Puerto Rico and the Making of Lin-Manuel Miranda, Writer

while you were living there you would spend a week in the summer ride in Puerto Rico with your grandpa since a month okay what was that like so you went from as a young person you went from Manhattan to that yeah so what was that like what were the sense memories like what what happened to you when you landed on the island it's an excellent recipe for making a writer if you make if you make your kid just a little out of place everywhere he goes it's a great way to become a writer because I was the kid who went to the fancy school in my neighborhood I was the only one of the only Puerto Rican kids in my class at school and then I'd get sent to Puerto Rico where I was like getting goal with the like whack-job Spanish accent you know who's my accent would be like you talk weird we're going this way and so my friends and I think this is why abuela is such a prominent character in the show all of my friends were my grandparents friends they were they were the via Heat those who made the men and and would take care of me and watch shows with me I couldn't make friends my age in Puerto Rico and so the other thing that's but but I also had such a profound connection to the island I think when you grow up in New York you see the roles prescribed for Latinos both on stage and in movies and in real life as we are the janitors we are the nannies we are the ones who take care of you and do the jobs no one else wants to do and then you go to Puerto Rico where we're also doctors and lawyers and firemen and we do all the other jobs and I can't tell you how much that does for your sense of self-worth it is oh it's like it's like the little girl in the Blind Melon be video you're going to see all the other bees like she's out of place everywhere and they go oh we're all little and bee outfits over here that's what it felt like going to Puerto Rico and I also you know I I feel like I have a connection with my family and connections my roots and also you know what it was if Nina's central question is I imagined what life would be if I'd grown up there if my parents had stayed there instead of here that was my glimpse of it every year from when you and I did you right yeah what do you write I wrote letters to my friends I made movies my grandfather was the general manager of the local credit union and he would borrow the surveillance camera and I would make movies with the surveillance camera so I have movies and in between the movies you see footage of people on line at the bank because those were the tapes I was taping over so I made lots of films and my grandfather would bring home friends to be in the movies with me a lot of animated movies of GI Joe ever these movies man you've got to get these my Twitter followers know I have and I've been digitizing them slowly and they're terrible but but they were you know they were how white that were they were how a lonely kid keeps busy in Puerto Rico and I also wrote a lot of letters to my friends I I was a a really good pen pal in the summers even high school when were you happiest when you will leave in New York and going to Puerto Rico when you were coming back that's a good question I I was always happy to come home you know again I'm a homebody New York is my Island at the end of the day but at the same time you know it's not just being in Puerto Rico it's being with your grandparents any of you were lucky enough to Olivia to grandparents get spoiled rotten I hate starbursts for dinner we'd go to there's a the biggest mall in Puerto Rico as in some Huang and it was called America and they had a thing called timeout which was the arcade and the highlight of Puerto Rico you know people who don't know anything I put her gogo like so were you taking in wonderful culture and going to the beaches and learning about your roots i was like no i was eating starbursts and playing video games all day it was the best in with the Puerto Rican community here in Chicago right what are you what do you wish the people of Chicago knew about Puerto Rico that they don't presently know well the lights have been off for two days they're just coming back you know III don't think there's anything I could tell them that they don't already know one of the things that's been wonderful about this trip was my first time in Humboldt Park yesterday incredible and as we were going there my father who is you know been in in politics and advocacy all my life he said I'm gonna do a great impression of my father right now lingman when the Puerto Ricans in Chicago did what New Yorkers could never manage to do they said this is our block and they bought up all the businesses and this is their block forever and there's a flag that marks the beginning of Division Street and there's a flag that marks the end and when you go through that town and you see and that Street and you see all of the businesses have names that are towns in Puerto Rico you know it's very weird to come to a city you've never been to before and feel instantly at home on the street and that's how I felt

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  1. “I ate starbursts for dinner every night”. Hahaha.


  3. I feel u Lin. I cannot make friends my age either. No matter where I am

  4. Are we gonna talk about why Lin is wearing his socks and no shoes ??? 😂

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