Rahul Gandhi vs PM Modi Speech: Who was better? | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

There’s a lot of buzz going around about Rahul Gandhi’s hug and wink in the parliament on social media. But more important than this is what were the questions raised by Rahul Gandhi on the real issues in his speech and what are the answers given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech. Namaskar friends, My name is Dhruv Rathee and I’m going to analyse this in my video that in Narendra Modiji’s and Rahul Gandhi’s speech what were the questions raised and answers given. Let’s see Rahul Gandhi’s speech lasted for 40 mins and he raised around 10 various issues. In comparison, PM Modi’s speech was of 90 mins. Rahul Gandhi started his speech with Jumla Strike, According to him everyone is becoming a victim of this Jumla Strike whether they are farmers, youngsters, Dalits, tribals or women! and then he gave examples of various types of Jumlas that the country has to face. Jumla strike no 1- 15 lacs rupees in every bank account. Jumla Strike no 2- Employment to 2 crore youths every year. The answers of this full argument that how many Jumlas are been made and so many promises which are still unfulfilled all these answers are given by PM Modi by beating around the bush very cleverly. You will be shocked to see how the argument was twisted. You called Jumla strike to Surgical strike? you called Jumla strike to Surgical strike??! This country will never forgive you! Modi is here if you want to bad mouth something. This thing is called as ‘Straw Man Logical Fallacy’. which means that you answer the question of your opponent in a way, that you answer something that he has never asked for! PM Modi said that calling a Surgical strike a Jumla strike is a very shameful thing. but Rahul Gandhi has never said so, while saying Jumla strike, he was referring to all the Jumlas that were made. So this useless argument was brought from nowhere. Another example of Straw Man Fallacy which I would like to give is- Imagine you asked me- “Is this pen Blue in colour? Does it write in blue?” So I will answer like-” No a pencil never writes in blue.” So this is an example of Straw Man argument or a Straw Man Logical Fallacy. The Next question was about the jobs. 2 crore jobs were promised but only 4 lacs jobs were provided. And the answer for this question by PM Modi was totally mind blowing, friends. A lot of illusions has been spread related to employment. More than 80,000 post graduate doctors, dental surgeons and other doctors are getting graduated every year. Out of them if even 60% takes self practice then per doctor 5 people will get employment opportunity. and this number will be 2 lacs 40 thousands! In 2017 lawyers were around 80,000 17000 new Chartered accountant More than 1 lac people got employment. As far as I’ve understood. he basically said that last year so many people became chartered accountant, doctors and lawyers and if we consider that even 60% of them get self employed by starting their own clinic or company and if we also consider that these self employed people employ 2-3 more people then these people are generating so many jobs and if we add up jobs generated by doctors , lawyers and CA then all together it will be a number of one crore. The same thing he said about the informal sector as well that last year so many number of cars hit the road Even if 2 people gets employment on each car then 11 lac 40 thousand people gets employment in total. If we add up all these then more than 1 crore people have got employment just last year! Whereas the truth is that, that the Government has stopped the unemployment services. so the Govt is trying to avoid these questions regarding jobs. So such weird calculations is been shown, about how the jobs are been generated! According to our Prime Minister, India has so many job options that it has become difficult to count now! Issue is not about the jobs, issue is about the job data that we don’t have. Then how the opposition will create issues about unemployment when we won’t have any employment data? Good! This is Politics! The Government who promised that more than 1 crore employment will be created every year, the same government is not ready to accept the fact that the unemployment is rising. This government will make you fry fritters but won’t call you unemployed!

100 thoughts on “Rahul Gandhi vs PM Modi Speech: Who was better? | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

  1. For important Interrogation Rahul ji ko 9 /10.
    Or Modi ji je ap k answer mai answer he nahi hai. FAIL 0/10

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  4. Aapko kuj ptaa bhi h bhai ….
    Aap Papu k sath kuj din or rhogyee too paglaa jaogyee pkaa

  5. Bro arthik sthiti pr ek video bnaye…jo vyapari h jo apni shop khol k baithe h unpr kya asar pda h

  6. Thik kiya kahase jabab de puri barbad kar ke rakha hain iye indian economy ko…

  7. Ara bhai agar Modi ke bare Mai ulta bolna hai to alag se video bana Rahul vs Modi nahi pagal admi

  8. Very truthly hai brother ye pura sahi hai logon ko samajh nahi aata hai

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  10. I challenge you to make rahul gandhi as pm. Ok leave pm let him become cm first hahahahahahhah. Shame on you.

  11. Well done sir! At least there is one place where government is being analysed not praised

  12. Seeing this video i remember that teacher who just critizie me because she dosnt like me
    But in this case because he is not paid for it

  13. What about coal scams and 2 g spectrum talk about all topics . Visit India and tell all you misinformation about Hinduism you will face mass mob leaching.

  14. Well your video certainly changed my precepation towards rahul gandhi.

  15. Now we should vote to " idharse aloo dalunga, udharse sona niklega" lol

  16. Make a video on why peoples don't submit a income tax in india why how can we develop a second largest populated country withput this.

  17. Dhruv you are the biggest liar and you have been exposed multiple times and you dont have the balls to accept that you had given false numbers and facts about BJP. Why the hell didn't you make a single video about amethi and you are making video on varanasi. Even after this modi won. Even after your immense efforts rahul gandhi lost miserably. I saw your expression while you were watching the results that was funny to see. See yesterday BJP did what required balls of steel because of article 370 terrorism has grown so much which will stop now onwards but people like you are the real curse of india. And people following this guy blindly I request you guys to please do google the facts which he explains and you will understand how big a liar he is.

  18. Rahul is better than modi ji.. … If u want I will provide u link of a video on how good is Rahul

  19. Meri taraf se bhi number 8 Modi ko Parliament ke Maher zero number de kar

  20. Im from Nepal n mko lgta tha ki modi is bestest ever.. Nepal me v koi modi jaisa hona chiye but now after watching his videos i feel like nhi chiye modi jaisa koi v
    hmara desh aise hi thik h but ha i hope ki jaise waade modi krte h waise waado ko pura krne wala koi aaye hmare country me

  21. Bhai aap modi birodhi ho agar galti hi nikalni hai to galtiya dono taraph se hoti hai

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  23. Tu chitiya hi. may a sadan ka video dekha tha modi right answers deeatha

  24. Ye baat to bilkul sahi h ki bjp kabhi rahul gandhi ke swalo ka jwab nhi de pate

  25. Actually me sir baat ye hai k modi ji ko bolna (gumrah karna)badi achhi tarah se ata h… Thats why ye sab chal raha h

  26. Bhai..thora yoga kiya kar ..dimag theek ho jaega..tere jeso ne hi india ko barbaad kr rakha hai..sharam kar

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  28. How would you solve every single issue of such a large country in five years? At least there is something to show as compared to past government where everything was to hide(scams).

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  30. Rahul Gandhi 8.5
    Modi 2
    Btw your videos are best
    ur videos should come on trending..
    wish u all the best for ur future..

  31. when you are in opposition it's very easy to raise questions which are hard to deflect

  32. Thnk u sir khooni ki sachai batane k lye…. Ek khooni agr desh ka pm hoga toh desh ka hul toh ase hoga

  33. Sala hum sab burbak hain, aise neta ko chunte hain jo rojgar dene ke Naam per jahar khata hai

  34. Sahi kha apne bhagidar hai bara dangerous aadmi hai, Rahul Gandhi sahi kahta hai bhai, samjho, lagta agla surgical strike ab KISSAN pe hoga

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