Pretty- animated poem

a word that has been fed to you since day one,
boys, manly, muscles, pretty girls, cute, sweet, pretty,
I was taught to be pretty told that I had to blend in to every crowd,
had to fit into every box, had to meet every bullet point on the checklist
in order to be considered a person of worth And I was taught to despise myself
because if I loved myself, I was conceited,
egotistical, narcissistic. As I grew older the word turned from a complement
to a snide remark, it turned into an adjective that described
people who were more than average but less than beautiful,
it was the antipode of strong, as if pretty people would shatter if you spoke
too loud I was told I could buy pretty,
it comes in pink bottles Sealable powder containers
Scented cream-form And gels mixed with glitter,
I was told to try anything and everything, until could be called pretty If you start to drown in the word ‘pretty’
know that you’re worth so much more, you’re worth the daring dreams you dream
and the amazing thoughts you think, know that you don’t need any miracle cream
to smooth out your passions plastic surgery to mold your personality
or diet pills to slim down your kindness don’t let pretty define you, Pretty is so insignificant

21 thoughts on “Pretty- animated poem

  1. Julia, I just showed this to my husband who works in media and just like I, he is so impressed with your message, animation, writing, AND voice! Keep sharing this! Now is the time!

  2. some of this kind of sounds like Katie Makkai and savannah browns

  3. Some of your lines seriously mimic or just plain plagiarize savannah brown's – you should credit the artist (in the case, the writer)

  4. From which software you made this animation?? Please help me i too write poems and want to make animation …i will be waiting for your reply …and you can see my work on Instagram @pranav_writing … follow me thank you and i love your work

  5. Excellently made! I believe the struggle of producing this was real haha.

  6. Hi Julia…. I'm impressed with the message of this poetic video…. Also, the animation you did for it…it's wonderful …well done… I also make videos like this as a poet…and it's nice to see persons like you spreading positivity, through the arts… Keep it up! 😀

  7. Beautiful video and beautiful Voice! Wanna be the voice over of my animations? !

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