Pretty girl by Erickbright poet

Oh hey pretty girl fine Lachlan and I hope you find I mean I'm fine and not fine fine because I don't smoke but when I see you I get high not fine tall being a man I can't whine not fine so many linger for a long time who magnifying a malanga lucky enough aha July 2 pretty such a sweet name I dare say it suits you pretty you really are like a precious gem Susheela kini you and you never come over ad because Dylan is aruba Deary I'm sorry dude on how to steal a poem ela team Asuma take a chickadee balloon an idea they'd only been abandoned to 40th for a limited appeal AB TCH easy on and easy so pretty girl I'm not the kind of guy who lies I'm kind of to be sincere like a gorgeous eyes my mom brought me up with moral selenium BIA when I'm Kenneth a Cuban beliefs oh come on – Tom no go so at any point I want to make you to cry Hatake Dogo attack e2 moon otaku Katia valayan and NVIDIA see like a sweet voice I hope I can be your choice so that someday I can take a nap on a lap and just feel the sweet sensation see a leg reading the holy book sums of ceremonies my best book I'm not huge but you can just judge from the Luke I'm rich in love I don't wanna car but I guess one with a car I will love you with all of me I'm not good at joy locking in again when you cut your hair could just do it we do ads to cover you with the most cute legs so beautiful with adorable eyes so Kyle I'm black but that a nipple a casual Asahi I'm bright bright village right sneaky cumbia my heart just wants you I mean for any reason camel lol failed you disobey but number maybe casually choco better Erik bright

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