Pulitzer Prize Nominated Author, Hank Moore, discusses his new book, "The Big Picture Of Business"

[Applause] welcome back Nick parks once asked how can one person with so much insight into cultural history and nostalgia be such a visionary of business and organizations he was speaking about our next guest a four-time Pulitzer Prize nominated author his new book series the big picture of business access a guide to success in today's uncertain business climate please welcome hank Moore it seems from like the moment you were born probably before you were born you were meant to do so many things as a teenager you work with President Lyndon Baines Johnson that's correct I was the youngest White House adviser years old what you've been able to do is been exposed to the greatest of the greatest in business and so many other things and you've gathered a lot of that information and been a consultant for a lot of businesses and so sometimes you can have a great business but you can be your own worst enemy if you don't watch out for certain things let's start with just you disruption cost you say include things like recovery of tasks what do you mean by that well we are in a in a world full of destruction right now the average person is distracted 1200 times per day the average person has an attention span of eight seconds and those of us who are more informed about life in business have up to 3,000 distractions per day so we have to learn how to inform them how to mind them how to not become a victim of them yeah the other thing is make good for bad work a lot of times you spend time making good on something that didn't go right the first time around it's in the system that up to 97 percent of all work product is wrong and has to be redone yeah time is also so important quiet time so time to reorient your task and time to rethink lost ideas that's right that's right I mean I even lose ideas during the course of a minute I mean while I was sitting in the green room I thought up three more chapters for another book and I'm working on four more books right now but but at some point you've got to go back and think and you've got to strategize very few people in yes our experts on business that's why they bring in experts to help yeah what's the number one reason a lot of businesses fail they're in the wrong business for the wrong reason well I and I started get the wrong reason I sometimes people think I just want to make money I just wanna make money if you don't have the passion behind it sometimes I can get in the way of making money and they want to be like someone else I worked with a lot of companies over 5,000 and and and they don't know what they're doing they want the fame and the fortune that someone else had or they're so into the work you know I am a widget maker but they don't know how to run a widget company okay so one of the things that you've you've covered books on some of the greatest business people are written books and some of the greatest business people like Bill Gates what did Bill Gates do that we all can do even as a small business when I met Bill Gates he came up to me I was doing a speaking engagement and we started talking and I said Bill was it ever about the money no it was always there's 20 reasons that most of us work money has only to do with one of them and and certainly nobody stays in business if they're not profitable but you've got to do something that no one else did yeah irony of him is that it's still not about the money for him and I've talked to Lee Iacocca and other top CEOs many Henry Ford over the years it was never about the money yeah it's always about the creative potential and doing something different couple of the speakers earlier today talked about creating new mousetraps creating new widgets creating new ways of going and market there is an excitement to that that you just can't be born with you have to learn to go with all right it's one of those things if you're looking at how to do it your books can certainly tell them tell us where we stand right now with the Pulitzer nomination it's they're not being given they're not being awarded until the fall they wait for the journalistic awards who come in but it's very rare for a business but my previous book which the last time I was on the show was when you were at emancipation Park taping and it was nonprofit legends that was nominated because of the subject it was more fuzzy subject matter but and it still is you know the most business leaders don't understand how to work their community and charitable involvement for the benefit of their business right okay you can get it all in your book series we'll keep our fingers crossed that she wins yeah it's surprising when you do you got to come back and show it to us fourth time's the charm fourth times a charm all right hey Korra's the big picture of business books 1 & 2 are available now for more information on Hank and links to his other books log on to great day Houston calm I'm telling you this man's life is like it could be like two months worth of shows okay

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