Quetta Literary Festival 2 Inspirational sessions

[Applause] ha this is a fantastic day I think there's a snake he's a Chinese egg maybe live in interesting times we are living in interesting times in Pakistan in the world we're seeing the rise of nationalism in the West we are talking through our own changes in Pakistan neighbors to thee to the East they discover through their own changes and I think it's important now more than ever to have dialogues have debates have that intellectual discourse about the issues that are affecting us in our society and this is just wonderful opportunity and I look forward to the next two days and I'm so grateful warranty for inviting me and for having this family very much it's a discussion on satire in journalism the gifts for that session mister the Syrian city in popular language we are making it in and it is wizard last year there's one specific woman but the festival not get much traction in that way from a dream to reality without the support of our sponsors the organizations that invested in us are the government of Malaysia see the nest Oxford University Press and although the sweater sector 13 what we event but the support shown by these organisation has revealed the possibilities the quarter electric festival isn't amazing gathering of people from across Pakistan in Pakistan I'm from New York City there I work for a metrics metrics program called with are one of the first Indian American applause of the night of a talk show in the United States it's a show that has been well known around the world Arabia our episode on Southie moments of Mahatma saw very controversial and I think learning traditional working for Netflix can sort of put us in the process of helped us feel I promise and I see that need to be done for the first time so I hope this that we can talk about just being in this culture for the people we have every reason to believe that the resilience of the people living in the city is the force activity to another province and I would like to congratulate the organizers of the question most importantly the administration faculty and organizers beutel's for bringing the traditional tradition in this historic city effort the mark of a civilized nation is not the infrastructural development but the value of the people attached with the loftier aspects of I would like to say something in English my kitchen that bad back talking about [Applause] [Applause] he expressed the frustrations in the u.s. around the time of Iraq war just to get a sense of how much research and how much journalism Akshay's into the comedy show we had a discussion of stage about the recent Indian direction that it took you ten months and it was a very very everyone within a Dalit community of community in India and to tell a story like that it eight people who are not Indian or people who are sitting here for example who may not know about Indian politics it it was very like we had to be very careful about the research and talking to journalists in India I'm talking to people who are you know working on the ground so in my opinion the revisions

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