Pusha T’s Favorite Verse: Notorious B.I.G. on “Young G’s” | VERSES

– Ready to Die came out
and B.I.G. was great. He was great. But it was still an
argument and this verse silenced the argument for me. Silenced the argument. (“Young G’s” by Notorious B.I.G.) Let me just give you the science
of what this was right now. Like, first and foremost, at the time, let’s just
think about the mixtape time. It’s around ’95, it’s
Snoop, it’s Nas, it’s rumblings of Jay, it’s heavy. For me to get the music, I used
to have to go from Virginia. I lived in Virginia Beach. I used to have to go
Norfolk State University. Go pick up the tape from the bootlegger. The same bootlegger, the same bootlegger who clueless, shouting out saying he’s gonna kill on his tape. I used to go get it from
this man, hand-in-hand. I was Nas’ disciple. The guys who I was hanging with, they were fully engulfed
in the streets, like fully. And they used to say things to me like, man, what you, what you
rocking with him for, like, he on TV and in the army
jack, our man over here, he got the jewels on, the ice, the iced out Jesus Pieces, and Versace. And I’m like, at this
time in ’95, I’m like, Versace, like, what is Versace bro? They’re into lyrics too but they’re into lifestyle more than anything. My brain is haunted, with mean dreams GSs with BBs on it ♪ Supreme schemes to get
richer than Richie quickly ♪ ♪ Niggas wanna hit me if they get me ♪ ♪ Dress my body in linen
by Armani, check it ♪ – What in a better car in the world? The GS Lexus with BBs on it, rims. It’s just like, this right here, like he was talking it was luxury, it was
like luxury, it was lux. He was speaking to the
streets, he was like man you gon’ talk about the GS
and then you gon’ talk about that if you didn’t have as
much money but you was trying to get to a couple dollars,
you trying to get to the J30, the Infiniti, like, you
didn’t want the J30. But you probably had
it, you didn’t want it. But you had it. If you tryin’ to get there
like it was one of them ones. He just spoke to all
of those street nuances that resonated throughout the town. ♪ My trigga niggas represent ♪ ♪ Driving dirty in J30s getting bent ♪ ♪ And to my hit hoes, my murder mommies ♪ ♪ I be smoking trees in
Belize when they find me ♪ – It’s master level
flows, it’s story telling. Introducing melodies that
weren’t super sing-song-y but it just gave the verse dimension. It just set him apart from
every body else at that time. Like everybody, you know, and everybody was already different from each other. It was Nas’, it’s Hov’s,
it’s Snoop’s, it’s B.I.G. But this, he’s like, No, I’m Big Poppa. You know what I’m sayin’?
I’m really Frank White. You know the colors, man, the
colors that he sayin’ like, the couplets, the bulletproof
vests under they Coogis spitting my Uzi, don’t lose me, like he was just, he was tap
dancing all over this shit. ♪ While you still killing
niggas with punany, like Heiny ♪ ♪ And Cyrus up in Cypress
fuck you raw on the floor ♪ ♪ With the virus while I just ♪ ♪ Sling coke, smoke pounds of choke ♪ ♪ Got lawyers watching
lawyers so I won’t go broke ♪ ♪ Now check it, them country
niggas call me Frank White ♪ ♪ I’m squirting off in my loft of course ♪ ♪ I know my shit’s tight ♪ ♪ Sunrise open my eyes, no surprise ♪ ♪ Got my shorty flying in with
keys taped to her thighs ♪ – The arguable, classic album that people say I have with my brother which is Hell Hath No Fury, I mimicked B.I.G. the
whole way through it. I mimicked B.I.G. 100%. Like inflections, flows. Any which way I felt like, what would B.I.G. do was the question. And this verse sorta solidified B.I.G. being the best
rapper, the best rapper ever.

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  1. Pusha Thanos forreal with the purple tint and everything. There’s no way this is a coincidence.

  2. I knew it! I said he g
    Flowed like b.i.g on that when I heard it , he does on lot of his songs , student of b.i.g

  3. Dawg for some reason biggie went stupid whenever he was rapping with Jay

  4. The King of Bars
    The King of Cadences
    The King of Word Play
    The King of Flow
    BIGGIE KING of RAP ……🎙

  5. He is humble to say arguably a classic for Hell Hath No Fury , that album is one of the best of the last decade.

  6. This shit is weird because nas was also rocking designer and iced out. But I guess biggie was more

  7. Tupac fan's are dick rider's.. Big Was in a league of his own..and Tupac is reason there both dead.. Biggie didn't want any beef he just wanted to make money and enjoy his career and his family..pac went backwards when he got famous he wanted to be a gangbanger and all that bullshit thug life. Sorry if i offended anyone but the truth hurts ✌️

  8. Both 2Pac verse on Pain plus the song holla at me are untouchable and better than this but this verse is still fire. 1 of the best ever.

  9. Push imma let u finish. But that song didnt come out till 97. Nas was on bis esco shit. Firm shit. No fucking army jacket

    And also jay verse was better.

  10. This song has one of my favorite Jay Z verses also. Young Gs was always my favorite song off No Way Out

  11. It's incredibly difficult to pick a favorite verse by Big, but I can agree that this verse was one of the best.

  12. Preach, preach. Real recognise real. I can't even listen to BIG no more as I get raged about not getting anything new to top it from him. GRDOM9 -😔🙏🏽

  13. No doubt, BIG made lyrical movies..Somebody's got to die and Niggas Bleed are his picasso moments!

  14. I agree with a lot of what he said, but lyrics DO come before lifestyle. His homies from back in the day didn’t respect hip-hop fully

  15. Basically he's expressing that Big was his favorite "lifestyle rapper"…There's categories and levels Big was on top of the drug dealer dream lifestyle.

  16. The way he was describing BIGs earnestness of the descriptions of the cars he rapped about, is exactly how i felt listening to “things done changed”
    The moment I heard biggie say “it’s hard bein young from the slums eatin 5 cent gums not knowin where your next meals comin from” I knew from the very first time I heard it. I was like “oh, this is why they say he’s the best. This is like the realest shit I’ve ever heard” talent on another level from this poet

  17. Pusha T, your guys misled you. Fuck that versace talk. This car. That car. That's all bullshit. It has no substance.

    BIG was a supreme lyricist, no doubt, but not the best rapper ever. His content was too simple (content…I didn't say lyrics or flow). He went no further than bitches, drugs, murder, materialism.

    Nas has always had supreme flow, wordplay, and content. Wu-Tang is that way also. Andre 3000, Big Daddy Kane, Black Thought…they are all equal lyricists to BIG, but were all more diverse and thoughtful in their content. I'll take them all over BIG.

  18. Pac even said that Big was lyrical if that beef with Pac and Big never happened we would have got to see what Big Poppa was all about

  19. It's like yo….. You can't be serious…. They always naming those 4 guys….. But we had verses destroying all four of them put together outta Hieroglyphics, Wutang, Boot camp click and many others….. That verse is terrible.

  20. I love big but I honestly think Jay had a better verse on young g's

  21. The way push says the word "Coke", even quoting someone else? You can tell it's his favorite word.

  22. After B.i.g & Pac passed almost every one in the rap game went up a level. Strange.

  23. Jay z has one of my all time favourite verses on that song.
    "Won't be known till he is gone, you niggaz study his bones "
    Puffy almost sank it though.

  24. Yes!!
    Jay and BIG kilt that shit!!
    BUT Jay, JAY?!!

  25. A great lyricist talking about a supreme lyricist I couldn’t have said it better but I’ll have to add that it has to be a tie. Cause Rakim takes a step back to no one and those two are tied and go hand n hand on my rap playlist.

  26. Easily outshined Jay Z on that track even though jay z stans will try to tell you different

  27. B.I.G.'s verses were so out-of-this-world good, it got him murdered…

  28. No one is better than BIG! No one! Not Tupac Not Em Not Jay Not anyone….

  29. Biggie uses melody because he is Jamaican and he was doing it like how they would do it like a dancehall song.

  30. That joint was originally from a mister cee mixtape it was big solo joint

  31. I think best rapper is a perfect title for Big. There’s a difference between greatest and best. Maybe his life was cut short too soon for him to be the greatest bc I have to consider longevity and the body of work. I certainly think he was the best rapper ever just with the lyricism, versatility and his ability to be mainstream and street credible simultaneously. There’s never been a rapper as good as him at any one point in time.

  32. You know jay-z stole some of those biggie lyrics and style… even puff said it… puff gave all biggies work to jay-z and he’s where he’s at cuz of that

  33. I respect Pusher T.#VA2UP2DOWN. All day everyday but BIG isn't the best ever.

  34. Niggas wanna get me and put me in suits by armani
    I know I'm paraphrasing, but man, that's deep
    My Top five are Big, Pac, Em, Jay and 3000.

  35. First time i heard thies verse was an Nas' mixtape the soul experience. The song was named Remember the name and it was hella fire. Later got to the original. Just wow man.

  36. And this is coming from a true lyrical technician…B.I.G.'s flow hit different!

  37. It’s always great to see MCs (real MCs) discuss and give props to dudes like B.I.G. and G Rap. They see lyrics from a whole different perspective. Shout out to Pusha!!!!!

  38. I'm sorry but Jay-Z killed that verse. Back then he said Y'all ain't ready for that new world order. Listen to Jay's verse.

  39. Pusha Thanos.! Omerta was cool😂😂but he better calm down. Before his ass get torn apart again

  40. The way Pusha T speaks like Kanye is so damn funny to me. You know how you start talking or laughing things like people you hang out with? I think they've been friends for so long they've rubbed off on each other so much they speak in the same way. It's honestly hilarious😂

  41. Now that’s the Difference from Richmond va 804 an 757 thy gravitate more up top then anything Some of them sound like they from New York or act like it Crazy thing is they grew up in New York for a little while

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