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hi my name is Ruth Vick I turn 19 this year I like to watch movies and I lead a normal life I like to wear sweaters and warm days what sports on weekends and write poetry when I'm a rose I live with my family on the third floor of our building we all lead fast life so we don't have many guests but every once in a while we have a visitor a dark fatty that who shows up unannounced we don't know he comes from what his intentions are what he demands oh when he plans to leave but we smell danger for all of us have heard of his kind about how they kill a lot of us over 100 years ago my mother is a strong woman but that scare her my father is mostly away and this is a crisis that's where I step in as a new adult as the supposed man of the house as a warrior taking humble steps with the charu in one hand at a newspaper in the other I enter the kitchen I look for my prey but I don't find him there's nobility in patience I'm reminded until I hear squeak and turn my head around I fixed my eyes and jump at the animal who's as big as my fist the resident of time to use the childhood for he will escape so I wrap him up in a copy of The Times of India and squish I'm certain he's dead I don't dare to open the paper in the evenings anymore I wrap him up in yet another paper as if to curtain what just happened I climb down the flight of stairs with mixed feelings inside of me I quietly dispose of the ball of paper in the dustbin on the ground floor I get back home wash my hand with soap and start watching TV again sometimes I have nightmares sometimes I feel like a murderer sometimes I wonder if this is what happens to refugees who and there are other people's homes interesting ask if they can exist sometimes I wonder if it's right to treat bodies this way who live down in the sewer just in gutters in Brandon is untouchables sometimes I wonder if this is how powerful people crush others who aren't strong without ever being held accountable sometimes I wonder how much life is worth the life of a mosquito a rat a chicken a dog a human sometimes I wonder why I couldn't have simply opened the door and shown him the way out sometimes I wonder if there's a more peaceful a more amicable way to defuse the situation but sometimes I don't think and just clean my house thank you so much everybody

23 thoughts on “"Rat" – Rutwik Deshpande ft Hasan | Spoken Word | Spill Poetry

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  2. https://youtu.be/JdqO_hgUOxU
    A heart touching video on teenage love…It's not worth missing guys…

  3. In taliyon ki goong mai…
    Kisi nirdosh ki cheeke dabai gayi hai…
    Maut aayi nahi thi uski magar…
    kisike ishare pe bulayi gayi hai…

    Khush hua koi maut se kisike…
    roya koi… tho kisiko uski kami khali…
    vha re zindagi…kya drishya dikhaya…
    so chuhe maar billi haj ko chali hai…


  4. The way u present ur perception it's really amazed me ๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. Loved it..
    Do check my poetries!


  6. Please Check out my poetry also ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Nice poetry and well explained…Keep Going. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  8. Wow… Hearing you for the first time and would want to hear you more.. you drove meaning out of an incident we all might have seen or witnessed . I like it .. Want to hear you more

  9. Awesome thought. .. even i am a writer bit it was way out of my level. … IT was really nice and yuh are more than cute.. โค

  10. Not know you more but you are just amazing fab and just what not…listened only your 2 poems and becamed your biggest fan…really want to meet you…..

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