Raheem Sterling named Football Writers' Association Footballer of the Year

congratulations on your award is for all of the year what does it mean to you massive achievement a massive honor you know to be recognized is always you know a lovely feeling especially by the rises makes it even more special and it's a ward owl and cherish especially with the people that's won it before me so yeah is it fair to say you've had a bit of an up-and-down relationship as far as the media's concerned in the last few years yeah it's it's one of those I take full responsibility as well because you know my first time be a professional and everyone makes mistakes you know especially being young and not quite understanding what goes on in and around football with the media and you know as you get older you mature and understand things much better in them I think you know now people can see me and it's always been part of the voting process that the players are recognized not just for their talents on the field but for the way they carry themselves by precept and example is what the the FWA says are you conscious of being a role model now and a leader if you like in some of the ways you some of the issues you're campaigning on or taking care of yeah roll modern not in terms of saying you set out to be a role model but just in terms of you know leading by example and you know you have young kids and we do follow you and do look up to you and you need to try set the right example for them and then extenuation come through for sure and you know so the subjects that I've spoken about this this season has been touchy but at the same time I thought it was needed and I tried to do my best to you know address it in a positive and you know not come across aggressive or via currents oh yeah and of course social media has given you a voice directly to your fans and to the people so do you think that's an increasing trend that that's good for players and other athletes to be able to take the most yeah your social medias a very powerful thing you know which are things in this day and age is done online and you know with my situation and what I wanted to get how I wanted to get my point of view across was was by social media that's the best way I thought it would pick up attraction and you know I try to use my platform to try and you know wait raise awareness and try to make people understand my side of the story on the field you had a fantastic year last year a Premier League winner World Cup semi-final what do you think's improved this year in terms of your game and the way you're playing I think looking at last season looking at the way I played what we've done and was looking at the season coming up and saying what can I do to you know try to bear that or improve on last season and you know coming back from a World Cup where you know I wanted to do better which I didn't think I perform third level I know I could I'm just trying to you know get off on a quick start in the Premier League and try to score goals I think in my position people players get judged on you know how much goes in assists a they provide for the team but you know just not just scoring goals to scoreboard but no goals that helps your team to hopefully lift titles and and cups so yeah coming back in in from preseason and just trying to over hello elevate myself to to and you know get better playin a person and of course last summer there was a the whole public fell in love with the England team again those exploits do you feel there's a chance to do a similar sort of thing this summer with the nation's league coming up yeah you've got you've got to be confident teams going into every tournament if you're not confident if you're not looking to win it is you know there's no point going is sometimes you don't want to say him from the camera for it to come back and haunt you but you know where all players are competing on you know a high level in the Premier League you know a Liverpool and I'm talking about both in the Champions League final now so you know and there's a lot of players there so we've got outer mentality to say we yeah we want to go and win it because if we didn't say that we're relying but yeah we're confident and you know something that when the season is finished will go away and you know Gareth Gareth was said I thought how he wants us to but we'll definitely give it a good go and we tried to get to the final you mentioned Liverpool and Spurs in the Champions League final we've had tremendous week of drama and late minute winners and so on and Vincent company's goal on Monday night was something special as well is it is it a good time to be associated with the game in England is always returned to be associated with English football enough for me the best league in the world and some of the biggest clubs in the world as well you know their names and the players that you know get attracted here yes I'm just really grateful even though it's not my team you know knowing some of the boys even though it's my old team seeing some of the boys I handle and I'm Trent in the final it makes me happy you know especially the way they've done it I'm really happy for them and all sort of Spurs boys you know it was a difficult night for them home last night and just having a personal connection with them especially from the national team I'm really happy and you know it's gonna be difficult because I know one day pass to win and then they're gonna see each other I meet with the in the nations leagues but definitely a great time to be golden and back on the domestic scene someone has to win between you and city you've both had sorry between you and Liverpool you've both had tremendous seasons record-breaking seasons almost in terms of points how do you see the final day going because will it be nervous or you confident going into this final game this you know how big of occasion is but you know I'm much rather be on our side you know what to know if we win the game it's also maybe we're tough a tough day that's for sure we know Brier and Moe just sit there in and let's go balls and you know they're safe and it's gonna be a really tough day to do so but whatnot we're looking forward to

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