Q&A: Do Step Outlines Force Writers to Make Decisions for Characters?

this the the it's not the step outline that force that causes writers to pull strings on their characters and create cliches of action for their characters it's the writer who does this to blame it on outlining or dialogue writing or whatever part of the process it's just a you know just that means there's a failure of creativity in the writer also the way in which the question is phrased suggests a very romantic notion about the relationship between writers and their characters and it seems to suggest that characters have a will of their own and that the writer can artificially impose on the characters well when the character really wants to go in one direction and the writer is pulling them in another direction the character doesn't really want to go and this whole romance about characters being somehow independently alive of the writer and having a will that contradicts the world of the writer this is really childish I hate to say but it's it's just that sense okay that character is the creation of that writer and if it helps the writer to imagine the character as if they had a will of their own and the writer sits there wondering what would my carrot what would this character do and invest the character with it will of their own that is a willful decision by the writer to give the character a will of their own alright and so when people write badly when they resort to cliches when their characters don't really come to a complex fresh and original life it's entirely the fault of the writer and when bad decisions like that are made during the conception of the story during the step outlining of the story during the treatment of it during the last draft of it who the hell knows but bad decisions are always the writers fault until the writer gives it over to somebody else to make their movie or their TV and then they can blame those people but it's the writers responsibility

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