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Hey guys, welcome
back to my channel. And if you’re new, my name is Alayna
and today’s video. We are doing the random numbers choose
my eyeshadow palette and honey. I’m kind of slick kind of scared because this could either go
one or two ways. It can go really bad
or it can actually go good and your girl got
to run some errands. I don’t go to the post office. I don’t go to Walmart and honey. I can be out here looking crazy. So we’re going to pray that the makeup Gods is
on your girls side today and that we get
a cute look out of this. So if you’re new
to my channel, hello, welcome go ahead and hit
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if you’re already a subscriber, thank you so much
for all the support. You’ve shown me all
my videos and let’s go ahead and get right
into this challenge. So I got this Challenge
from Alissa Ashley and Daisy Marquez, and I just really enjoyed
watching their videos and seeing them try to come up
with a makeup look so I figured I’ll just film
this for my channel and do something
a little different something fun and spontaneous. So that is what we
were doing today. So I got my little bowl. I literally got this
from Target y’all this ball is actually really good. This is the kitchen Bowl
don’t come for me but this is all I could find so I just put my little slips
of paper in here. So I numbered it to the palette. So it has all the colors
in the palette number. We’re just going
to pull out a number and it’s going to help choose
what shade I’m going to be using on my eyes today. So the palette I’m going
to be using is actually the James Charles palette. You already know
this palette is colorful. It has some neutrals has
a little bit of everything. So that is why
I chose this palette to do this challenge
with we’re going to go ahead. Get to picking our numbers and figuring out
what colors we got because I’m kind of scared. So I’m not open up the palette
so I can you know see and then I’ll show you guys
which ones I got going to pray, please Jesus help us. We want to create something
beautiful something gorgeous. We want to slide today. Don’t let us look crazy. Okay. Amen. Here we go. I might pay lots
of four or five colors. I don’t really know. We’re just going
to see what we get. I’m scared. So the first number
we got is 38. I’m going to touch
on Shadows Honey’s pallets. You’re gonna be okay. So the first day we got was
actually this shade right here. So is this little purple shade? So I’m not mad at it. It’s kind of going with
our outfit are pink or purple. Let’s pray that rest of them go. Okay, so we got 38 We got 28. Okay. We got the eights going on. Let’s see 28. Okay, hold on. Okay. Well the next day we
got was this blue shade so we are working
with this shade in this shade right here. So that’s not too bad. We might can you know
concoct something from that. So let’s stay in that kind
of family range. We need like a transition color. Here we go. one am I going to do it one? Okay. We got this one right here. Number one. I don’t know what the hell
I’m going to do with that. But okay. Oh. We’re just going on
at this number 10. Let’s see. One two, three, four,
five six, seven eight. Now we got this little
shimmery shade don’t know if you guys can see this or not, but it’s like a light
pinkish shade right here. Uh, I don’t know about that. Let’s do one more. We got 37 that is
this deeper purple shade. Okay, so I’m
not really mad at it. I mean are all
the colors kind of go. So that’s a good
that’s on the plus side, but I’m kind of lost
and what I’m going to create. So we’re just
going to Freestyle. We’re just going to put this
on a whip something owner. I’m just going to put
something together. I don’t know where does look as finna go but we’re about
to create something bomb. We’ve got to be looking cute. I know that because
the honey I’m not going to be looking crazy. So I don’t think we did
too bad on these Shades. I think it did. Alright and I think I can whip
something up for y’all. So let’s go ahead and get right
into the application. So I didn’t really
get a transition shade as we’re just going to do
without it poem on doesn’t know this is not going to were so let’s see. No ma’am. No ma’am. So we’re going to go ahead and go right into
the shade single right here. This light purple shade and we’re going to use this
as our transition shade Krrish a whatever
you want to call it and we’re just going to blend that in there. Okay. She payment City,
but we already know that. I’m probably going to end
up doing a cut crease. I just know that is going
to be my best option. And right now I’m just packing
the color on a hundred people at the post office going to be
like where the hell is she going without it? What I’m saying, you know what mind your business
mind your damn business and we’re just starting
to talk about it. Okay, I think I actually
done came up something. Okay, we’re going
to add the deeper purple and the outer crease then
we’re going to cut our crease we’re going to do
the pink shimmery shade maybe on the inner corner or we’re going to do
the lighter neutral shade in the inner corner. I’m not really sure which way
I’m going to do that yet. I might do the light neutral
shade do the pop of Shimmer in the inner corner and then do the pop of blue
on the lower lash line. Okay. I think we got something. Okay. I think I just did
something right there. I mean taking these shade Escape
right here this deep purple and applying that
in my outer crease. Let me get a brush
to cut the crease, you know, I hate when I leave stuff on my vanity
and I have to get up and get it. That is the most
annoying thing ever. And if you all don’t know
about this brush, I’m telling you. This is the best
cut crease brush. This is the JH 42 Brush
by the morphe and Jaclyn Hill set bomb. I’m telling you bomb. All right. She is cut you’ll see
what I’m talking about bomb. Look at that. We’re now going to add
the shade sister This Little Light paint show
right here on the first half of the cut crease. unpack her on and then we’re going to take
these Shades single again, which is that lighter purple and we’re just going
to place her next. Right beside that shame. Okay. So this is the I so far. I’m going to add
liner and go ahead and do the other side and I’m going to come back
and do the lower lash line. But so far so good. We got our purple moment going and then I’m going to add
the blue on the lower lash line. So I’m Okay now
like I’m not worried about that so worried anymore. Like I think it’s going
to turn out really good. Hopefully, you know, I’d we get everything
on so I’m gonna go ahead and do that come back on camera finish up everything and see
how the final look turns out. So yeah, I’ll see you
guys in one second. Okay, so I’m about to do
the lower lash line. We have two more shades
we have to use honestly, I’m so impressed with
how this look is going so far. I feel like the
purple looks bomb. Like I’m so happy with
how it turned out. So let’s just go ahead and get
this lower lash Line Pop and we’re about to bring
the whole look together. And yes, we’re about to defeat
this challenge two shades. We still have to use is
this blue shade right here and this shade right here. So I think I’m going
to smoke out the blue shade underneath my lower lash line with a little bit
of the purples and then I’m And I add this to my brow bone. Okay blue come through and I’m glad it has almost like
a purple undertone to the shade. So that actually helps bring
it in with the look then I’m going to take some
of the shade Escape which is that dark purple shade and we’re just going to apply
that on the outer part of the lower lash line. Okay, bitch, we might
have did something. Okay, we might
have did something. Excuse me with calling. Let’s go ahead and pop
that first shade underneath our brow bone. Okay. So the lower lash line is done. Let me go ahead and do
some mascara do a quick clip and then we’ll be
back on here to talk about the finished eye shadow. So this is the finished
look in y’all. I am obsessed. It looks so bomb. I’m so impressed with how all
the colors went together. I mean we couldn’t have choose better colors to actually
complement each other and I’m literally over all
obsessed with the look. I honestly think this challenge
is such a good way to get out of your comfort zone to get
out of using those same colors that you use everyday and definitely challenge
yourself because that’s what it’s done for me. I know if I would
have sat down today and actually did my makeup. I know for a fact my ass
would not have done anything like this, especially to be running errands and I honestly recommend doing
this challenge push yourself do something different you
Definitely don’t know what kind of look you’re going
to come out with but it definitely makes
you think about okay. What can I come up with? How can I get creative
with this look and I really enjoy that about this challenge
sure to hit the Subscribe button if you haven’t already
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every time I post a video and I love you guys so much and I will see you guys
in my next video I loves.

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