Rage 2 Enrages Polygon Writer

hey everybody I'm the ranting monkey and today we're gonna look at how the whole world should change because one person got their little feelings hurt I used to get really annoyed by those crosses on the side of the road where somebody had died in an accident I guess I understand why people put them there but were they really necessary do we really need to memorialize every where somebody died that's what cemeteries are for to me it just seemed like a cheap way to force your issues onto everybody else and that's kind of what's happening here today Chris Plant executive editor and co-founder of polygon got upset while playing Rage 2 and because he was personally offended by this everything should have changed I was first made aware of this because of this tweet the article from plant is well written it highlights rage to their use of disfigured mutant humans as bad guys and how that makes him feel uncomfortable the comments are atrocious full of gamers mocking him for extremely personal feelings that many share a controversy about personal feelings that many gamers share oh this should be good anytime you hear about feelings in the news article you just know it's gonna be stupid h2 is a fun game that makes me feel like garbage I'm not gonna lie that's a really good click Beatty headline when I first read this article I was dying to know how a game you actually liked could make you feel horrible and the opening line of the article is just as intriguing every time I begin to enjoy rage 2 it finds a new way to treat me like shit see I told you don't you want to know what's wrong with this guy what keeps happening to him while he's playing a game like the game stops and cusses him out or something tells them what a horrible person he is and it's not quite that deep there's a lot of individual bits I've liked him but that says new post-apocalyptic shooter created by the open-world geniuses at Avalanche Studios and the gunplay experts at id Software and I have no doubt we will be unpacking what makes its open-world click in the coming days if not weeks but never has a game so personally directly by Mia holy hell man does this game need to come with a suicide warning what is it doing to this poor guy last summer I had a chance to talk with id Software studio director Tim Willits about Rage 2 after a relatively straightforward interview running through the game's grab bag of inspirations the conversation shifted to something more personal my birth defect and how the game presented it as a crude joke rage to her Bethesda had just revealed in one hundred and $19 and 99 cent collector's edition that would come with a talking robotic bust of ruckus the crusher one of the game's many goliath mutants like all the other crushers in the game ruckus has a gash running from the top of its upper lip through its nose as if his face didn't fully form at birth the mutation I explained to Willits looks like an exaggerated cleft lip and cleft palate oh dear God that's what we're talking about you're upset because a mutant has a feature that you were born with a mutation you were born with they're mutants for God's sake what in the hell do you expect them to look like normal people would you be upset with blind mutants mutants with no eyes or ears mutants with any other mutation that people are born with yeah it sucks that you were born that way sorry bud but it happens you should be thanking any God you believe in that there's medical technology that can take care of it instead you're getting your feelings hurt while playing a goddamn video game are you serious the original rage use similar imagery for its mutants and I told Willits how disappointing I felt to see the sequel following the same path fiction is long associated clips with both villainy and mental health disorders and it appeared the rage franchise would perpetuate this cruel damaging misrepresentation to a broad audience will it's to his credit was receptive to the feedback he goes on to quote an interview he did with Willits I'm not gonna make you sit through it but it is on the screen you can pause it if you'd like to or the story will be linked below basically he confronts the guy with the idea that it's insensitive to have mutants with a cleft palate Willits responds that they will try to be a little more sensitive which is only important because our authors gonna whine about a little later on I've now played a significant amount of rage too and I have to wonder if Willits forgot to have that conversation or that conversation was had was it closer to a cost-benefit analysis but enough potential players be upset to warrant the investment in improving these character designs I can now say with certainty that the Avalanche guys have not been very good about being a little more sensitive or perhaps will it's meant a little more in a literal sense as in they've made the smallest effort rage to his use of cleft lip and palate imagery in the final game is worse than I expected and certainly worse than its predecessor I already mentioned the crushers who are both recurring bosses and environmental hazards each of them with an identical facial design I can't speak for Willits I don't know the guy but if it were me and you came at me with that crap I would have probably humored you for a little bit and then I want to went back and did my job his job is to make a fun game what you've already told us he did your entire complaint is about cosmetics which is really stupid he goes on to tell us about an experience where he walked through a sticky nightclub I'm not exactly sure what a sticky nightclub is but if you ever go into one I recommend condoms and rain boots anyway as he goes through this place instead of posters being on the wall there's the mounted heads of mutants which he says means the mutants aren't even human well yeah that's kind of the point of the game they are no longer human they've been mutated to the point where they're not but even worse than just being mutants they're the mutants with the cleft palates I'm not making this up that's what he's upset about I'm gonna tell you guys something you probably don't want to hear you're really not that important your problems really aren't that important neither are mine in the grand scheme of things we're just individuals and our problems don't need to be the world's problems we don't need to change everything around us because of something that is personally happening to us it's rather arrogant to even see the world that way one of the worst examples of this comes every April first suddenly all over Facebook and Twitter and whatever other social media use you'll see post telling people that it's not funny to pretend to be pregnant because there are people out there who can't get pregnant or people out there who've had miscarriages how dare you try to make a funny joke about that how dare you pretend to be pregnant when you're not fuck right off look that shit happens to people all the time we don't need to change video games or stop making jokes because something happened to you you are not that important I feel sorry for this guy I feel sorry for anybody who's born with any birth defect but I really feel sorry for him that he's this goddamn sensitive although I bet that makes writing for polygons a lot easier now if you remember back to the tweet that started all of this the author of that tweet mentioned how horrible the comments were on this article I'm assuming polygon cleaned it up because there's only four comments on there right now and all of them are positive including these two what a bummer between this Bethesda's attacks rebuffs on the press and Bethesda's list of miscues over the past couple of years I will definitely be voting with my wallet on this one hard pass oh look you can spend your money any way you want to it's your money what are you kidding me the guy told you the game was fun and you're going to skip it because he got offended over the cleft lips on the mutants what are you looking for in a game I played a lot of video games and I can't remember a single one where I was like oh that's offensive I can't play that that woman's titties are too big or that guy's penis is too small I don't know what game that would be but I don't understand the idea that you're gonna stop playing a video game or not play a video game because somebody got their feelings hurt about how mutants look what the fuck world are we living in the mutants aren't based on the author of this article they also have giant heads and four chins and big bodies you're talking about one small detail and you're going to not play that game a game you've been told is fun by the same damn author because of that little thing it's your money but if you like video games that's really really stupid alright guys that is gonna wrap up this one the rest of this video is going to be shilling so if you don't want to hear that thank you so much for watching for everyone else I do a lot of streaming and here's where you can find me Monday through Saturday you can find me on Lords of the night which rotates between my channel scribe lights channel and sassou $0.02 channel on Mondays and Thursdays were on sat suits channel Tuesdays and Fridays were on scribes Channel and Wednesdays and Saturdays were right here catches at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time links for each channel are in the description you can also find me gaming with sassou over on his channel two cents plus we do that Friday through Monday after Lords of the night usually about 11:15 p.m. Eastern Time finally you can find me on monkey in the morning usually around 2 a.m. which you can find right here on this channel we have a lot of fun doing those shows and I hope to see you there don't forget to follow me on Twitter so you know when they go live you can also support the channel through patreon or stream labs linked below it's also a merchandise store if you'd like to look really cool and some monkey gear YouTube's also being kind of a cunt with my videos lately so if you'd share this I'd really appreciate it thank you so much for watching I'm the ranting monkey and I'll see you next time every time I begin to enjoy rage 2 it finds a new way to treat me like shit your life makes me sad baby monkey

36 thoughts on “Rage 2 Enrages Polygon Writer

  1. This is Plante's second bite at the fun/hate myself apple: https://www.theverge.com/2014/11/25/7277633/far-cry-4-and-killing-people

  2. "To Whom it may concern,
    Please keep your feelings to yourself.
    At all times and regardless whether you are in a public space or a shared platform,
    keep your feelings to yourself,
    no-one whats to hear about your phucking fefee's
    We don't care about your fefee's, what is affecting your fefee's regardless on just how much you are tempted to share them.
    Just don't …
    Phuck your feelings and the bike you rode in on."
    thank you.

  3. I listened to this as I fell asleep because I was falling over tired but it was ANOtHER new monkey video, so lets be real, I didnt have the self control to not. So I Guess I have to watch again…darn

  4. @Ranting Monkey – not sure if something dank is going on with YouTube but it would appear that some of your past videos that I had "liked" now appear to me as "unliked."

    I trust YouTube about as far as I can flick a booger.

  5. That Polygon writer must be happy I am not working for the developer. I would respond with: you thought that was insulting. Hold my beer. that sounds like chanange.

  6. i just wanna buy rage 2 give it great reviews just to puss this guy off hahahahah

  7. How does such a brittle snowflake that gets triggered by anything in a video game get hired at a company that specifically involves video games?

    I got a big scar on my face from a dog bite when i was young. Should i get personally offended and cry to everyone whenever a character has scars? These people are fookin clowns!

  8. Ranting monkey must be dying because there’s no way he has any other reason to make so many videos

  9. So it's not ok to joke about being pregnant because infertile people and people who've had miscarriages exist, but it's AOK to shout your abortion and celebrate?

  10. I thought gamers didnt need to be your audience

  11. Four in a row? Did you fall down and hit your head or something?

    Of course, I had to listen to the end so I could hear little butt tell us you’re awesome.

  12. Maybe he is like me. He had that conversation, and thought, "Man that dude is a pussy, what can I do to fuck with him?" Maybe, that is where the sticky club came into being.

  13. This Chris guy is apparently a masochist who keeps going back for more abuse…

  14. As a rancher I am offended by Red Dead Redemption 2. All of a sudden everyone is saying "howdy" and calling folk "partner". MY CULTURE IS NOT A FAD OR A FASHION STATEMENT!!

  15. classic case of somebody being ok with every thing else except for the one specific thing that sorta involves him.

  16. Yeah, I don't really care about video games but I'm gonna watch this all the way through and give it a like (and obviously, a comment), anyway. I'm just glad the Monkey is back!

  17. My mother had a cleft palate, she had to drink using a straw, my dad says I nearly wasn't convinced because the pill didn't dissolve in her drink…

  18. Chris Plante DOESN'T have a disability. He had a Developmental defect that was easily corrected with surgery. So if anything him claiming to have a disability is an insult to people that have REAL disabilities.

  19. I’m mean the characters never shut the fuck up and never get a moment to myself to absorb the environment

  20. it's rage it's just meant to be wish fulfillment and fun if you dislike it ok but still.

  21. gamers dont have personal feelings. we are to busy trying to get one hundred percent completion on all our games and committing genocide against scrubs and noobs to have personal feelings.

  22. These people would be a lot happier if they didn’t get their nickers in a knot about every stupid “offensive material” that’s in day to day life.

  23. Hey guy complaining…..put on your big boy pants ya fucking cry baby! So sick of these people and their fefes geting hurt.

  24. Someone, please stop the planet. I want to get off this insane ride.

  25. A game where the pp's are too small? Why did you listen to your hair? Also, I do agree that plastic surgery could fix his issues. But the offended party wont because then he wouldn't have much to bitch about.

  26. Vote with your $'s. Buy Rage 2 on Steam now. Counting the days to Doom Eternal's release and the epic flood of SJW tears. This game rated NPHWA for No Purple Haired Weenies Allowed.

  27. This is faggotry. But not the kind of faggotry we can just scoff at an brush off. These are the people in charge of state and Federal government. Our only hope is an armed revolution.

  28. They need to add a 'non-offensive' mode where everything in the game is changed to just hit boxes.

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