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  1. Mam nice vedio… thanks .
    mam please John Keats pr detail vedio baniye

  2. Kya aaphindi me kuchh psychological novels ke naam bata sakti h ..thank u ..

  3. If possible than plz explain structuralism, marxist literary criticism, syntagmatic and paradigmatic

  4. Mam please give simple explanation of A man for all seasons by Robert bolt

  5. Poem last lesson of the afternoon by D.H.Lawrence

  6. Mam plz explain stream of consciousness nd thank you soo much. …

  7. Maam my exam will be started on 8 april…plzz make video on (Mystery,Mircle&Morality OR GB SHAW ) please 🙏

  8. Man your teaching expression is very good…. So more aplod video we look forward to your videos….

  9. Mam plzzzzzz its my humble request to u that plzz upload video on class 11th woven words book plzz cover all the chpter becoz in class 10th u r video help me a lot soo plzz ☺☺

  10. Plz explain me ..sonnet 29,,,, sonnet 63,,,, sonnet 94,,,,,, sonnet 130 …Plz plz jld se jld is pe video bnao

  11. Hi may sakshi ….may m.a. 1 year me hu english se kr rhi hu aur mujhe bhut help mili apki sonnet wali videos se thank u so much

  12. Shikha mam please make a video on PRAYER BEFORE BIRTH by Louis MacNeice

  13. Mam we add 'e 'after "in" at end of word (example : machine, medicine, ingin , routine) but kuch word like ( margin,pin , bin ,win , vein, protein , ) इसमे " e " क्यू नही लगता please explain . जीस किसको मालूम होगा please बताओ . अगर कोई rule है तो वो भी बताओ . Please reply. Video बनाओ इसपे . बहोत सारे word है जीनके end मै "in" आता है or उनका pronounce same होता है पर कूच word मै "in" के बाद " e" लगता है वर कुच word मैं "e" नही लगता ऐसा क्यू please बताओ

  14. Helo Di .. I will be very grateful to you if you kindly make a video on Pre-Raphaelite poets as my exams are beginning next it will be very helpful for me .. so kindly make an video on Pre-Raphaelites..

  15. Mam please make a video on modern literature… Please😫🙏🙏💓

  16. Please explain poem An evening wet with rain by ved pal Deep

  17. Mam Aap Student hain?

  18. Thank you Goddess of eng.lite…………..Your contribution is very important in my study.So once sgain thank you for your boon(lecture).

  19. Thank you Goddess of eng.lite…………..Your contribution is very important in my study.So once sgain thank you for your boon(lecture).

  20. Dii 2dy was my Eng.Board Exm.. Paper was really very very ezy.I enjoyed 2dys Exm..A big Tnq 2 u.

  21. Mam mam good morning I am soon I am your regular student so I want a video on longinus on the sublime please my exam is 27 so I want a video please if you can show you please I am waiting

  22. Dear Shikha jii.. your videos are amazing and very helpful… Please make a video on how to read a novel properly and effectively

  23. Ma'am i suggest you to changr your channel name to shikha clases

  24. Mam the illad novel ka bhi video please with full explanation

  25. Hlo.Sikha Dii.. Hpyy Holi..Again in White.. 😘😘😘😘

  26. Please ma'am make a video about puritan age and restoration age 🙏

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