Professional Resume Writer: Should I Hire One?

hello people Jim Miller here I take resumes very seriously they are absolutely critical to a first-rate job search I teach that the resume is the first thing you do when starting a job search because it forces you to research pull together and articulate all the aspects of your job search I think it is great if someone writes their own resume I have been teaching people how to do that for a long time for many years and if you have the wherewithal the desire the passion the time and the skills by all means write your own resume but I also know that writing your own resume can be complicated and involved and it's not for everyone those of you moving up the employment and career food chain are aware the higher up you go the tougher things get the quality of the resumes increases dramatically when you start to get to the middle management levels and above a professional quality resume is a necessity it's no longer an option many people at this point in their career start to consider hiring a professional resume writer the sheer quantity of the competition can drive people to hire a professional depending on your source the average response to a posted mid-level job is between 200 and 800 resumes numbers reaching into the thousands are common with all this competition the issue becomes how can you make your resume stand out a skilled professional writer can help you with that do you ever wonder what employers want what they're really looking for one of the most subtle skills of the better resume professionals is knowing how to research target and engage the reader of the resume this is a skill that defines the true professionals have you ever heard of the infamous six second rule the first reading of your resume involves an average of a six second skimming or scanning of the first half of the first page a resume writer has six seconds to get the reader's attention and to get something to stick in the readers mind that is asking a lot of a resume that can be a reason to consider hiring a professional if you find branding strategy and planning boring and tedious you are not alone it also means you're likely to struggle with writing your own resume resume writing is more for the analytically minded people who actually like branding they like strategy they like planning professional resume writers are just nerdy enough to like that kind of stuff some people also just state they just don't like writing are you one of those people that no matter how hard you try you cannot get excited about writing your own resume if you don't like it and you cannot get excited about it you're probably not gonna be good at it and you definitely should get some help now time can be an issue if you are not a seasoned professional resume writer the time process will take much longer now I have seen amazing things happen over the course of a few days not everyone has the few days to spare that it would take to create a first-rate resume another big change in the world of resume writing is LinkedIn you may not have the time or desire to learn all about creating and using a LinkedIn profile in your job search the better resume writers will know how to help you create a profile and give you valuable tips on using LinkedIn applicant tracking systems haven't taken over the job search world like some people predicted but they have brought in a whole new layer of complications to the world of resume writing keywords is now part of the resume vocabulary plus ATS is getting smarter and the best resume writers keep up with the changes I wish I could give you the five steps to finding the perfect resume writer I wish I could give you that and then you can go through those steps and end up with the perfect writer but variables prohibit that there's too many variables however if you do careful research don't compromise your integrity and have the gumption to reject any writer you are not comfortable with you should have nothing less than the shining centerpiece of your job search which is your resume now I can't give you any absolutes but here are a few things that I find intolerable in a resume service and you should reject a resume service that does these things I find these intolerable I believe these are things you should be on the lookout for first of all it is intolerable if they condone lying exaggeration or deception on the resume the number one absolute rule of resume writing is do not lie on your resume it is intolerable if they show the slightest hint of cynicism regarding resumes such as referring to them as a necessary evil or obsolete you want someone who is a big fan of resumes next it is intolerable if they work off templates if you find or suspect a writer is working off a certain layout or template find a new writer talk to a professional resume writer and they will tell you they can spot a resume made from a template a mile away templates make you like everyone else the last thing you want in a competitive job search is to be like everyone else it is intolerable if there is no personality behind the business you must be dealing with a real-life business owner in a real live resume writer in the world of resumes people with a reputation at stake are not going to run a resume mill now a resume mill is a scammy approach that takes advantage of bargain hunters by charging about half the price of a reputable service the problem is that resume Mills pound out the same resume for everyone they can charge the lower price because little timer effort is given to your resume it is intolerable if a resume writer gets all their information from forms given to you to fill out working exclusively from forms as a dead-bang give away that you are dealing with a resume mill filling out forms are never to your benefit never it is intolerable if you are not interviewed by the real live writer of your resume being interviewed is essential I never wrote one resume where I did not have a one-on-one interview with my client and would never consider hiring a resume writer that did not do the same a skilled interview with the person writing your resume should be central to the entire project you have to be a little crazy to be a professional resume writer we write resumes every day all day long sometimes I forget how crazy and nerdy professional resume writers must look to the outside world actually we are just harmless little fuzz balls don't be afraid to call us if you need help

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