27 thoughts on “PROOF: STAR WARS writer joins garbage tier “Social Scientist” to bias survey against Fandom!

  1. Lucasfilm seems to be of the opinion that the entire nation of China are probably secret Trump supporters , if their standard of measure is liking TLJ.

  2. Yes, Ethan. You are 100% correct. This was indeed the movie that we were supposed to kneel down before and except their totalitarian ways as the way of the future. And we didn’t bite. Now they are pissed.

  3. There's no way to answer this thing in a way that teaches those people anything.

  4. Waw these politic moron people are butt hurt because the true Star Wars fans are telling the facts but these stupid wannabe sjw/Npc’s are absolute retarded…, no IQ.

  5. I decided Avengers Endgame would be my last Marvel movie after they announced for fat/gay "inclusiveness" in future movies. Now, I'm thinking Avengers Endgame will be my last Disney movie period.

  6. They craft answers in such a way as to force you to choose one extreme or the other. Vast majority of average people really don't give a toss about this gender studies garbage.

  7. For a fact, I know the survey is wrong. I voted Right-leaning and I think Star Wars sucks, I'm a Trekkie. Even though Trek is accused of being Progressive and Socialist by posers who have never watched it! Yeah, conservative Trekkie, LOL!

  8. This survey is meant to separate people by race/gender/political view/…Skinhead tactics. SJWs adopted Skinhead tactics.

  9. oh my, the soy is strong with this one, another one that must pee on his balls

  10. Every time someone says male feminist I remember two words: Joss Whedon.

  11. Is it possible that… Ep.9 could potentially be WORSE and more WOKE than the Last Jedi? :-O

  12. Tlj hate is based on political beliefs…. well when you make a movie loaded with politics I imagine so unless you share those same politics, also it was just a bad movie.

  13. Male feminist are nothing more than jerks trying to get laid or jerks who can't get laid. Or they are just plain CUCKS!!🤨

  14. OMG!!! I love your soyboy voice evs you are hilarious.😂😂😂😂

  15. EVERYTHING IS BECOMING SJW SOY push back and give them the whole Vitamin D goodness. Pretty soon true fans will rise up and do their own thing MALE Feminist are paid to engineer brainwash mass. Its a war on humanity

  16. I voted for Bernie and I loathed both FA and TLJ for a myriad of reasons including the SJW garbage

  17. The only weapon against these corporations with leftist's is to deny them your money.

  18. It just wasn't a very well written story. It really has nothing to do with political views of the audience. I watched it with a group of diverse people and no one thought it was great. They either thought it was just ok or didn't like it at all.

  19. Professor Mark H White huh.?
    Does the H stand for Hu as in Huwhite.? hehehe

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