Practice Your Swedish: Nursery Rhyme Sing-Along

Hi! Welcome to a new Slow Swedish video. Today I want to teach you some nursery rhymes that I sang when I was younger. These are not only good for learning the language but also perfect if you have children at home and want to sing for them in Swedish. Please excuse my singing voice. Because I cannot sing. But that is what is so good with nursery rhymes. You don’t have to know how to sing to sing them. The first song is called “The Bear Sleeps” and it goes like this: The bear sleeps, the bear sleeps, in its calm den. He is not dangerous as long as you are careful. You can, however, you can, however never trust him. And it is about a bear that sleeps. The next song also exists in English and its name is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. And in Swedish it is called “Blink (Twinkle) Little Star”. Twinkle little star, there, how I wonder where you are. In the distance you attract my vision Similar to a diamond in the blue. Twinkle little star, there, how I wonder where you are. While we are at it with songs that also exist in English, and probably many other languages, we can take “Imse, vimse, Spider”. That in English is called Itsy Bitsy Spider. And then you also have to do these hand movements that were so difficult to do as a child. Imse, vimse, spider climbs up the What does he climb up? Climbs up the thread. Down falls the rain and flushes the spider away. Up rises the sun and dries away all the rain. Imse, vimse, spider climbs up again. I have noticed that a lot of nursery rhymes and songs are related to animals. Even so the next one. And I thought it was a bit scary when I was younger. It goes like this: In a house at the edge of the forest a tiny elf peeks out. The hare hops up so fast knocks on its door. Help, oh help, oh help me, otherwise the hunter will shoot me. Come, yes, come in to my cabin, give me your hand. It is about a hare that will get shot by a hunter. But then the elf shows up and saves the hare. All is well that ends well. The next one is called Bah, bah, white lamb. Bah, Bah, Black Sheep I think is the English equivalent. Bah, bah, white lamb do you have any wool? Yes, yes, dear child I have my sack full. Weekend jacket for father, and Sunday skirt for mother, and two pairs of socks for little, little brother. Many of these songs are very VERY old, thereof words like weekend jacket and Sunday skirt. Now it is time to sing a bout a little snail. Little snail, watch out! Watch out, watch out! Little snail, watch out! Otherwise I will grab you! One song I think is pretty popular internationally, that a lot of people who read up on funny things about Sweden learn about, is the song we sing on Midsummer, as we dance around the Midsummer pole. This song is about frogs. More specifically, the small frogs. The small frogs, the small frogs, are odd to see. The small frogs, the small frogs, are odd to see. No ears, no ears, no tails do they have. No ears, no ears, no tails do they have. ??? I think that is the end of the song. And then you sing the same thing over and over again, while hopping around this Midsummer pole. (YouTube it!!) Second to last we have one of my favorite songs from my childhood, and it is about a rat. Where do you live, little rat? In your hat. What are you doing at eight o’clock? Chasing cat. How many children do you have? Seventy-two! How is your old father doing? So and so. What is your wife Lovisa doing? Frying ice-cream. What do you want to eat? Sausage and jazz. What do you want to drink? Wild strawberry punch. What is in your pocket? Four holes. It is just a strange song, and I thought it was funny that they fried ice-cream. To end this video I thought I would teach you two things at once; partially a song, but also body parts. I think you recognize the song from English or your own language, Head, shoulders, knees, and toes. And I thought I would demonstrate so you keep up with the song. Are you ready? Don’t judge my nice outfit. The pants are rarely visible in videos. Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes. Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knä och tå. Eyes, ears, pat on the cheek. Head, shoulders, kne… Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes. That was all for today’s Swedish video. I hope you have liked it. As always, a huge thank you to those who support me on my Patreon. If you would be interested in supporting my Swedish videos there is a link to my Patreon under my video. Big thank you for all support! I hope I will see you in the next video. Goodbye!

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  1. always wondered why when some one from another country says the name of the rhyme in English or anything else, why not say the whole thing in English

  2. Thank you Katrin, I will be relocating to Stockholm soon for working purposes and I have been watching your videos incessantly to try to immerse myself with the culture, if all swedes are just as warm and wonderful as you are then I can't wait to move. You just got a new subscriber , lots of love

  3. Ok that was super cute. And smart. Learning through song is known to work, very helpful.

  4. i just love this video, more swedish vids please <3 btw your channel is the BEST

  5. This videos make me want to start learning Swedish. I watch them from beginning to end even when I don't understand a word xd

  6. Det är verkligen roligt. Jag minns den nederländska versionen av flera låtar från när jag var liten. Vad tycker du om denna låt? Ingen tomte men ett litet rådjur! Men annars helt lika!
    In het bos daar staat een huis
    Hertje tuurt al door de ruit
    Komt een haasje aangesneld
    En klopt aan de deur..
    Hertje, hertje help mij toch
    Straks schiet mij de jager nog
    Haasje, haasje kom maar hier
    En reik mij de hand.

  7. You're so cute when you sing :3 If you will have children you will be a wonderful mom

  8. This was a fun video, most of these nursery rhymes also exist in Icelandic. I found it interesting that the rhyme about the hare and the hunter we do have in Iceland as well, but here it's a Christmas song hahah, so instead of an elf there is Santa Claus.

  9. Obrigada,faça mais vídeos com esse conteúdo!!! Tack, gör fler videor med det här innehållet!!!

  10. Omg this was so good! Btw we have all those songs (okay, not 2 of them but anyway) in finnish too! It was so nice to hear them in swedish 😄👍🏼

  11. This was actually really interesting to watch as a Finnish person, since I have studied Swedish since about 10 years ago, but I noticed a lot of words that are pronounced slightly differently in finlandssvenska 😅 also all these songs excist in Finnish also, so that’s pretty cool 😎 proud of myself though, I understood everything you said 🙈

  12. Hahah, som svensk var den här videon skitkonstig och rolig att titta på! :')

  13. I studied Swedish for a few years and OMG, if all Swedish people spoke the way you speak in this video I'd say I'm fluent, while in reality the majority of them speaks so fast that's it's almost impossible to understand 😉 I will keep playing this video and pretend I'm great at understanding Swedish 😀

  14. omg "huvud, axlar, knä och tå, knä och tå" is child song we have here in brazil too 🙂

  15. Jag bodde och jobbade i Sverige som aupair för ett år, därför känna jag många barn låtar och dem hjälpar faktiskt jätte mycket 😄nu sjunger jag bara på svenska med mina barn i Tyskland för jag känna mer på svensk än på tysk 😄 tack för videon ♥️

  16. Some songs are very similar to French songs !! Your video is great !!!

  17. Alla svenskar!! Ändra videons hastighet till 1.50 så får ni höra Sveriges finaste tjej in all her glory❤️

  18. You spoke just slow enough for me to understand everything as a Dane. We sing “Bjørnen sover” in Denmark as well, haha! Childhood memories! 💕

  19. Jag älskar dessa videoklipp, de är så trevligt att titta på och de är ganske hjälpsamma. Stort tack! Aaand that’s about as far as my Swedish goes 😂 but I’ve been subscribed for a long time and I really love seeing your videos. Have a great day 💗

  20. Thank you so much! The first time I watched this I sang some of the songs with you, but in Dutch 😂💜 Now I'm trying my best to understand everything as best as I can. You made this so easy to follow, such a wonderful video ♡ Thank you!

  21. For those who want to re-listem to the songs like I do here you go. I also sped up the video once i knew the words to hear song more naturally sung. 🙂 Björnen 0:48 / Blinka lilla stjärna: 1:32 / imse vimse spindeln 2:32 / tomten och haren (not sure of the name) : 3:15 / bä bä vita lamm: 4:08 / lilla snigeln: 4:53 / små grodorna: 5:32 / lilla råtta 6:20 / huvud axlar knä och tå 7:47

  22. We used to sing "små grodorna" in elementary school in Norway and it was one of my favorites 😀

  23. That was fun 😊 Must have been so awkward for you when recording so double respect and thank you!

  24. Tack Katrin! Video var roligt! Jag är en finska flicka som har lärt sveska i skolan men inte väldigt bra. (Hope that made any sense. But really, I enjoyed the video because I could understand 90% and you speaking slowly just made it bareable and the songs made it fun! Most of these songs are translated to finnish and I know them, so it was easy to understand! Loved the video, would watch 500 more!)

  25. I don’t know if the fourth song is sung everywhere but we have a lot of Swedish descendants here in Minnesota and we totally have that song in English!
    “In a cabin in the woods
    A little man by the window stood
    Saw a rabbit hopping by
    Knocking at the door
    ‘Help me! Help me!’ The rabbit cried
    ‘I just need a place to hide’
    ‘Come, little rabbit, come inside
    I’ll take care of you!’”

  26. I'm about to flunk my Swedish so here I am desperately trying to make my Swedish skills better by watching Nursery songs in Swedish. Hjälpa mig!

  27. I subscribed because your swedish videos. I love them all, and you too! ❤😊

  28. Så roligt och gulligt! 😂 "Var bor du lilla råtta" måste jag genast lära mig 😨

  29. Varför tittar jag ens på detta när jag är born n raised svesnk?! Haha, men sjukt kul!

  30. I love those. You can see you put a lot of effort in these vids. I hope you get more Patrons! 👏😀

  31. Thanks a lot for the nice video. We loved to watch Astrid Lindgren films/series when we were kids. I just listened to the original songs for Pippi and Emil which also sound really cute in Swedish 🙂

  32. The Swedes will never talk that slow irl but the way you did it in the intro makes it easier for me to understand. Huhu! Still learning! Thanks for the vid! Currently taking Swedish lessons. 😀

  33. Tack sa mycket!! I'm studying Swedish and this is so helpful!!!

  34. The text and the slow singing and speaking help me understand literally everything you said, as a Danish speaker.

  35. 3:19 this song is also in Danish and it goes like this…

    “I en skov en hytte lå
    nissen gennem ruden så.
    Haren kom på lette få
    bankede derop.
    Nisse hjælp mig i min nød.
    Skyder jægeren er jeg død.
    Lille hare kom kun ind – ræk mig poten din”

    Search for “I en skov en hytte lå” and you’ll find it 😊

  36. Hey Katrin! I am not learning swedish not even planning anytime soon, however I can imagine how helpful this can be to those who do! I teach English and I always tell my students to check out nurseries and disney songs to improve their speaking and listening skills 🙂 also, respect for uploading a singing video, I still don't dare to sing in class:) have a nice day 🙂

  37. I am into German and I like the language's phonology so much. I've known that Swedish also comes from Germanic language family yet I hadn't been aware of the beauty of its phonology! Even more satisfying than German to listen to! 😍 Thinks about learning Swedish lol 😂

  38. looove. Jobbar på en svenskspråkig förskola i Finland och vi sjunger alla de här utan den stackars haren D:

  39. please keep on teaching I love it
    and you are stylish!!!!

  40. jag gillar detta video , jag är ny till svenska

    jag älskar Svenska språk :3

  41. I watched your pronunciation vids before, they were really helpful, someone in duolingo recommended the slow videos here, Ii am so glad to see a familiar face, I really enjoy your vids which are so much fun and you look so cool !!!
    Thank you for the svenska subs !!!
    Love from China !!!

  42. Din svenska är så sött och lätt att förstå! Jag lära mig svenska nu. Tack för sångerna, de var roliga 😀

  43. The second song is that in Catalan language :
    "Cada dia al dematí, canta el gall: Kikiriki,
    i la gent mig adormida, es desperta de seguida
    cada dia al dematí, canta el gall: Kikiriki.


  44. I only understood half of what she said 😂 can anyone suggest me any popular/good songs that are Swedish?

  45. Excellent work.
    But one comment on the English Sub of the second song "blinka lilla sjärna". "Skyn" was translated to "blue" instead of "sky" – "Similar to diamond in the blue"!
    Again, thanks a lot for your swell work and looking forward to having more 🙂 🙂

  46. I grew up in the US but am mostly Swedish, learning these are fun bc I want to teach my kids in the furture where they are from

  47. How lovely! My moms mom Alma Pierson was from Sweden. My mom
    Knew a knee ride in Swedish that goes rikka rikka I wish I knew the rest?

  48. Bor du i Göteborg ?
    Jag älskar dina video 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻tack så jättemycket .

  49. +Katrin Berndt Varför står det 'klättra' istället för 'klättrar', fast du sjunger med en 'r' i sången Imse Vimse spindel 2:35
    Jag har sett detta några gång att man skriver inte 'r' i slutet av några verb… Kan du förklara varför?

  50. Yay! This is so great! My husband and I are learning swedish and our kids will know it bc we will speak it and now I can sing to them! Yay! So happy! Tack tack!!!! 😊

  51. Hahaha jag älskar dig! Tack så micket för undervisningen! Saludos desde Uruguay 🇺🇾

  52. OMG I love your makeup, Can you do one makeup tutorial in Svenska please? Thank you thank you

  53. I loveeeee the way you speak Swedish and English. Thank you for made a great vdo again.


  55. Thanks so much for this! does anyone know any good Swedish bands or movies

  56. Laughing while learning is my favorite thing to do! Thank you so much Katrin!!!

  57. Varför är jag här när jag talar flytande svenska och växt upp med dessa visor?

    Ps. Du missade vers 2 i "små grodorna" om de små grisarna:

    Små grisarna, små grisarna är lustiga att se. Små grisarna, små grisarna är lustiga att se. Båd (eller både) öron, båd (-//-) öron, båd/och svansar hava de. Båd öron, båd öron båd/och svansar hava de. O nöff nöff nöff, o nöff nöff nöff. O nöff nöff nöff nöff nöff. O nöff nöff nöff, o nöff nöff nöff. O nöff nöff nöff nöff nöff.

    Ps nr 2: i "huvud axlar knä och tå" kan man även sjunga: kinden klappen får osv.

  58. Okay Katrin, but I love your singing voice! Thanks for doing these videos! I found these videos so helpful and amazing learning!

  59. Guau, yo estoy aprendiendo sueco y éste video me ha encantado!!! excelente pronunciación!

  60. I’m 26 and almost fell asleep to the sound of your voice in twinkle twinkle little start haha skön❤️

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