trump or Barack Obama their actions regarding the war on terror are criminal we're talking about a war of aggression we're talking about illegal Wars and and treason these are these are very serious things and and when when when when if if and when this gets rectified it will be a revolution it will change everything heads will roll oh yeah they absolutely and and because the guilty will be exposed and the truth will be known and it will be a huge correction and and I hope that happens soon it needs to happen sooner also all the people that did it are gonna die and you know take it to their graves right and and the worst thing is that by if it doesn't get if it doesn't get rectified then then it leaves those people in the position to do something again more and and that's part of the problems that we have a continuation of these kind of very suspicious acts of terrorism school shootings what-have-you and these are also the public is not at all convinced that the narrative we're getting from the media the government is correct and you're finding all kinds of you know inconsistencies in in the reporting so it's like we need to we need to end this period of of deception and get back to some integrity and some truth yeah in media in the last interview we did I asked you about what you thought about Trump exposing 9/11 it was before the election I believe no no it was after the election but early on and you showed you talked about you had optimism that he was a real American and a New Yorker and that despite being connected to so closely associated with all the Zionists and Netanyahu you still had some hope that Trump would help us expose 9/11 and a lot of people in the comments said well there's no no chance it has your view on Trump change and your optimism change at all well you know it's been now over a year and he hasn't done anything about 9/11 he's he's delivered only partially on his on his campaign promises he's put a terrify he's putting a tariff on steel imports which is a good thing but the war in Afghanistan the war in Afghanistan he has increased modestly compared to what Barack Obama did Barack Obama you know multiplied the forces over in Afghanistan in the very beginning what we see with the war on terror and this 9/11 hoax fraud is that it doesn't matter what is a Republican or a Democrat a lefty or a righty in the White House it doesn't make any difference you there that game goes on and so that indicates to me of course that the the war on terror is part of the you know not the the secret government the the powers behind the government yeah and I think that those powers have great influence over president Trump and that he's he's very limited in what he can do because they're controlled there it seems to be that he's controlled by the same powers that controlled Barack Obama and George Bush I mean but he really doesn't you're saying it doesn't matter what he wants to do or what how he really feels he doesn't have a choice is kind of your view on it yeah I think that I think that the game is such a high stakes game that if he if he were to try to do something he would be feel himself you know in in mortal danger mm-hmm I suppose that's how it works but but you know the 9/11 truth is not going to come to us from the president United States and and and that's where we have the biggest problem is that we were blocked the American people are blocked the truth movement is blocked in getting prosecutions and and real movement on 9/11 truth because there is no political will to discuss it yeah nobody in politics talks about 9/11 no at all no that's right it's the the sacred cow the taboo anybody that questions it is labeled anti-american yeah or anti-semite yeah you know your your yeah and and and and that's the whole problem is that you know we're a small group of people across the country we are not we are not the majority by in any sense but we we understand that you need to have 9/11 truth and the end the war and we just have to grow this movement we just have to you know I just had a thought 1984 the whole doublespeak or Newspeak were never at war were always at war Millennials people that are born after the year 2000 their whole life has been war I'm 33 half of my life has been war if not more it's like we're just becoming accustomed to it they've been done it incrementally it's all we know it's on the other side of the world I really think that the the war machine in America can ever be tied down well it has to it the whole thing has to be brought back into proportion it's it's obscene it's a waste of money it's destructive and it in it and it prevents more important things from happening in this country you know it's like if we don't if we don't if we don't stop this incredible waste and and war mongering we will become like Sparta in which in which you know the whole country is just geared to fighting all the time to war and and it the only the only priority is waging war that's that's madness and we're just gonna create more and more enemies around the world and just it's gonna create perpetual warfare which which the people at the top like that's what they want yeah and more and more poverty for the population deprivation and poverty you know American people are are doing without that we don't have the education we used to have we don't have the system we don't have any sort of social system to take care of the the weakest people and the poorest be the anti-war left as like completely disappeared right yeah there is no like there is no anti-war movement in this country that they I mean that I see and and that's that's what has to happen there has to be two sides of this discussion yeah but one side is not present the anti-war side is not there and and so the the people who want war and promote war they have the audience at their at their beck and call I mean they're they're they're they're calling the shots the other day you went to the Academy Awards and hele and and you held up your sign and you protested what was that X and u –v done this before what was your experience like the few days ago when you did that yeah well it was uh it was better whether it was clear and sunny and my sign was something like 9/11 truth ends the war or 9/11 truth is the is the peace movement and there's basically two audiences there when you're outside the cabinet wars there's the limousines and the people that are coming to the event they're inside these darkened limousines so you really don't get any feedback from them at all because they don't roll down the window and give you a thumbs up it didn't give you a thumbs oh I didn't see any I didn't see any thoughts up from the limousines yeah but then the people on the sidewalk who are there to look at the you know the event the mindless zombies right a lot of them were supportive of my sign and and of them of the eye of the the whole thing but it's it's the purpose of doing that is to just to put if it's only me or being an and and kappa toast oh and and mike chickie our presence there we were seen by thousands of people and and and 9/11 truth at least entered their brain if only for a second on that day and they got a very small message 9/11 truth is the peace movement they'll remember that put putting up a fight at all is almost a victory in itself when do you say well yeah it's it's essential we you know that's the thing about like the face of truth people it's a passive thing that you put your picture up there with a banner i am the face of truth it shows that there are there is there are people who want 9/11 true and that we're not going away but it you know it's in 16 years now and the real issue is as I say ending the war ending these criminal wars and and putting the people who are behind it behind bars that has to happen if that doesn't happen we have not had any sort of remedy for the problem to remedy the problem you have to take the Cure and the Cure will mean you know people going to jail for treason everybody needs justice in a fair trial and hopefully one day we'll see that I appreciate you for coming out to the beach with me and doing this interview everybody makes sure to go to bowling comm and check out his books there and on Amazon solving 9/11 the deception that changed the world and the war on terror the plot to rule the Middle East if you haven't read these books and you don't not familiar with his information you are in the dark and you haven't graphs the full picture so thanks again Chris any final words well thank you very much it's been a pleasure thanks guys Adam Green no more news if you haven't subscribed yet make sure to subscribe thanks for watching [Laughter] [Applause]

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