Ranga’s marriage class11

Randa’s Marriage by Masti Venkatesha, iynger introduction ranga the accountant son from the Village Hosali had the distinction of pursuing his studies in the city When he returns from bangalore to his village the crowd Gather round His house to see whether he has changed or not his ideas about marriage are not quite different Still in Aries Haruna gets married elites a happy life thereafter main point rangas homecoming was great even once people realized that ranga was changed Physically they disappeared the narrator afternoon Appa when he plan to get married Ganga Replied that he was not going to marry system. He needed to find the right girl She should [be] mature enough Secondly he wanted to marry a girl he admired He was not in favor of arranged Marriages prevalent in Society If he could not get a girl of his choice he would prefer to remain a bachelor The narrator felt destroyed at ranga’s decision to remain a bachelor The narrator made up his mind that he would get married He thought that ranga means gretna a pretty girl of would be the most suitable bride for him He divides up trying to let grandma see her and his own house while [drezna] was singing a song Around I reached the door he was curious to see the single and seamless? Seeing a stranger there let us stop abruptly Rather our generator. Who’s that good one? He also expressed the hope that she was not married the narrator notice is Excitement and told a lie death she was married a year ago The next morning the narrator went to the astrologer, and you told him and all that he wanted him to say Danny Got it [Tyrande] to the Sastras house after making some calculation software He said that Brenda was thinking about the group to the narrator’s question as to who that girl was The star success that she had the name of something found in the ocean The narrator remember that the name of the [girl] is Rama Rao’s house was [Russia] He asked if there was any chance of their negotiations bearing fruit shaft We gave a possible [spawn] there was surprised under Alice’s and some happiness as well on the way We passed by Rama Rao’s house that now was standing alone at the door the narrator went in alone? He came out in a minute and give the new tab the [girl] wasn’t hurt Her master caught a bus after he told and was turned out to be true He asked transer if he had been thinking of her granddad visited so brenda was married to Vesna years later Grandpa invited the narrator for dinner on the Occasion of [history]. [he] wrote [sir] [Shawna’s] body He had named his son after narrator young Sham heiress [to] the nourishing and put his arms around initially the Narrator Kills an autistic And loitering [on] [tiny] little finger the nature also revealed a druggist fight was eight months pregnant Dense dust Rhonda was [nearing] happy married life with

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