Proofreading and Editing services for Writers

hey guys I'm Mike one of the founders of paper truth everyday paper truth editors help writers around the world to create powerful polished manuscripts and I'd like to tell you how we do this the moment people – receives your order an expert who's called the editorial coordinator carefully checks your manuscript and your unique editing requirements that's how we choose the perfect editor for you all our editors are native English speakers who specialize in different fiction and nonfiction genres so your manuscript is always in good hands next the selected editor gets to work on transforming your document into a powerful book your work gets two full rounds of editing in the first round your editor makes sure your writing is absolutely free of typos grammatical errors and mechanical inconsistencies then in the second round your editor polishes the clarity syntax word choice flow coherence and more always aiming to bring out your unique voice and writing style you also get constructive feedback on the character development lot structure tool and a lot more finally the editor fixes the formatting of your entire manuscript so it looks really impressive your editor then hands your document over to an experienced senior editor who reviews it and adds finishing touches to make sure you have sieved the highest quality of editing in the end your beautifully edited manuscript is securely uploaded to your paper to account always in time for your deadline now all you need to do is log in download your files and publish a book that your readers will love and remember our editors are always available if you have questions about your edited work or want us to recheck any part of your document we care about your writing as much as you do so even though we have an expert editing team we also have a very helpful customer support team who are available to you 24 by 7 if you have questions about your document or need to give us a new editing requirement we are only a chat a call or an email away so that's how people to helps thousands of writers as the world's most trusted editing and proofreading service I'm sure you'll have a wonderful experience with us bye-bye

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