(Preliminary) What Authors Are Saying About Why We Need Diverse Books

hi my name is John Green and we need diverse books I think we need diverse books because we need to reflect the reality of our communities in that reality is a very diverse one one of the magical things about reading to me is that it helps me to imagine the life outside of myself we live in a colorful world so our stories have to be callable two kids need to be able to see themselves for kids to feel part of society to feel that they have these books give all readers a glimpse into a culture that may not they might not be familiar with I grew up in the inner city and I applied the voices around me I like the families around me and I wanted everybody to know about them I don't know about you but I meet a lot of people in books it creates empathy and connection and understanding I think of diversity as being a synonym for open-mindedness I think about everyone being represented everyone having a voice we need diverse books because this country a diverse country and because we are a country that is divided I was a huge reader when I was a kid but I didn't see a lot of myself and the books that i was reading the first gay person I ever met was a gay character to look Mercedes lacking ecstatic response Aries reading that book gave me an empathy that single-handedly erased any sort of late in homophobia I might have had being raised up in a very conservative area I remember in my later teens running across a book called blood brothers about Stephen Barnes that was pretty much the time when I saw something that really made me feel like I was seeing a piece of myself in the work is the five Chinese brothers it's a controversial book because there were many stereotypes to Chinese people all had yellow skin they had slanty eyes and a whispered by white woman I loved the book because I saw myself in you're trying to think of when I was a kid what the most sort of diverse book was that I read and I'm having a hard time thinking of it which is I think in a way what underscores the entire campaign I didn't know women black women who write books and I didn't know why I didn't know this I don't want my children to grow up like me not having not how to write anybody that you know looks like I got a wonderful letter from a chinese american teenager about my novel Eternals she offered suggestions of future stories and then at the very end she said yes it was really nice to see an asian girl hero pick up a battle axe I mean I kids all and again it's like it's it's thank you for for not forgetting me for remembering that I'm here for it for knowing that I'm important when you don't have a chance to see yourself in a book you develop the thinking that your ethnicity your culture is something that you have to get past in order to be successful everybody should be able to go into a bookstore or a library and look at the shelves and be able to see themselves looking back when I first heard about the campaign my initial thought was hallelujah and I support it because I think it's incredibly important for individuals to be able to see themselves and I also think it's important to let other kids walk a mile in the shoes of somebody who's not exactly like them I think that it's an important conversation that needs to be had and I'm actually surprised that it took this long it wouldn't retirement will they do skin books in the hands of children to get them to start to see the world differently and and not see it is black when you read their reading to discover the essential truths in what we need diverse books for all our children and you can help us make that happen so please join us in our call for action and donate now you

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  1. Where are these non-diverse books that you speak of, they sound interesting? Maybe '1984', is that one of these books? Are you telling me which Authors I should read regardless of my genre preference?

    Is diversity you race shaming me without knowing me? Thanks "We Need Diversity Books", bigotry brought to you by a diverse group of people. ; )

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