Proverbs 17

let’s turn in our Bibles to Proverbs
chapter 17 where we’ll pick it up tonight and we’ll see how far we go we may who
knows we might make it through to chapter 18 so excuse me just a moment on
why it is this cough so why don’t we pray we’ll ask God to bless our time together
in His Word loving Heavenly Father we’re so thankful
to You for our Thursday night Bible study it’s really a time for us to
especially during the Christmas season come together and put aside all the
busyness that comes packaged with this time of year and just open up our Bibles
and open up our hearts and quiet our minds so that You can minister to us and
speak into our lives in and through Your Word especially through this amazing
book of Proverbs so full so rich so many truths so Lord as we mine the nuggets
the truths the riches that are here would You bless the wisdom of the
Proverbs to our understanding the application of it to our lives Lord
thank You in Jesus’ name Amen and Amen alright let’s jump in verse 1 this is a
Christmas verse if there ever was one oh and you already read ahead and you
know what’s ahead so better is a dry morsel with quietness than a house full
of feasting with strife oh my goodness I think about this time of year on
Christmas and all the family drama that will take place invariably the the
discussions that will ensue at the Christmas dinner over the the feast
that’s been prepared oh how many times have I in my life wish that
man I’m willing to go out and on the second floor of my house there’s a
window that I can climb out get on my roof just have a crust just a crumb just a
you know not even a piece of bread just the the crust of the bread would be
better to eat there on the roof than it would be to sit at that table you know
there’s a actually and we’ve talked about this before there’s a cultural
dynamic that I think often times here in the United States we really miss and
don’t understand you know in the Middle East everything is centered around food
I know here in Hawaii it’s very similar in a lot of ways but there’s a reason
for it there’s a bonding that takes place there’s a a deep meaning in
breaking bread at the table with someone you know back in 1993 I was just
thinking about this when then President Bill Clinton hosted there on the White
House lawn one Yasser Arafat and one Yitzhak Rabin for the historic
signing of the Oslo peace accords and there on the White House lawn on a sunny
September day the two leaders shook hands it was kind of awkward a little
bit but they shook hands you know what that meant for the
so-called Palestinians nothing it meant absolutely nothing
you know how they would seal a deal or agree to a covenant
by breaking bread that’s how they would do it that was the significance of it
everything is centered around and by the way and we’ve talked about this before
and I won’t take too much time to go into it but every time we partake
together as a church of the communion table we are celebrating this common
union communion and the thought in that culture as it is to this day is that the
same bread that is in you is in me we are one it unites us that same cup and
this is what they would do is they would eat from the same bread that they would
break and give to the other they would drink from the same cup and then give it
to the other because the idea was that what is in you is in me it makes us one
I think about in fact my daughter and I are going through the Bible together and
we are there’s a great app and it’s an audio Bible that kind of dramatizes it a
little bit and it’s especially for you know people like me that you know kind
of need that and it really just comes alive and so we’re in Genesis and we’re
at that part where God cuts covenant with Abraham now I said it that way for a
reason God cut covenant with Abraham Abraham
did not cut covenant with God this is by the way where we get our modern-day
saying of hey let’s cut a deal do you realize that that actually comes from
the book of Genesis so here’s how they would cut covenant or make a deal they
would take and get these animals and kill them and cut them and this
is pretty graphic but they would take those cut up animals with the blood that
was shed from those animals and they would place them around and they would
the two parties agreeing to the covenant cutting covenant would walk amongst the
cut-up animals that have been sacrificed and the oath was the Covenant was may
what has happened to these animals happen to me if I break this covenant
that’s where we get the word cut a deal they would cut covenant so what’s really
interesting is so at the time that God appears He puts Abraham into a deep
sleep so that when God comes and walks amongst the cut animals to cut covenant
Abraham is asleep the point being is is that you cannot break a covenant that
you didn’t agree to this is the Covenant that God made and it is an unbreakable
covenant and it’s always centered around the food the animals the cutting of the
covenant verse two I said I wasn’t going to go too far into that I went pretty far
into that so verse two a wise servant will rule over a son who causes shame
and will share an inheritance among the brothers
I’ve actually witnessed this many years ago long before I got into the ministry
you know the the heir apparent the son would usually be the one to inherit the
business well in this case there was someone else not the son who was very
wise the son unfortunately and sadly very foolish and so when it came time to
pass that business on guess what the son didn’t get it the wise servant did and
he was the one that shared in the inheritance among the brothers verse 3
the refining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold but the Lord tests the
hearts Isaiah 48:10 is a very disturbing verse in the Bible you know
what it says it says that God has chosen the furnace of affliction to refine us
to test us just as the refining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold He
has chosen to use the furnace of affliction to refine us purify us as
Peter says our faith is like that gold that is refined and purified by the fire
you know interesting the goldsmith knows that the gold is pure when he sees his
image reflected in that purified gold and the only way the goldsmith is going
to see his image reflected in that purified gold is by subjecting that gold
to that intense heat in that fire because in that fire all of the
impurities all of the dross comes to the surface and then the goldsmith because
of the fire then takes and removes the dross from the gold and that purifying
process and this is what God does with us He tests us He refines us He allows
us to go into the fiery furnace of affliction those fiery trials in our
lives not to burn us not to harm us but to refine us and to
make us more like Jesus you know that famous verse in Romans 8:28 that we love
to quote and memorize and sing and share and talk about for we know that God
works all things together for the good to those that love God and are called
according to His purpose that calling according to His what is his purpose
His purpose is in the next verse verse 29 His purpose is to conform us refine
us make us shape us so that we’re more like Jesus and sometimes it requires
that those things in our lives need to be brought to the surface subjected to
the fire so that he can then take and remove them and make us more like Jesus
in the image of Jesus Christ and we’re also told that we are His workmanship
very interesting word in the original language of the Greek new testament it’s
the Greek word Poema where we get poem in English we are His work of art
we are His craftsmanship and what’s really interesting is when the artist
finishes that that work of art this magnificent work of art the artist will
put his name on that work of art and that is exactly what Jesus is doing in
our lives because the name is the nature to make us more like Jesus verse 4 an
evildoer gives heed to false lips a liar listens eagerly to a spiteful tongue
think about this you’ve got the one that is listening to giving heed to false
lips and then you’ve also got this eagerness as a liar to listen to what’s
coming out of the false lips the false witness the false testimony the lies the
accusations the insinuations the gossiping the rumors we’re going to see
that come up again in this chapter as well as the next chapter verse five he
who mocks the poor reproaches his maker he who is glad at calamity will not go
unpunished what is it about us in our sinful nature innate within us in our
human nature that rejoices when somebody is suffering you know Jesus said weep
with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice sometimes I think we
rejoice with those who weep and we weep when those rejoice something about us in
our sin nature and what this is saying is that if you’re going to rejoice and be
glad at somebody else’s misfortune and calamity know for a certainty that it
will not go unpunished verse six I like this verse I don’t know about
this verse yet some of you do children’s children are the crown of old men and
the glory of children is their father in other words grandchildren are the
bomb oh I know I shouldn’t use the word bomb but I think you get the point
right I’ve heard this about grandchildren from grandparents
it’s like oh my goodness my grandchildren
way better than my children like do your children know that you just said that I
mean one thing about the grandchildren is you can enjoy them and then you can
give them back and there’s another thing about grandchildren I only know this
theoretically if the Lord tarries maybe I’ll know this you know in reality but
here’s the thing about grandchildren you know as parents you said this I know
I’ve said it you wait until you have children of your own
my mom used to say that to me in her thick accent
high-pitched voice she would say Wahido you wait till you have children of
your own then you will understand and I’m like yeah yeah yeah mom whatever and
then I did and then I remembered she warned me and then I think to myself oh
my goodness I gave her such a hard time I was such a
rotten scoundrel of a kid and now I have children and now I know what it feels
like to be on the receiving end and on the other end of that and so there’s
almost like a sanctified satisfaction when I’ve only heard this again I’m just
you know sharing with you what’s been shared with me from grandparents about
how they just really enjoy watching their children with their grandchildren
and they just kind of sit back thank you Lord
I mean it’s anyway I’m just enjoying that too much verse 7 excellent speech
is not becoming to a fool much less lying lips to a prince you know somebody
who is foolish don’t ever expect the words that come out of their mouths
to be wise or have really any value verse 8 a present is a
precious stone in the eyes of its possessor wherever he turns he prospers
I think this speaks to one valuing that which is of value and appreciating and
that’s where I believe the prosperity comes because it didn’t come easy and
you appreciate the value of that which you possess verse nine this is a biggie
he who covers a transgression seeks love but he who repeats a matter separates
friends now we talked about this last week and again this is one of those
recurring themes these repeated truths throughout the book of Proverbs where it
keeps coming up over and over again repetitively but when you
hear about what someone has done or said and it’s not good pray for them don’t
talk about them to others it’s it carries with it the idea of you know
love covering a multitude of sins I mean if you really love that person you’re
going to want to protect them and and not spread rumors about them don’t repeat
the matter because what’s going to happen is you’re going to this is the
reality of it what people say about others is what they become in our minds
let me explain that just a little bit you know this notion of guilty till
proven innocent the truth of the matter is it’s not
innocent until proven guilty its guilty until proven innocent so here’s an
example someone comes to you and says hey did you hear oh man when you hear
anyone start with those words did you hear run run
sometimes we’re we’re really clever and how we couch it in spiritual terms hey
we need to pray for so-and-so what what happened oh yeah they’re not doing good
they’re having marriage problems they are yeah we need to pray for them
don’t do that because here’s what’s going to happen
you’re going to come to church that next week and that couple that you just heard
that matter repeated you’ll never look at them the same way again
I mean it may very well be that their marriage is fine but for the rest of
your life that’s the way it is and that’s why it is you’ll never look at
them the same again so let’s say they hold hands or he opens the door for her
in the parking lot you look at that look at that they’re putting on an act no
that’s what happens we we pronounce them guilty we’re judge jury and we pronounce
the verdict guilty as charged it’s an assassination of one’s character we’re
actually going to be talking about this if I move a little bit faster verse 10
rebuke is more effective for a wise man than a hundred blows on a fool in other
words don’t waste your time you’re trying you’re trying to correct a fool don’t
bother you can correct him all you want he’s not going to heed the correction
and conversely you just one time rebuke a wise man they’ll receive that
rebuke take heed to that warning and they’ll thank you for it how about that
how rare is that to have somebody that is so teachable so humble that you can
say to them you know this is a blind spot in your life and I love you enough
to share with you and I think you have the spiritual maturity and the wisdom to
receive this from me and I only share it with you because of my love for you
if I didn’t love you I wouldn’t bother it’s that Proverb I love this Proverb
the wounds of a friend are faithful but an enemy multiplies kisses you’re my
friend if you’ll tell me the truth in love you’re not my friend if you only
tell me what I want to hear because you want me to like you don’t want me to get
angry at you sometimes we run the risk of a friendship we put in jeopardy that
friendship when we take the risk and say and by the way it’s Galatians 6 you need
to do it with humility gently lovingly in love because of love you know I I
really care about you but I I see you going in this direction and I just want
to tell you that that’s how it ends is not good and I just I want to it’s a
rebuke in love and if that person is wise they will receive it and it will be
effective verse 11 an evil man seeks only
rebellion therefore a cruel messenger will be sent against him so if you want
if you’re interested I would really read Romans chapter 1 the very first
chapter of Romans because it speaks to this truth and it’s a hard truth so it
has this idea of you’re seeking this evil this rebellion and you’re actually
searching for it wanting it seeking after it well there might come a point
when you’re going to get what you’re asking for in Romans chapter 1 Paul writing to
the church there in Rome basically says this you know God is never going to force
His will on you so if you’re if you’re not interested and you’re not seeking
Him but instead you’re you’re given over to this God’s just going to say okay the
Spirit of God is not going to strive with man forever so He’s just going to give
you over to that which you’ve already given yourself over to in other words
you’re you’re seeking only rebellion this is what you’re searching for this
is what you’re seeking then have at it a cruel messenger will be sent against
you verse 12 this is really a great picture that’s painted here in this
verse let a man meet a bear robbed of her cubs rather than a fool in his folly
I’ve never seen a bear not even in a zoo let alone a bear robbed of her cubs
that’s okay no need I can only imagine I think that’s where that saying mama bear
comes from you know when moms are with their children they’re going to go mama
bear on you if you mess with their kids they should
have a Papa Bear in there too somewhere but mama bear right robbed of her cubs
you know what this Proverbs is saying it would actually be better you’ve never
seen a bear well listen it would be better not only to see a bear but to see
a mama bear robbed of her cubs than it would be a fool in his folly I’d rather
see the fool in his folly thank you very much no it’s it would be better you
don’t want to see a fool in his folly because that would not be as bad as
seeing a mama bear robbed of her cubs that’s how foolish the fool is in his
folly verse 13 whoever rewards evil for good evil will not depart from his house
you know I was thinking about in Isaiah where there’s actually a curse that’s
pronounced and it’s really a prophetic context in many ways as it relates to
where the world is at today but it basically is a curse that is pronounced
woe unto them that call good evil and evil good and here the Proverb is saying
that if you reward evil forget just calling evil good and good evil you
reward evil for good in other words somebody has done you right they have
done something good and how do you pay them back with evil you reward the good
that they did with evil wow evil will never depart from your house
verse 14 the beginning of strife is like releasing water therefore stop
contention before a quarrel starts this is one of those Proverbs that I mean it
at first read it’s almost like this firm grasp of the obvious
duh I mean don’t let it start stop before it gets going stop the contention
before the quarrel starts because if you don’t then oh my goodness that thing is
just going to go the strife will continue verse 15 he who justifies the
wicked and he who condemns the just both of them alike
are an abomination to the Lord kind of along the lines of evil for good and
good for evil it’s an abomination to the Lord the condemnation of the just this
is really the condemnation of Jesus the Christ who was just righteous perfect
without sin and yet he was condemned to die verse 16 this is a question why is
there in the hand of a fool the purchase price of wisdom since he has no heart
for it I mean in other words he possesses that which he needs to acquire
wisdom but he won’t he’s not interested it’s not in his heart to do it he could
if he wanted it was it was attainable it was achievable it was doable but he has
no heart for it so why does he have it in the first place is the question verse 17
many have talked about it in the context of the Savior who is that friend who
loves at all times and that brother who is born for adversity Jesus
said call Me friend I’m your brother and so He is that friend that loves at all
times there’s we haven’t got to it yet I’m really looking forward to getting to
this Proverb that says that it is the desire of everyone for unfailing love
every man woman and child has this desire for unfailing love and the only
place that we’re ever going to get unfailing love love that never fails is
from the God who is love Jesus who loves us at all times that brother who is born
for adversity you know when you’re in a trial when you’re going through a
difficult time you are never as close to the Lord nor
is the Lord as close to you then during that time of adversity because He is
that brother born for adversity and He is acquainted He was acquainted with
sorrows and grief and adversity I think about the Psalms when David writes that
God is close to the brokenhearted those who are of a contrite spirit verse 18 a
man devoid of understanding shakes hands in a pledge and becomes surety for his
friend again this is a recurring theme throughout the Proverbs it’s basically
co-signing without the means to repay and that’s foolish devoid of
understanding to to make a commitment financial commitment and become surety
for a friend because if they default on the payments then you have to make the
payments well I don’t have the money to make the payments that’s called surety
you’re borrowing without a sure way to repay verse 19 this is interesting
he who loves transgression loves strife and he who exalts his gate seeks
destruction bear with me on this one I hope that someone doesn’t come to mind
when I say it this way but there are some people who just love a good fight somebody came to mind didn’t they I mean
they love strife they thrive on it it’s almost like if there’s no strife well we
can’t have that so I’m going to create strife you know it’s kind of like you
know hey as long as you know I can stir something up I mean I’ll get the
attention even if it’s bad attention so these stir up strife they love it they
thrive that’s an environment that is conducive to who they are they just
enjoy it now the reason I said bear with me is because there was a time in my
life many years ago in a land far far away long time ago when I had the energy
and I had the you know will where hey I’d roll up my arm sleeves let’s do this and
I’m talking about of course in the arena of the spiritual so you want to argue
you want to fight about this all right let’s do it
and so I tell you I won a lot of battles listen I’ll take you on like I kind of I
kind of liked the you know the adrenaline and I like the you know the
going back and forth and it was all pride but here’s the thing I won a lot of
battles just by sheer tenacity and force but I lost a lot of wars I won the
battle I lost the relationship and I lost the
opportunity that the Lord had presented to me I mean here’s somebody that you
know I take on and battle with and win the battle at what cost be very careful
if there’s that desire on your part to kind of get into the mix of things and
then sometimes when there’s already a fight you’re like hey I want I want in I
want too can I you know so you jump in and that’s another Proverb that’s as
foolish as grabbing a dog by the ears forget the bear robbed of his cubs
that’s a grabbing a dog by the ears you’re going to get bit see it’s going to hurt
when you get involved in somebody else’s quarrel verse 20 he who has a deceitful
heart finds no good and he who has a perverse tongue falls into evil we’re
going to talk more about the tongue time permitting but I was thinking about this
first part of verse 20 so a deceitful heart finds no good think about this if
you’re a liar you see everybody else as lying to the pure everyone is pure to
the impure everyone is impure we tend to we’re prone to look at others through the
lens of our own heart so we know that hey you know I’m just going to kind of
not not be completely honest here so when you’re talking to somebody you’re
thinking that they’re doing this thing that you’re doing and it works
both ways so if you’re one who is honest you have integrity you tell the truth
well then you just are prone to look at others and believe naively possibly that
they’re also going to tell you the truth because that’s what you would do right
they’re lying to me because that’s what I would do they’re telling me the truth
because and then we’re trusting of them because we ourselves are trustworthy so
if there’s one who has a deceitful heart they’re not going to find any good they’re
only going to find what’s in their heart in the heart of another and this perverse
tongue falling into evil boy we’ve talked about this before that saying
loose lips sink ships well they sink evil lips to those
perverse tongues and lips our mouths can get us into a lot of trouble yeah verse
21 he who begets a scoffer does so to his sorrow and the father of a fool has
no joy this is a parenting truth sadly where your children can either bring you
such great joy I think of what John said in the context of spiritual children
that he fathered in the faith I have no greater joy than to know that my
children are walking in the truth but children can also bring great sorrow to
the heart verse 22 speaking of the heart a merry heart does good like medicine
literally by the way medically by the way but a broken spirit dries the bones
there I’m sure you’ve heard of all the research about how laughter has
medicinal effects on one’s body literally
was a story I I shouldn’t I wish I had time I should have tried to research it
maybe you’d heard about it so this guy is basically told by the doctors you
don’t have much time left get your affairs in order you know
you’re not going to live very long so what does he do he goes and he rents
these comedies I think was the The Three Stooges or something and he and he just
sits in front of the TV and he’s watching these funny movies and he’s
laughing up a storm and I’m he’s like hey if I’m going to go this is the way I
want to go I want to go laughing and wouldn’t you know it all of that
laughter healed his illness and he lived many years after that true story this is
you need to think about all the research all the money that is spent here’s one
this is uh this is one that really gets me this as many years ago I was reading
a magazine I don’t think anybody reads magazines anymore but I was reading a
magazine and it was actually the cover story and it was something to the effect
of those who meditate have are healthier people you know lower blood pressure you
know less heart disease you know all of all of the things that you know stress
and hypertension caused and so I was reading the article and they said you
know we spent all this money on research and what we found is people of faith who
pray who meditate they’re just healthier physically I mean like dude how much
did you spend on that research Oh like 500 million dollars you know over a
period of five years I said give me the money I could I could have told you that
right here it’s right here he said you could have it’s right here it’s all
throughout scripture Philippians 4:6 through 8
the cure for worry and anxiety and even fear if you want to worry about nothing
pray about everything and thank God for anything and that peace physiologically
that peace that only Jesus can give not as the world gives will keep and calm
your heart and mind in Christ Jesus it’s a physiological dynamic I mean isn’t
it true talk about the firm grasp of the obvious we are fearfully and wonderfully
made wouldn’t it stand to reason that the Creator would know what’s best for
us because He created us He created the digestive system fearfully and
wonderfully made you know every time I this is just a little side note here but
every time I go to the doctor and they’re not a Christian I just think to
myself how can you be a physician and not believe in the great physician I
mean surgeons you mean to tell me that you’re operating on somebody and you’re
looking at the intricacy of the human anatomy and you think that there was
this big bang and there boom and then from the goo to the zoo to you come on
that takes more faith than faith in God I mean this is just mind-boggling to me
I think about the human brain and those who study you know in the field of
neuroscience wow you look at the human brain and you’re telling me that we
evolved I mean I love how one humorously illustrated the amount of
faith it takes to believe something like that so the Big Bang Theory right which
really started the whole thing okay it would be like having an explosion in a
junkyard and creating a Boeing 777 man I’m not worthy that’s faith that is faith
you believe that you’ve got to be kidding me
yeah over billions and billions and billions of years that’s a whole another
thing I don’t even know why I went there but too late I already am there you’re
there with me this this whole thing of the earth being billions and billions
and billions of years old do you remember the I think was Apollo 10
somebody might have to correct me when that landed on the moon and they had the
right Tom the long legs do you know why you remember that that historic moment
one step for man one step for mankind or whatever that I’m totally botched it but
well you get the point so here is here is the astronauts stepping out of this
you know aircraft and they have to climb down a ladder
I don’t know how tall those things were they’ve got to have been over ten feet tall
do you know why they did that because they figured that the amount of moon
dust on the surface of the moon over millions and millions of years would
have been that thick and they get there and it’s like a couple inches why
because it’s not billions and billions of years old that’s why I told you I
went off on that but I think God summed it up best this way God said
it that settles it God said it that settles it
this broken spirit dries the bones I think about David where he’s covering up
his sin of adultery with Bathsheba and the murder of her husband Uriah and
probably for about a year maybe shy of a year he’s covering it up and then he
opens up about it in the Psalms about how before the Prophet Nathan came to
him and said you are that man he said I was dying my bones were drying up inside
I was just I was dying it was my spirit was so broken because my relationship
with God was broken because of what I had done
verse 23 a wicked man accepts a bribe behind the back to pervert the ways of
justice you know in my business back in the day there were those who were on the
take as we would call it and they would take money under the table and then they
would do business with that buyer and so here I come along and I’m not willing to
do that and guess what I’m not going to be able to buy I remember one time I
said Lord this isn’t fair what am I going to do He said don’t worry I’ll
take care of you you just maintain your integrity you maintain your I’ve got to
tell you I was tempted because here’s this guy greasing the guy’s palms he’s
getting all the good buys and here I am I’m going we don’t have anything today
well that’s because the guys bribing you and you gave them to him so here I am I
walked away empty-handed and Lord says no no no I’ll take care of ya and without
exception without exception God blessed and honored that I would go right around
the corner and here’s this buy that far surpassed the buy
that I would have made had I’d done that and God many times over would bless that
but it does it does create a problem that level playing field is no longer
level it’s no longer fair when somebody comes in with a bribe verse where are we
here 24 thank you we will not get to Proverbs chapter 18 tonight unless of
course you want to stay till midnight which I’m willing to do verse 24
wisdom is in the sight of him who has understanding but the eyes of a fool are
on the ends of the earth they’re they’re always in their folly just I
mean talking about grand things and in contrast the the wise has in his sight
and has understanding verse 25 here it is again a foolish son is a grief to his
father and bitterness to her who bore him I heard it said this way and I know
I’ve said this many times in it I think bears repeating again tonight you’re
never as happy as your saddest child you’re never as a parent as a father as
a mother you’re never happy you’re never as happy you’re only a man I need to
bring this Bible study end you’re only as happy as your saddest child
there I’d better quit while I’m ahead verse 26 also to punish the righteous is
not good nor to strike princes for their uprightness this carries with it the
same idea of repaying evil a good with evil rewarding something something good
with evil verse 27 he who has knowledge spares his
words and a man of understanding is of a calm spirit this is again and we’re
gonna well talk about this but let my words be few Solomon writes in
Ecclesiastes here there you are in heaven here am i on earth Oh God let my
words be few let me use my words sparingly I’ve never regretted anything
I didn’t say and conversely I’ve always regretted something I did say that I
can’t take back Oh words matter and a man of understanding is of a calm spirit
this is something the Lord’s been dealing with me over the years just to
be calm remain calm verse 28 lastly even a fool is counted wise when he holds his
peace when he shuts his lips he is considered perceptive in other words as
soon as you open your mouth you remove all doubt oh look at them they’re
sitting there so wise mm-hmm-hmm he holds his peace wow so wise mmm he
shuts his lips Oh My so wise hmm and then you open your mouth he’s not wise
it all are you kidding me I can’t believe he said something like that can
I just I’ve got to I love this in fact my wife and I were joking about this the
other day so this husband and wife are talking and
the wife says something to the husband and the husband just looks at her like
how can something so stupid come out of somebody so beautiful
to which the wife responds well honey God made me beautiful so you would marry
me and God made me stupid so I would marry you okay I just wanted to share
that let’s close we’ll end with chapter 17
it’s an interesting chapter and this because of the contrast the stark
contrast that’s painted between someone who is wise and someone who is foolish
you know the contrasting Proverbs have this way of taking the foolish here and
contrasting the foolish with the wise here and the impact that the folly of
the foolish can have not just on them but on those around them and the same
thing is true it works both ways with the wise the impact that the wise can
have on others and on them so if you have a wise son as a father as a parent
as a mother the impact that that has on a parent the joy that that brings to a
parent here’s where I’m going with it and this is what I want to close with
this is true when it comes to our Heavenly Father
a foolish child of God can grieve the heart of God just as a wise child of God
can bring such joy to the heart of God you know we’re told that it is possible
to grieve the Holy Spirit grieve God the Holy Spirit and worse yet we actually
have the potential to quench the Holy Spirit picture it as
pouring water and quenching the fire of the Holy Spirit we have that ability we
actually can bring joy to the heart of God or we can bring sorrow and grief to
the heart of God I want to leave us with that why don’t you all stand my hope is that
this stark contrast that is painted between the wise and the foolish would
be so stark as to change the way that we view our relationship with our Heavenly
Father wisdom comes from above James says that the wisdom from above is first
pure and peaceable then gentle then easy to be entreated full of mercy and good
fruits without hypocrisy or partiality bearing fruit fruit of righteousness
fruit of the Holy Spirit let’s pray Father thank You Lord I thank
you so much again for the book of Proverbs it is just such a rich book so
packed full of so much truth so much wisdom Lord and again I please Lord we
don’t want this to just be information we don’t want to leave here tonight
knowing more wisdom because that’s just knowledge Lord we want wisdom we want
the application of that knowledge which is the wisdom Lord we need for the Holy
Spirit to enable us empower us to apply this
to our lives in Jesus’ name Amen

26 thoughts on “Proverbs 17

  1. I live in SD, but I’m here in Sydney with my non Christian in-laws. They refuse to read the site which I made with them in mind. We will be fighting these fires soon because he is a volunteer fireman and it’s headed our way, so please pray God gets into their heads and pray for my strength. God bless you folks!

  2. Trump Impeachment Process

    12/19/2019 – The Democrat controlled House of Representatives have voted in the majority to impeach President Trump, who is the third US President to face this process. Although, there is a good chance the Impeachment will be nullified in the Republican controlled Legislature. This will probably add fuel to the flames of hate and rage against President Trump and the Government by the Democratic Party and Antifa groups. While putting Republican militias into gear.

    It is prophesied that there will be mass civil unrest, a Bolshevick style coup, and an assassination of President Trump. It seems Donald Trump was put in place as the wrecking ball who would cause economic and military tensions against Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea to spur WW3 and a collapse of US Economy.

    At the same time, provoking a civil war in America and increase the party divide. It appears this is judgment by God, and will be exploited by the Globalist Elite who seek to create "Order Out of Chaos" which is the Freemason and Scottish Rite motto to bring in the One World Order of the AntiChrist (Revelation 13-14).

    Washington(CNN) – After being impeached, President Donald Trump is hoping to move quickly to a vigorous defense in the Senate and is distressed the trial he hopes will vindicate him might be delayed.

    "What are they doing?" Trump asked a top Republican ally, Sen. Lindsey Graham, upon learning Thursday morning that House Democrats may withhold sending articles of impeachment to the Senate until they feel assured there will be a fair trial.

    "I said, 'Mr. President, I don't know,'" Graham told reporters before traveling to the White House to discuss the matter further with Trump.

    The uncertainty threw a wrench into long-laid plans by the White House to mount an effort at exoneration once the impeachment proceedings move across Capitol Hill to the upper chamber. Trump and his aides have long eyed a Senate trial as the venue for eventual vindication in the saga, viewing the Republican-led chamber as a lock to acquit the President.

    One possible avenue for Trump is looking back, to Barack Obama, with a suggestion — supported possibly with Justice Department legal opinions — that the former president should have been impeached for blocking congressional Republicans from fully investigating the "Fast and Furious" gun-running scandal.

    Final Moments!!

    Here is a link to a printable PDF flyer on the Mark of the Beast, which is most likely the RFID microchip implant.

    Rapture is soon!!
    – 1 Corinthians 15:52
    – 1 Thessalonians 4:16
    – Revelations 3:10

    Printable Version of my left behind letter:

  3. Dear sweetn dipsy JD, YOU HAVE BEEN GIFTED BY THE Lord, with the rare gift of a sense of the ridiculous, it is not always appreciated by the mainstreem, hence, I hear you appologising frequently; JD if you only knew how much holy healing humour you spread as you share the word in truth , you'd be amazed. IF i had a dinner party, YOU would be the first one on my list NUM 6 : 24-26

  4. I am so thankful for three children that walk in truth. Please pray for the salvation of my prodigal daughter, Emma, who does not. Thanks for a great sermon, Pastor JD.

  5. I once believed the "Dawkins lie" and I used to love seeing him stick-it to
    believers in God. Then… the Lord found me, I read scripture and looked

    at the evidence in the world and why there are animals and Man. And I
    now love to watch lovers of God safe in the comfort that GOD IS THE

  6. Thanks for the great teaching, and the the good humor. What a great way to. Start my day,

  7. And, I love your Mom although I have never met her, but I love what she taught you. And I love your imitation of her rich voice and how she must have struggled with teaching her independent feisty son.

  8. Good morning on my way to work and listening to your message . Thank you and have a save and wonderful day 😊

  9. Please pray for me because I'm being attacked by everyone like it's nobodies business.

  10. I am so thankful for this channel…. There have been many times this has blessed me so much!!!

  11. Pastor, I'm praying for you 🙏📖🙏 for your health. I pray The Lord's healing hands on you.

  12. Love it! When you are apologising for getting carried away or distracted I am shouting in my kitchen doing Christmas baking saying you go aheadJ D. We love it! Preach it!

  13. Wow JD we're in such deep spiritual warfare, I'm so glad we have God's Word and are still able to hear sound teaching and find fellowship somewhere. Thank you for your faithfulness dear brother, you are in our prayers.

  14. I really love starting at Abraham and come right on down. We at times forget that God put his name you could say on Abraham and those that follow after him. I pray we all see and remember.To me we start at Judah and a King will come from David's Kingdom.God Bless I really enjoyed this one.Thanks🙂✝️🙏🕎✡️

  15. Praying for families during this time of Christmas celebrations. That there be reconciliations and restoration of family relationships. Our patriarchal, God ordained families are under attack by popular culture, thus pushing chaos and a falling away from the faith. Let this Christmas season be one of peace and unity with one another and with God.

  16. It will just be The Lord and I and my cat and dog he has give me to care for and I do love them both Thank you Father , I'm never alone … .. . With Wisdom with me 24/7 and I don't know much at all only by Him can I know all in Truths … Holy Spirit Truths not the Fallen ones truths of this world we are in , In this world but not of this world … .. . amen

  17. Let God Show you your ignore switch , and you will Know when it's working When you have to say "HUH" after hearing you name two or three times , LOL … .. .

  18. I heard this many years ago: "It is better to keep one's mouth shut and be only thought of as a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." Thank you, Pastor JD, for this wonderful teaching.

  19. Thank-you for your weekly teaching!! It is apparent to me that you don't go to the pulpit and "just wing it.'" Thank-you for your research , your preparation and your presentation with passion and humor!!! PS>>>I'd stay until midnight!!!

  20. Back in the ‘80’s my buddy and I went to visit a black Church in Santa Ana I think.
    My bud and I didn’t know where we were supposed to sit, so we just sat in the very front pew of the Church. Here we were, 2 young white dudes sitting in the front pew of an all-black Church.
    I wanted to go because I love black-gospel music and singing.
    My friend was down to check it out, so we just did-it.
    As the service proceeded, my friend and I found ourselves with well-dressed men on either side of us. I think we had mistakenly sat where the Pastors, Elders etc. normally sit.
    Nevertheless, nobody mentioned it or acted offended.
    The service was a long one with passionate preaching of an old Pastor. The Singing and Music was Heavenly!
    The next week, my friend and I came-back, but this time, we sat somewhere towards the back of the Church.
    In a few minutes, some well dressed gentlemen escorted us back to the front pew where we mistakenly went to last Sunday.
    It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.
    JESUS saves ALL
    who are willing to follow HIM.

  21. J.D. How to cure your cough: Back in the 1980's Satan got the Food and Drug Administration (Doctors) to OK adding wood-based food additives to our diet. Basically, we are eating sawdust which is not digestible by humans. Doctors will pass on the lie they were taught, "Oh, it's harmless and passes right through your body unchanged. It increases fiber." Satan is great at telling partial truths. If you mix sawdust, yest, sugar and water, it will start to ferment creating wood alcohol, which is poisonous. Sure, the amounts are small, but it's still poison. It changes the composition of our mucus creating a consistent, irritating cough. Check the ingredients of the food you eat looking for "Cellulose" and some "Gum" made from tree sap. Worst offenders are Ice Cream (mine had 3 kinds of wood), white bread, rolls and pastries (buy whole grain or wheat instead), grated cheeses (grate your own), and cheese sauces. It may be used to thicken or prevent clumping in other foods (read your labels).

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