Ravi Zacharias Speaks To 40,000

thanks guys and what an inspiration all
the music here fabulous and some of them have teamed up with in other parts of
the world it’s just amazing to be part of a group like this yes Louie is right
I do have the privilege of speaking in many parts of the globe but I don’t know
if I’ve ever gotten anything like this this is this is fearsome fearsome thing
last night I was having dinner with my family and I was telling them you know
what 40,000 is just too big for me I said anything beyond 5a is daunting and
my daughter says dad five I said I mean five thousand she said oh I was getting
worried for a moment out there but truly what an incredible opportunity just to
be part of this I want to thank Louie for inviting me I
want to thank all of the organizers if I could tell you the number of countries
from where I’ve received email messages this morning you’d be amazed people from
all over the globe right from the time i wakened up saying they’re praying
praying for this conference so thank you for coming thank you for taking these
days to be part of this because we are living in pretty dark and dismal times
I’ve been an itinerant for over four decades covered over 70 countries and
scores of campuses I have never sensed a time as uncertain
as the times in which we live in fact one of the earliest messages I received
this morning was from my son Nathan who lives in the city here and he said dad I
just want you to know as a young father he’s got a two-year-old daughter he said
I’m so nervous about the future he’s thinking of all of the political
rhetoric and all of the quick and on which we are building our
structures and wondering what sort of a world his little one will grow up to be
in and the only reason I have hope the only reason I have hope apart from the
fact that we serve a sovereign and an awesome God is because of young people
like you whose lives he will transform and make you a light in this very dark
world I really wondered what I was going to say because Louie has already spoken
to you on the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ those two pillars which
our faiths really stand then John Piper from eternity past to Eternity to come
and the cross in the middle there’s nothing left to say I might give you a
few Indian recipes because that’s what we’ll be eating up there at the marriage
supper of the land so he may as well get ready for that and I’m a Christian
apologist apologetics comes from the Greek word
apologia it is used quite often by the scripture writers when Peter says always
be prepared to give an apologia a reason an answer for the hope that is within
you and years ago I remember watching a commercial and it would flash a simple
question on the screen how old is this universe and then it would go on to
different more complex questions and suddenly it would change to ordinary
questions like do you like pizza and then the screen would go black and a
silhouetted figure of a motorbike would emerge on the screen and in a very
somber voice you’d hear these words Yamaha it may not be the answer but at least
it’s not another question which took me back to a few years back when I was
flying in from I think it is Bangkok to Newark New Jersey it’s a long flight you
look like your passport picture after you land and as I was finding my way to
the gate I arrived at the gate but the Marquis said a different flight so
there’s a lady sitting at the end I said excuse me ma’am is this flight going to
Atlanta or where it says on the marquee she said I was going to Atlanta I said
good so I turned around to go and get myself a cup of coffee and I heard the
patter of feet behind me I’m not making up the story that’s exactly what
happened so I’m walking to get a cup of coffee the patter of feet behind me and
a tap on my shoulder and she said excuse me are you Ravi Zacharias
I said I’m afraid so she said that’s amazing absolutely amazing I never
thought you had questions as well when you’re flying you have a lot of
questions in fact my journey to Christ began with
a series of questions I was only a teenager in the 1960s growing up in
India living in the city of New Delhi and one night over coming from radio
salon with the words from the Ames brothers it was actually Edie Ames and
he said this from the canyons of the mind we wander on and stumble blind wade
through the often tangled maze of starless nights and sunless days hoping
for some kind of clue a road to lead us to the truth but who will answer a
side-by-side two people stand together vowing hand in hand that loves embedded
in their hearts but soon an empty feeling starts to overwhelm their hollow
lives and if they ask the hows and whys who will answer as far upon a distant
Hill a young man’s lying very still his arms will never hold his child because a
bullet running wild has struck him down and now he cries my god oh hi oh hi and
Whoville answer has hi upon a lonely ledge a figure teachers near the edge
while during crowds collect below to egg him on with go man go and none will ask
what led him to his private day of doom and who Whoville answer as Neath the
spreading mushroom tree the world revolves with apathy while overhead a
row of specks roars on drowned out by disc effects and if the secret buttons
press because one man has been our guest who will answer is our hope in walnut
shells one round the neck would temple bells or deep within some ploy stirred
walls where hooded figures spray and shores or high upon some dusty shelves
or in the Stars or in ourselves who will answer if the soul is darkened by a
ferret cannot name if the mind is baffled when the rules don’t fit the
game who will answer who will answer who will answer that program used to
come on every evening at 6:30 and I would listen to that same song again and
again pink played and I take my pen and write down the words though two things
that amazed me about it it was an American singing that song and I always
thought living in India if I’d moved to the west and had a more comfortable
livelihood maybe I wouldn’t be haunted by all the questions I had and number
two it was the way it was worded it is not what is the answer but who will
answer and at the age of seventeen lying on a bed of suicide in Delhi when I had
no answers and wanted to end it all and a Bible was brought to my bedside and
I’d never opened one in my life never I don’t even have I owned one and as the
words were read to me Jesus said because I live you also shall live I began my
journey into truth at that time and I said in that bed Jesus of you’re who you
claim to be take me out of this hospital bed and I will leave no stone unturned
in my pursuit of truth my life was changed young people truth is the most
valuable thing in the world Winston Churchill said it is the most
valuable thing in the world it is so valuable that often guard oftentimes are
just protected by a bodyguard of lies truth is the most valuable thing in the
world so valuable that often it is protected by a bodyguard of lies and so
my one challenge to you today is does the truth matter to you does the truth
matter he doesn’t seem to matter in the
political arena it doesn’t seem to matter in the cultural arena it doesn’t
seem to matter in so many other pursuits if it’s the most valuable thing in the
world then we need to put one more link to it
it’s what Matt and Sharansky the former justice minister of Israel who was
incarcerated on the Soviet regime in isolation for a long period of time when
he was finally released and went back to his homeland asked if he could return to
the prison way had been held for that long and he went with his wife to see
that prison in Russia and as he was about to enter he put his arm out and
told his wife please let me do this alone because this is where my life was
changed pondering what the truth is he went in there alone and wept over all
the hours and days that he had spent in there when he came out he asked for a
bouquet of flowers that he could lay at the grave of Andrei Sakharov the
physicist who gave the former Soviets the atomic bomb and as he laid the
flowers on the grave of Sakharov a battery of microphones was waiting in
front of him and he was asked why he said this he said mister Sakharov who
gave you the atomic bomb made this comment before he died
he said I always thought that the most powerful weapon in the world was the
bomb he said I’ve changed my mind the most powerful weapon in the world is not
the bomb the most powerful weapon in the world is the truth and so here you have
it it’s the most valuable thing in the world is the most powerful weapon in the
world and when Jesus says I’m the way the truth and the life no one comes unto
the Father except through me and when you look at the story of Jesus and
encounter with Pilate in John 18 Pilate asks him the most important question he
could have ever first he said what is truth and walked
away imagine that imagine that standing in front of him who claimed to be the
way the truth and the life and Jesus had said to him they they’re on the side of
truth listen to me and so to you this afternoon I want to present a message
within the time that I have allocated here and the message is why do I believe
Jesus Christ to be the way the truth and the life I
have written a lot on the subject I’ve written a book on this called Jesus
among other gods I’ve written one called why Jesus
none of that material am i bringing to you here today I’m just taking some
existentially relevant ideas that I hope will form the impetus within your life
to carry this message everywhere you go you see truth is generally measured tell
us the Philosopher’s in three ways logical consistency empirical adequacy
and experiencial relevance is what you are saying logically consistent is it
empirically verifiable is it experientially relevant so there’s
consistency verifiability and relevance may I just take the third of these on
the relevance of the message of Jesus and talk to you a little bit a little
bit about it number one is his description of the human condition no
one no one describes your heart and my heart more accurately than the person of
Jesus Christ you know it’s yesterday I was talking to
a young woman who comes from a completely different faith from a
different part of this world and as she was talking to me she said to me
I never believed in God because of my faith in the icon that I believed in
before she said now all of a sudden in following Jesus Christ I have seen my
heart in a way I have never seen it before it was in the 1980s during the
Cold War that I had been invited to Warsaw Poland
it was grim just cloudy it was cold the Soviet presents already there very much
so in the early eighties and I was taken to the to another city where I was
speaking to the Polish gathering and one day a man but a medical doctor said to
me Ravi have you ever been to a schvitz I said to him yes I’ve been to some
concentration camps booked involved and Dachau he said no no no this is a death
camp have you ever been to a death camp I said I don’t think so he said let me
take you there so we drove emotionally I was totally unprepared for what I was
going to say totally unprepared because book involve Dachau and all as much as
they show you something didn’t show you what Ash wits does and as I walked in
there from room to room the only response the only response is
spin drop silence you see the pictures of young boys that have been castrated
by Mengele standing there as twins photographed like this with skeletons
and their skin tight taut around them vacant empty eyes and you
look at what the most educated generation then did to humanity in one
room there was 14,000 pounds of women’s hair stashed behind glass when the women
were taken into the gas ovens they were stripped of their hair which was then
put into sacks and sold in the marketplace to make money out of all of
this 14,000 pounds of that hair still remained behind glass they were being
exterminated in Auschwitz at the rate of 12,000 every day they’d be stripped
naked and taken into the gas oven gas rooms
which they were told were actually their showers and they’d be so tightly packed
against each other flesh to flesh already just skin and
bones and they would not know what was coming they were told they were gonna
get their first shower and all this while shaven bald standing shoulder to
shoulder and the spigots would be turned on and the gas would start to descend
and somebody would scream gasps another 12,000 shoveled out of there
and I remember walking out of there thinking to myself this is what we are
capable of even listening to the best music under the world and going to the
highest educational systems but I missed something in that you see ladies and
gentlemen the problem of evil is not so much that it’s so pervasive and so
strong out there but the fact that it is deep inside your heart and mind to
Viktor Frankl who served twice in Auschwitz as a prisoner says this if we
present man with a concept of man which is not true we may well corrupt him when
we present him as a automaton of human reflexes as a mind machine as a bundle
of instincts as a pawns of drives and reactions as a mere product of heredity
and environment we will feed the nihilism to do to which he is already
prone I became acquainted with the last stage of corruption in my second
concentration camp Auschwitz the gas chambers of Auschwitz so not the out
were the ultimate consequence of the theory that man is nothing but the
product of heredity and environment or as the Nazis like to say of blood and
soil listen to the statement now I’m absolutely convinced absolutely
convinced that the gas chambers of outrage Treblinka and my Dannic were
ultimately prepared not in some ministry or other in
but rather at the desks and lecture halls of nihilistic scientists and
philosophers not behind the Ministry of Defense in Berlin but at the desks and
the lecture halls of nihilistic scientists and philosophers the theory
of relativism today is being presented in the highest Institutes of our
learning producing a whole generation of young men and women who no longer
believe that there are absolutes that’s where it’s happening the early
stages of corruption may be behind lecterns the end stages is the
devaluation the dehumanization the denigration and ultimately the
desensitizing sensitization of your conscience and mine one of my great
heroes was a man called Malcolm Muggeridge
in the early days of my conversion I started to read Muggeridge because he
was a brilliant user of language in a way I had never read anybody else
muggeragem self was a late comer to Jesus Christ possibly the greatest
British journalist of the twentieth century a toss-up between him and GK
Chesterton both of them who ended up becoming moralist philosophers I had the
privilege of being with Margaret Justin nine months before he died at his home
in England and spending one of the finest afternoons I’d ever spent in my
life as he talked of his younger days and his own wanderings and we talked
about the incident I’m now going to mention to you when he was a young
professor of journalism in India he loved the Indian people he stepped out
of his quarters one morning and went into the river to swim and as he was
swimming at dawn way out in the distance he saw the silhouetted figure of a woman
getting into the river far away from him and he was a lustful type of individual
he decided he would make a go for her started to swim in his dress in her
direction and he said in his heart there was a voice telling him no don’t no
don’t but he said I smothered that voice and swam as hard as I could in her
direction and as I came closer and closer the woman herself of course
probably by this point stunned that someone was invading her privacy
especially as she saw a white man emerge from the waters and has he shipped the
water off his space all he could see was a woman covering herself like that and
he said I was shocked that I was looking into the face and the body of a woman
with leprosy her fingers were gone her nostrils were gone her lips were gone
her eyes looked almost like a gargoyle paring out of a wall somewhere and
Muggeridge said I was on the verge of saying what a horrible ugly woman till
he said I paused and realized no I’ve got this wrong it wasn’t a horrible ugly
woman it was this horrible ugly heart with which I was living take the whole
issue of pornography today making its billions with supposedly the most
beautiful human beings on the face of the earth stirring up within you the
ugliest passions you can ever have passions that no human being can ever
fulfill no human being can ever fulfill because it takes away the possibility of
the impact of a person and puts in its place a feeling a desire as a supreme
pursuit to which you go which no person can ultimately satisfy that’s what the
Bible talks lust of the flesh lust of the eyes pride of life Jesus describes
your heart and mind perfectly when he says the heart is sinful and desperately
wicked above all things do you know when the philosopher Nietzsche in 1900 before
he died at the age of 54 said God is dead in the 19th century and then he
went on to say a universal madness will break out in the 20th century and the
20th century will become the bloodiest century in history
he made the pronouncement both of which took place he took the first step in the
last 13 years of his life he spent insane
and in the 20th century we killed more people on the battlefield than the
previous nineteen put together and the weapons of
warfare are piling up take a look at your heart you know why on the day you
see your heart is desperately wicked in need of a savior you could become an
answer rather than just another question description of my condition the
provision for my malady this is the only answer in the world that offers you a
savior the only answer of the world that offers
you a savior some years ago I had the privilege of speaking at the United
Nations prayer breakfast they asked me to speak on the search for absolutes in
a relativistic culture now that’s a tough subject for anywhere and
especially in the early hours of the morning at just about before breakfast
to speak to people from so many countries and walk very cautiously
it was a toughy you can’t come in your face you have to take about 16 minutes
or so 15 minutes to talk in terms of general understanding and the last two
to three minutes bring an answer from the Christian perspective so I said to
this to them I said there are four areas in which you look for absolutes evil
justice love and forgiveness evil justice love and forgiveness
I said you talk about evil empires when you get together here what do you mean
by that you look for just society what do you mean by justice you leave your
loved ones back home and you are here and you miss them you know what love is
all about especially when you miss your loved one so much and then you are gonna
some of you’re gonna blow it you’ll make mistakes and you’ll want to be forgiven
evil justice love and forgiveness they were listening at the edge of their
seats I said I have just two three minutes left I want to ask you this
question where in the world did these four converge at a moment in history where did evil justice love and
forgiveness converge at a moment in history I said can I take you to a hill
called Calvary and show you the person of Jesus Christ who shows you the evil in your heart and
mine who was just and the justifier who loved us so greatly to give himself for
us and I said Father forgive them for they don’t know what they’re doing the
person of Jesus Christ you know what when I finished that talk as the
ambassadors lined up one of the ambassadors came to me and he said mr.
Zacharias I come from an atheistic country I don’t want to be here my
president commanded that I come here and every day
I wake up and I wonder what am I doing here
why am I here he said today I have found my answer I came here to find God and to
find Jesus Christ in my life one more one more simple illustration
years ago I had the privilege of being at a gathering in Ramallah Jerusalem
talking to one of the four founders of Hamas I was taken by some friends and he
was agitated he’d served years in prison solidly built guy he’d lost several of
his children and at the end of it one of the leader the leader of our group asked
if each one of us five had a question for him because it was a private and
private meeting I won’t tell you what my question was and nor will I tell you his
answer but when he finished answering I looked at him and I said Sheikh I don’t
like your answer I really don’t like your answer I said but let me tell you
something and you and I may never see each other again not far from where you
and I are sitting is a hill three thousand years ago a man by the name of
Abraham took his son up that hill please let’s not debate right now which son it
was and he just looked at me I said we know he took his son up that hill to
offer him as a sacrifice of his faith in God and just as the ax is about to come
down God says stop stop I myself will provide
I said do you remember that story he said yes I said we are sitting very
close to another Hill two thousand years ago God took his own son up there and
provided what he promised he would shake my comment to you is this until you and
I receive the son that God has provided we will be offering our own sons and
daughters on the battlefields of this world for position for power and for
land and for prestige he just looked at me and the archbishop
who was leading the delegation figured it was time to go so I was walking away
about to go down the stairs and the archbishop put his arm around me he said
Ravi I thought oh here it comes he said that was of God I said I sure
hope so and we walked out and since the archbishop was the guest of honor
the Sheikh was bidding goodbye to him but suddenly I saw him running towards
me and he turned me around solidly built guy and with two titanium rods in my
back I figured I was gonna be his stray he patted me on my face kissed me on
both sides of my face and he said to me mr. Zacharias
you’re a good man I hope I will see you again someday and I saw him wipe that
tear away do you know what’s going on in the Middle East today a lot can I
simplify it to one statement it’s three thousand years of history and the logic
of unforgiveness three thousand years or more than that five thousand years of
history and the logic of a vivan forgiveness and what I want to say to
you is this forgiveness is so easily spoken off you ask about this or a Hindu
what do you know about forgiveness you know what they’ll say to you
uh-uh karma karma karma I pay my debt I have to pay you ask a Muslim do you know
you’re going to enter paradise he’ll say no I’m never certain my good deeds will
have to outweigh my bad deeds these are not pejorative statements these are
doctrinally legitimate statements of what they believe you pay you
you pay Christ offers you forgiveness by paying the penalty himself and so the
elementary school teacher writes this he came to my desk with a quivering lip the
lesson was done have you a new sheet for me dear teacher I’ve spoiled this one I
took his sheet all soiled and blotted gave him a new one all unspotted and
into his tired heart I cried do better now my child I went to the throne with a
trembling heart the day was done have you a new day for media master I’ve
spoiled this one he took my day all soiled and blotted gave me a new one all
unspotted and into my tired heart he cried do better now my child God’s
forgiveness God’s forgiveness is his provision for you and for me thirdly his
equipment in suffering his equipment in suffering I wrote a book along with my
colleague from Oxford Vince Vitale it’s called wise suffering and one of my
chapters included how the various are the world views deal with suffering
there are no answers there there are no answers there but you turn to the Gospel
writers and you turn to the teachings of Jesus who reminds you and me that he
took our suffering took our wounds took our transgressions and not only that how
he equips us how he empowers us how he indwells us in order to be able to walk
through this lonely life and through this journey you may be feeling some
pain today I don’t know what it is it may be a relationship that is just
broken it may be Lions you have crossed it may be physical maladies that you’re
nurturing it may be financial struggles it may be your home that you’re weeping
over and struggle to find some positive responses and a time like this
suffering is a real bar of life we feel it again and again and
again prior to my first back surgery after I injured my back I remember the
days I would sit in my car and pull over into a parking spot and put my head on
the steering wheel and just cry my heart out with the agony with which I was
having to live and traveling wasn’t helping me any pain is a terrible thing
and you take that pain into your heart it becomes almost unbearable at that
point and life is punctuated by suffering but I want to tell you
something that no other worldview will give to you this response I want you to
listen to me very very carefully this is written by James Stewart of Scotland
brilliant thought it is a glorious phrase that our Lord led captivity
captive the very triumphs of his foes it means to use for their defeat he
compelled their dark achievements to subserve his ends not theirs they nailed
him to the tree not knowing that by that very act they were bringing the world to
his feet they gave him a cross not guessing that he would make it a throne
they flung him outside the gates to die not knowing that at that very moment
they were lifting up all the gates of the universe to let the King of glory
come in they thought to root out his doctrines not understanding that they
were implanting imperishable in the hearts of men the very name they
intended to destroy they thought they had God with his back to the wall pinned
and helpless and defeated they did not know it was God Himself who had tracked
them down to that point he conquered not in spite of the dark mystery of evil he
conquered through it he conquered not in spite of the dark
mystery of evil he conquered through it through the process of suffering you
realize how finite you are and how desperately you need the very presence
of God to carry you through the hymn writer Annie
Johnston Flint who was orphaned early in life and then later on had rheumatoid
arthritis lost control over internal organs became incontinent blind and
cancer invaded her body her biography is called the making of the beautiful
orphaned incontinent arthritic cancerous blind she wrote many hymns one of them
was this he giveth more grace when the burdens were greater he sendeth more
strength when the Labor’s increase to added affliction he added his mercy to
multiply trials has multiplied peace when we have exhausted our store of
endurance when our strength has failed our the day’s hath done when we reach
the end of our hoarded resources our father’s full giving has only begun his
love has no limit his Grace has no measure his power has no boundaries
known unto men for out of His infinite riches in Jesus he giveth and giveth and
giveth again as I talked to you there’s a gentleman
who may be listening right now stunned a few days ago to find out he’s got a
tumor in his brain that may be inoperable with his young family and I
was talking to him on the phone just two days ago and as he wept
he said Ravi I’d loved to live a little longer I really would love to live a
little longer but as I’m here talking to you
I want whoever got one saw me and want him to walk through this valley through
this shadow as I walked through these dark days I don’t know what you’re going
through but I want you to know Christ in you is that hope for glory
Christ in you that can took turn the darkest disappointments into his
appointment to conquer not in spite of it but to conquer through it so here it
is he describes your condition provides for your malady provides equipment and
suffering fourthly and quickly how he bridges time please listen to me because
my final point is on the verge of starting and will be important how he
bridges dying the existentialist lives for the moment the traditionalist lives
for the past the utopianist lives for the future the existentialist for the
present the utopianist for the future the traditionalist for the past and as I
look at what Jesus did for you and for me he took bread and when he broke it go
back go back for a moment existentialist for the moment traditionalist for the
past utopian us for the future he took bread and broke it said as often as you
eat of this bread and drink of this cup now you proclaim the Lord’s death in the
past until he come in the future he gave meaning to all of time you see
time is the canvas on which you present your portrait eternity is the keyhole
that takes you into the gallery gives you the whole story you may just
think it’s your story right now one day you will look through the keyhole of
eternity and see his entire plan just as the men on a maius road had all of
history opened up to them and went with their eyes open when he broke that bread
and suddenly all of history was opened up to them young people don’t forget the
past don’t just live for the moment make sure you engage the future all of
history is fused with his meaning because history is ultimately his story
it’s his story and I bring you then to the final and that is the entire truth
of the resurrection of Jesus Christ the resurrection of Jesus Christ and I want
to take you through three simple thoughts here first the people that it
transformed number two what it means for you and me and number three how it
applies to history so please give me your undivided attention now I want you
to follow me this is critical that we understand that the resurrection is not
merely a motif how it defines all of history so the first thing I want to say
to you is precisely the transformation of just even three lives forget the
others Peter Peter the fluctuating ever impulsive Peter he said you are the
Christ the Son of the Living God and Jesus said to him flesh and blood has
not revealed this to you but my father who is in heaven but as soon as that was
said and Jesus told him about the cross and what lay ahead Peter wanted to have
nothing to do with that here he goes again fluctuating fluctuating
fluctuating the transformation of Peter so that he was willing alternately to be
crucified upside down and take the leadership of the church and carried
that message and tell you and me to always be
prepared to give a reason for the hope that is within us and remember what he
said he had been witness to some great scenes he had seen the Transfiguration
of our Lord the whitest white that the I could ever see the brightest light that
the I could ever see so that he fell flat on his face when the
Transfiguration took place as he is blinded and when he got up he says Lord
let’s not go down there he didn’t want to go back to that darkness anymore and
Jesus I know we got work to do and Peter is the one who said but now we have the
word of the prophets made most certain he gives us the written word to carry he
had seen the resurrected Christ not merely the transfigured secondly Thomas
Thomas who said I’m not gonna believe until I reach on the side and feel that
side and feel those hands Jesus presented himself to him Thomas went to
my homeland my ancestors come from the state of Kerala which is where Thomas
set foot on Indian soil to present the gospel to the Indian people after he
felt the side and touched the hands he looked at him on his knees and he said
how curious mo author or small my Lord and my god Saul of Tarsus who was
persecuting and killing the Christians he gets a glimpse of this risen Christ
and ended up writing one third of the New Testament all three of them had one
thing in common they all saw the risen Christ all three of them had another
thing in common they paid with their lives just three lives think of all the
thousands here’s what I want to leave you with as the second thought in 1971
when I was in my 20s I was asked to come and speak in Vietnam I lived in Canada
at that time and there was invited by the chaplains American chaplains and
ministered to the American forces and the Korean forces the
I was only in my mid-20s I had one tiny sermon book that I put into my pocket
had a handful of sermons and preached them again and again and again my
interpreter was a 17-year old young man thousands came to Christ and it
triggered the revival in Vietnam somebody handed me a poem before I left
my mom my twenties my interpreter 17 and the Vietnam revival broke out by the
preaching of two young men here’s what that piece of paper said written by a
u.s. Marine Lord God I have never spoken to you but now I want to say how do you
do you see God they told me you didn’t exist and like a fool I believed all
this last night from a shell hole I saw your sky I figured right then they had
told me a lie had I taken time to see the things you made I’d have known they
weren’t calling a spade a spade I wonder God if you’ll take my hand
somehow I feel that you’ll understand funny I had to come to this hellish
place before I had time to see your face well I guess there isn’t much more to
say but I’m sure glad God I met you today
I guess zero hour will soon be here but I’m not afraid since I know you’re near
the signal well god I’ll have to go I like you lots I want you to know look
now this will be a horrible fight who knows I may come to your house tonight
though I wasn’t friendly to you before I wonder God if you’d wait at your door
look I’m crying I’m shedding tears I’ll have to go now God goodbye strange now
since I met you I’m not afraid to die it’s an amazing little statement and I
want to just read it for you but I want to make sure I get it right and after
that statement a quote Will Durant there is no greater drama on human record than
the sight of a few Christians scorned or oppressed by a succession of emperors
barring all trials with a fierce tenacity multiplying quietly building
order while the enemies generated chaos fighting the sword with the word
brutality with hope and at last defeating the strongest state that
history had ever known Caesar and Jesus Christ had met in the arena and Jesus
Christ had won Caesar and Christ had met in the arena and
Christ had won with a handful of disciples I close with this and I want
you to listen to every word because I want you to take it to heart and then
bow your head quietly in prayer and make a fresh commitment Malcolm Muggeridge
said this one of the most powerful statements I’ve ever heard it’s been
years and years since I quoted it I’m doing my best to recover and recall what
it said so please follow me now Muggeridge says this we look back upon
history and what do we see empires rising and falling revolutions and
counter-revolutions wealth accumulated and wealth disbursed Shakespeare has
spoken of the rise and fall of great ones which have been flow with the moon
I look back upon my own fellow countrymen in England
once upon a time dominating a quarter of the world most of them convinced in the
words of what is still a popular song that the God who made the mighty shall
make them mightier yet I’ve had heard a crazed cracked Austrian announced to the
world the establishment of a Reich that would last a thousand years I’ve seen an
Italian clown saying he was going to stop and restart the calendar with his
own ascension to power I’ve heard murderous Georgian bryggen in
the Kremlin acclaimed by the intellectual elite of the world as a
wiser than Solomon more humane than Marcus Aurelius more enlightened than
Ashoka I have seen America wealthier and in terms of military weaponry more
powerful than the rest of the world put together so that had the American people
so desired they could have outdone a Caesar or an
Alexander in the range and scale of their conquests all in one lifetime all
in one lifetime all gone Gone with the Wind
England part of a tiny island of the coast of Europe threatened with
dismemberment leave in bankruptcy Hitler and Mussolini dead remembered only in
infamy Stalin a forbidden name in the regime he
helped found and dominate for some three decades America haunted by fears of
running out of those precious fluids that keeps her motorways roaring in the
smog settling with troubled memories of a disastrous campaign in Vietnam and the
mist and the and the shenanigans of the Don Quixote eyes of the media as they
charged the windmills of Watergate all in one lifetime all in one lifetime beside the debris of the solemn Superman
and self-styled imperial diplomatists stands the gigantic figure of one person
because of whom by whom in whom and through whom alone mankind might still
have peace the person of Jesus Christ ladies and gentlemen surrender to Him
love him follow him serve him live for him and
take his message wherever you go because these solemn supermen and imperial
diplomatists will someday someday litter some desert terrain or some museum
somewhere they can dance all they want on the grave of Jesus he’s not there he
rose again he describes your heart he provides for
your malady he equips you in suffering he puts meaning into every moment
history and he conquers death through the resurrection from the grave those
are only a handful of thoughts there’s a lot more that I could say god bless you

84 thoughts on “Ravi Zacharias Speaks To 40,000

  1. Hi, please ask Ravi Zacharias to speak about his lawsuit against Lori Anne Thompson, the Canadian woman with whom he was having an online affair. google ravi zacharias sex scandal for full info including Ravi's own court filing in which he does not deny the allegation that he threatened suicide in order to silence Ms. Thompson.

    Also google ravi zacharias credentials for disturbing info on his nearly 40 years of deceiving his donors about his academic credentials.

    Disturbing stuff.

  2. The situation with Ravi's case sounds incredibly suspicious. The opposing side thinks that taking out Ravi will nullify the message. It won't. Whether the rumors are true or false remember that the Bible has plenty of examples of followers who fell and got back up again. I fall into this category but I keep at it because God's forgiveness of me helps me forgive others.

  3. I read the raviwatch pdf earlier this morning before I posted my comment. Again guilt or innocence doesn't change the message of objective truth.

  4. Always going to be a force of evil trying to destroy the kingdom of God. Do not take part in the heresy of some comments. Humans do what humans do….fail, fail you and fail ourselves. Trust only in the Lord God of Heaven and earth.
    I see comments of people trying to take stabs at Ravi but we need take away from him the message and pay attention to nothing else. Pay attention to the TRUTH.
    Does the Truth Matter To You ???

  5. It is good to preach to people to love God and at the same time love others. All religions are preaching the same love for God. However, some do not preach loving others. When a preacher downplays another religion in order to justify that his religion is the only correct one, he goes against the grains of love for others. Thats not religion but egoism. Another point with preachers is there is no point in trying to analyse God with our limited senses. God cannot be analysed but only can be realized through loving him and loving others.

  6. GOD be with you Ravi, I think you are one of the greatest defenders of the faith may GOD bless you.

  7. The argument that ravi can not be taken seriously because he's not perfect is so illogical. No doubt those that disagree with him think that their opinions about life are 100% true… if you didn't think your beliefs were true you wouldn't believe that way. However, you aren't perfect. You've done, said, and thought things that are wrong, yet you believe that your world view is right. So ravi is wrong because he's not perfect yet you're right despite the fact that you're not perfect.
    No true Christian preaches the necessity to be perfect or that perfection is even possible. ALL have sinned and fallen short. The human nature is rebellious. Saved people will not escape temptation until they are in a place where Satan can not tempt them which is heaven. If Hitler said people need oxygen to breath, that statement doesn't become false just because Hitler is a mean person. Truth is not subject to someone's actions. Truth is truth. It's true because its true regardless of how it makes you feel

  8. Ravi ZachaLIEASS! Sheister on wheels! money grubbing religitard feeding off the weak minded!

  9. Ravi tried to imitate Zakir Naik. Ravi will never matches Zakir naik audiences. Islam is the largest practice religion in the world.

  10. Very very profound statements: If evil deserves justice then love is the question and forgiveness is the answer through the Jesus and the cross.

  11. Why are Christians propagating Trinity, Sonship of God and inherited sin as gateway to heaven; when CHRISTIANS KNOW THAT THESE DOCTRINES ARE THEIR OWN INVENTIONS/ASSUMPTIONS?
    TRINITY: which is rooted in the First Epistle of John (1 John 5:7) is NOT the words of Jesus or God. No one knows who wrote this, and 800 YEARS AFTER JESUS:
    JESUS, WORD OF GOD is based on the Gospel of John 1:1-5. Apart from the fact that these are NOT the words of Jesus, NO ONE KNOWS WHO WROTE THE GOSPEL OF JOHN:
    INHERITED SIN was devised by Paul. “PAUL believed that Adam's transgression in a MYSTERIOUS WAY affected the nature of the human race. The primeval sin, a PAULINE CREATION with NO biblical or post-biblical Jewish precedent, was irreparable by ordinary human effort. The formalized Christian doctrine of original sin was FIRST DEVELOPED IN THE 2nd CENTURY by Irenaeus.”
    What sensible man and woman would deliver their souls into the hands of human inventions/assumptions; moreover, inventions/assumptions that are rooted in “anonymous” sources?
    Such is Christianity: baked in the human oven, it is fed to an uneducated world as Divine delicacy.

    Surely, to put God into the body of a woman and pull Him out her orifice and circumcise Him; to attribute to God the acme of injustice of Him loading Adam’s sin onto innocent, helpless and morally and mentally non-competent babies; and to attribute to God the crest of cruelty of Him having innocent Jesus murdered as scapegoat for Adam’s sin; this must be the most grotesque utterance against His Holy Highness; the most disgustingly despicable doctrines devised against God.
    One cannot help but wonder which end the Christian Fathers were sitting on or what they must have been smoking when they penned such gruesome monstrosities against God.

  12. That's right, boy's and girls, Muslims and Hindus are veritable heathens for even suggesting that we should be held accountable for our actions – I mean, that's what Christians teach their children, right? That it doesn't matter what they do, for they will never be held accountable by their god? It's paradoxical to the point of dyslexic. This man has it down. The rhetoric. The showmanship. The emotional painting. He is a dangerous moron. He knows absolutely nothing. Christianity is 100% false. It has nothing to do with anything. As with all theistic religions, it is based on a lie. A supposition. That there is something called a god that is both known and knowable. There is nothing so obviously wrong on the planet. Anyone who submits there is a god has a non-functioning brain. Especially this yahoo. If there were a known god, there would be no religion. Whatever that god was, it would be a common staple to life. A known quality that required no belief. A common reality to wit all would agree what it is and how it functions. No one on this thread is going to agree with me because you all have non-functioning brains. All I said went right over your heads. Go ahead and attack me. I have white hair, an IQ in the top .01 percentile, and I graduated from one of the biggest name universities in this country. So to try to demean me, or to try to convince me that I'm stupid just won't work. This man is clueless. Utterly clueless. The opposite of theism isn't atheism. It's intelligence and honesty. Theism is a complete fraud. I will stand on any stage anywhere, and confront this man's lies. He is only damaging minds, hearts, and souls.

  13. The Bible talks about “clouds” going up and down with people going in and out. Clouds do not make those movements described in the Bible but spaceships do. Jesus ascended in a “cloud” (Acts 1:9). God rides in a “cloud” (Isaiah 19:1, Psalm 104:3). Jesus will come back “with” the “clouds” (Mat 26:64, Rev 1:7). Jesus will come back commanding a fleet of starships. The church will be raptured “in” the “clouds” (I Thess. 4:17). Spaceships will be used to rapture the church. The ancient did not have vocabulary or knowledge to understand what they saw so they called the flying objects “clouds”, “chariots”, and “pillars”, because was the words they had to describe something flying in the sky. The Bible even tells in Psalm 68:17 how many spaceships are in the fleet “The chariots of God are tens of thousands and thousands of thousands” (about 20,000). There is a good research done by Patrick Cooke called “The Great Deception – The Bible UFO Connection” which has the original words describing spaceships. It is all over the Bible. Jesus is real. He is the savior of the world but He is not seating in a puffy cloud. He is commanding a powerful army, which will take control of our planet.

  14. What a performer $$$$$ to be made from the gulible. He's my hero 💪what a scam $$$$$$$$$

  15. God makes Right is no different than :Might makes right. Ravi's science of morality can be summed up in one word, "OBEY". You cannot force people to have empathy.But empathy is the only thing that makes you moral. If a sociopath obeys the Ten commandments are they any less a sociopath? What was the keystone of Morality Abraham reasoned from when he made the "moral" choice to kill his son Issac? Was he not blessed for choosing obedience over empathy? I find that very disturbing. We are not valuable unless God made us? Why is that? Why is the mortal vulnerability of random first causes without value. Simple leads to complex. There is no shame in that. It's like saying an adult should feel foolish that they were once a child.

  16. "TRUTH" Dr. Ravi Zacharias, truth like you said, and the truth is that Jesus is NOT God, .. the truth is that God is NOT a deity who lives with the demons in earths supernatural realm, the truth is that God cannot die, .. He simply can't, and the truth is that God sent His son Word, from Heaven (not from the supernatural realm) into the world, and it was not God who came down, and the truth is that it is Gods Son that died, and rose again on the third Day. To even suggest that "God died for us", or anyone is a blasphemy!

    But the most frightening truth for us all is to be allowed to be deceived by World-Famous Preachers and Teachers who can fill 40,000 seats, who sound like the wisest of the wise, who know History of the Christian Religion and how, and by whom it was created, and how it's Religious Doctrine, .. man made doctrine conflicts with the Bible, and how many innocent lives this Religion has taken over its 1,700 year existence by the most brutal means, only to "protect" those doctrines, .. and for such a man not to let his audience know the full consequences of denying God, the Only True God, .. the Only Possible Infinite, and Eternal Creator "I Am" and dare to face judgement for the unforgivable crime of all: "Calling God and His Power, and His son Word aka Jesus Christ; deities, .. deified men and fallen angels to godhood, demons who reside in the supernatural realm and divine their lies to mediums, Christians who go to Schools of Divinity to get their degrees in none other than "Divinations", who go to Trinity Colleges to be better mediums to spirits, … when it is clear that divinations, and turning to Diviners is a blasphemy in the precious eyes of our Lord!

    I can just hear the horrible sound of our New King of kings and Lord of lords: "Who are you? I tell you I have never known you, get away from me you workers of iniquity, go to him who you have served all these years, the Deity of deities, who along with all the false prophets will be cast into outer darkness, .. " should I say more?

  17. Mr. Ravi…

    I love to hear you talk about the ALMIGHTY LORD GOD YAHWEH OF THE HOLY BIBLE… it's like listening to music, everything so beautifully orchestrated!!!

    Thanks for sharing the WORD OF GOD!!!

  18. By the way Muslims believe in Jesus Christ. He is a Prophet of God. One of the greatest Prophets that ever lived alongside Moses and Noah and David and Solomon. In fact you are NOT a Muslim if you don't believe in Jesus or if you insult him in any manner for or way. Muslims DO BELIEVE that Jesus will return at the end of times to lead the fight of good vs evil. Not only do they believe it but will follow him in that fight if they were alive. They do NOT believe that their Prophet will come lead the fight. They believe it will be Jesus, son of Mary!! Chosen by God for that honor!! They consider what Jesus taught as the true message of God. They do NOT consider the bible to be it as YOU allowed it to be corrupted. No one alive, including Ravi, know who the authors of the Bible are. Everybody, Christian or not, know that the authors of the Bible were not Matthew or Mark, Luke or John. The very first copy of anything written was almost a century after Jesus or the discliples. Almost 100 years later this book was written, by people copying versions of bibles, and you think that it is the word of God? Hahaha. When the greatest Antichrist of all, Paul, convinced the world to absolutely forget everything that Jesus taught, and follow his word instead, a man who had never met Jesus never heard him preach never watched him heal, actually convinced the world to follow him instead, by claiming he had a vision of Jesus! This man said he dreamt Jesus told him something and the whole world put everything that Jesus had taught, and instead followed this Man Paul. the Bible has been changed so many different times that no one knows where the truth lies anymore! So I challenge all you Christians out there go find out who wrote this Bible because understand one thing, it was not Jesus promise it was not Matthew Mark Luke or John! It was not written in the time of Jesus and it was written by no one that had even met Jesus or his disciples! The Bible was written by various different scribes throughout history and always conformed to the times!! in other words, whatever was accepted in society at the time, was how the Bible was changed! In fact the first person to try and get one book to be accepted as the Bible was Constantine of Rome who at the Council of Nicea, concocted a version of the Bible! So what Christianity are you following? Jesus's Christianity? Cuz trust and believe that you are not following what Jesus taught! You hold Paul's writings dearer than anything Jesus ever said! And you call yourself Christians? That's a joke!

  19. Ravi has lied about his academic credentials for years and recently he was involved in an online affair with Lori Anne Thompson. When will he and RZIM be held accountable?

  20. Blessed to always hear this wise man! Keep on keeping on Mighty Man of Valor!! #isaiah54:17 #shalom

  21. I was there when he preached this and this was the event that was one of the first sparks that brought me to full surrender to Jesus Christ after a 4 year drug addiction that nearly destroyed me

  22. In his joke about the woman saying to him that's amazing that you have questions too, he's boasting about himself! The gullible people there can't perceive it!

  23. Listen to his salvation story and compare it to how people got saved in the scriptures and you must conclude he's never got saved.

  24. He claims to be a Christian apologist! He should apologize for claiming to be a Christian apologist! He doesn't defend Christianity at all.

  25. Did he actually say Peter became the leader of the church????
    That's a Roman Catholic lie! The head of the church is the Lord Jesus Christ:
    And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

    Matthew 16:18 KJV

    And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church,

    Ephesians 1:22 KJV

    And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.

    Colossians 1:18 KJV

    The head of the church is the Lord Jesus Christ!!! Not Peter!!! Zachalieass speaks blasphemy!!!

  26. Always talking about themselves. Their past, their story on and on…. Its like their main recipe for the ignorant.

  27. Ravi has a built in Kipa… might as well go Messianic… like Yeshua/Jesus, Paul and the rest.

  28. Does Ravi actually think it was called the "Ministry of Defence" in Nazi Germany? It would have been the Ministry of War obviously. He is blaming university professors for the holocaust he is so anti-intellectual. The holocaust was Martin Luther's idea. Nazi-Germany was 99% Christian and 1% Jewish. Who was in the concentration camps? Jews and gays. Everybody Christians hate. The Bible endorses genocide and promotes anti-Semitism.

  29. Malcom Muggeridge was a serial groper of women. Ravi is like Archie Bunker he is such an ignorant hate mongering narrow minded bigot and yet so smug and arrogant. How exactly did Jesus defeat Caesar in the arena? What an idiotic analogy and how foolish and inaccurate.

  30. Ravi does this all the time. He says that "We killed more people in the 20th century than in the 19 previous centuries combined." Well yeh that's true only because there were more people living in the 20th century and because of advances in technology. Ravi often says things which are technically true, but completely misleading and dishonest.

  31. No music. No peanut gallery. Just truth. As I listen to this man that God transformed through his words before I was born. A man at a crossroad bound greatness was unlocked by the word of God. He accepted Gods grace and now here I am watching and listening and most importantly remembering Gods grace in my own life. My mistakes. My offenses and how God gave me another chance to make up my exam. Thank you Dr. Zacharias. I pray that God unlocks my greatness as he has for you. That I can become a living sacrifice for others as you are for so many as you follow Christ

  32. The greatest that ever lived; He had no servants, yet they called Him Master. He had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher. He had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer. He had no army, yet Kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world. He had no crime, yet they crucified Him. He had no need, yet He forgave them as they mocked. He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today. His name is Jesus Christ and He is the saviour of the world.

  33. When will Ravi be held responsible for his academic misrepresentation and online affair with Lori Anne Thompson? Does celebrity status, legal resources and influential connections matter more than TRUTH?

    The academic issues are as follows:

    1. Ravi claiming to be a "visiting scholar at Cambridge University" when he was on sabbatical for 3 months at Ridley Hall (a Church of England training center) in the city of Cambridge. Cambridge University has explicitly denied in an official letter that they ever invited him as a visiting scholar. What he really did was to sit on one or two courses at the university due to close proximity.

    2. Ravi saying that he is lecturer at Oxford University when the university has also denied in an official letter that he was never a lecturer or a professor there at any time.
    3. Ravi claiming on his website that he has been conferred with "8 doctoral degrees" without disclosing that they were honorary. A number of his books (in the backcover) state that he was "educated at Cambridge University." As mentioned earlier, he never studied nor was he ever a visiting scholar at Cambridge University.

    4. Ravi repeatedly saying (you can check various youtube videos) that he studied "quantum physics" under John Polkinghorne at Cambridge University in 1990 when Dr. Polkinghorne stopped teaching Physics in 1979. Additionally, Ravi was never a student or visiting scholar at Cambridge University to begin with.

    5. Ravi declaring that he lectures at universities like Harvard and Yale when all these events were organized by Christian groups and local churches which would rent an auditorium on the university campus to hold the meetings. For instance, one of the organizers for the Harvard event was the Chinese Holy Ghost Fellowship.

    6. Ravi saying that he was the Chair of a Department that did not exist at the institution where he taught in the 80's.

    7. Ravi stating that he won a prestigious international "All Asian Preaching Award" when what he actually participated in was a local preaching contest organized by Youth For Christ (YFC) in India. Steve Baughman spoke to all three judges who were at the competition and they have confirmed that Ravi's claims are false.

    8. Ravi states that his first book was based on lectures delivered at the Bell Labs in New Jersey but they have absolutely no record of him.

    9. Why did Ravi and RZIM completely change the content on their website after all the misrepresentations became public? Obviously, because they were marketing lies!

    Secondly, the online affair issue boils down to the following:

    1. Why did Ravi threaten suicide in his email to Lori Anne Thompson?

    2. Why does he accuse Lori of betraying him in the email?

    3. Why does Ravi ask Lori to meet with him before disclosing his name to her husband?

    4. Why does Ravi ask Lori if she was going to reveal his name to her husband and plead with her to meet him in person before doing anything?

    5. Why did he not report to the RZIM board when he started receiving the nude picture from Lori? Why did he continue to engage Lori for quite sometime (as he himself admits) till the demand for 5 million?

    6. Why has he nor RZIM denied anything from the emails?

    Much of the evidence, including letters from institutions, emails etc. can be found on raviwatch.com

  34. Dear Raviji, I've listened to many of your lectures, and every time I'm still enthralled by your discourse. The love you have for our Lord Jesus comes through each time.
    I thank Him for technology that enables me to still hear all your lectures of years ago.
    What a privilege and honour to learn from you!
    May God bless you more as you continue being a blessing to us.
    All Glory be to our God.

  35. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father except by me.AMEN

  36. Ooh, wow, maybe he could explain why his cohort Sam Allberry is telling crowds that transgenders can serve in church leadership all under the banner of RZIM? After you watch that video watch The Zacharias Institute teaching on "How Can I Know My Gender?"

  37. Applause, whistling, etc. is NOT the appropriate response to the preaching
    of scriptural truth…

  38. Praise the '''LORD''' .. He came to Kochi, Kerala, India last year, and we were present, 45 minutes, my friend who was stoic, hardrock, almost senseless in family values heard Ravi sir and wept .. I was stunned.. '''JESUS CHRIST''' moves the mountains in our burdened hearts..

  39. "the most powerful weapon in the world is the truth," But, our Father God is the way, the truth and the life

  40. Ravi needs to go back to the Mormon Tabernacle and preach the whole gospel to them. Including telling them that they are deceived and need to repent of their error. Do it right this time Ravi.

  41. Ravi Zacharius is a fake . He claims to have credentials, he just doesn't have. He put DR in front of his name , until this lie was discovered. He owns " servants ", and was involved in a sexting scandal with a married woman. He uses the bible as a prop to scam people out of their money. Look at the stupid Christians in the audience. And they're stupid enough to give this con man their money .

  42. I respect this man much, BUT how he can justify his support of Trump – baffles

  43. Blessings to you❤ My Jesus always be your strength!!!!!

  44. Hallelujah …. God bless you Ravi Zacharias you are among the great apologists of today..following from kenya

  45. Just finished watching this, I am moved to tears, I realize how much I have lost sight of the One who loves me and gave Himself for me, I pray that He would minister fresh eye salve that we might see again.

  46. Great message my fellow Indian. ..I thought the gospel was only for the white people
    Am so surprised to know so many Indian preacher deep rooted in God. ..am so happy Lord.

  47. Ravi is a CONMAN, a LIAR. Research mr, ummm, "Dr" Zacharias and his use of bogus credentials…….

  48. I want to here a True Godly message on How to live with a Christian abusive husband who is backslidingin his Christian faith, manifesting dangerous narcissistic characters day by day and making you helpless to leave him with all kinds of manipulations…. I am women of 45 yrs age doing nothing but struggling to get justice….. Waiting for God's mercy and justice… I tried everything to make it work by love and grace, but nothing is working so far…. Pls help me sir… I am from India

  49. God, the universal, super-intelligent, super-consciousness is present everywhere and is also within everyone,. This universal entity has NO FAVOURITES, whether 'believer' or 'non-believer'. All souls are equal. Souls have no religion, gender, class or creed. All faiths worship the same infinite, universal soul entity but may have different concepts of the infinite because our material senses are too limited and finite. The finite cannot comprehend the infinite. The cup cannot contain the ocean. The finite can only realize ( through inner meditation) the infinite from within our intelligent soul consciousness. Our intelligent consciousness is our true self. Within the core of our soul lies a spark of the super-consciousness. The kingdom of God is within you. Seek God within you.

  50. To understand the “Trinity”, you must first appreciate and understand the full meaning of the word “one”. The word “one” has always had two meanings: (1) singularity and (2) composite unity. Examples: In terms of “singularity”, the water molecule is one. But in terms of “composite unity”, the ‘oneness’ of the water molecule consists of two different natures: (1) Oxygen and (2) Hydrogen or (H2O). In terms of “singularity”, time is one. But in terms of “composite unity”, the ‘oneness’ of time consists of three different natures: (1) Past, (2) Present, and (3) Future. In terms of “singularity”, the universe is one. But in terms of “composite unity”, the ‘oneness’ of the universe consists of three different natures: (1) Time, (2) Space, and (3) Phenomenon — everything we can see, hear, feel, smell, and taste.

    The Science of Natural Laws support the trinity. It states, “Whatever is ‘one’ is a unity of many different natures or components (things).” Example: You are one person. But within your “oneness”, you have three different natures: (1) body, (2) spirit, and (3) soul. Your body is you, your spirit is you, and your soul is you. But your body is not the same as your spirit, and your spirit is not the same as your soul. However, each you (body, spirit, and soul), by itself, is actually you. In fact, on the day you die, people will refer to your body as your “remains” (left-behind or left-over). If your body is your “left-over” or “left-behind”, then where did the rest of you go? This can only make sense if within your “oneness” you are more than one you. And in this case, you are a “three-in-one” – you are a trinity.

    The message of the Bible is acceptably simple: God is one. Within His “Oneness”, there are three different Natures: (1) Father, (2) Word of God, and (3) Spirit of God. One day, God in His infinite wisdom and powers, took one of His three Natures called “Word of God” or “Word”, and placed Him inside the Womb of the Virgin Mary. Nine months later, a Child is born. The Child, naturally, is both the “Son of God” and the “Son of Man”.

    The Apostle John, in two verses, explains it this way: John 1:1 reads, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God,” and in John 1:14 the Apostle added this: “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His Glory, the Glory as the only begotten Son of the Father, full of grace and full of truth.” In other words, Jesus is one of God’s Natures who is covered in human skin. That is what the Prophet Isaiah meant when he said, “The Child will be the Father of Himself.” Isaiah 6:9 reads, “For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given…His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.”

    Because Jesus is one of God’s Natures covered in human skin, Jesus correctly said, “I am in my Father and my Father is in me. I and my Father are one. If you have seen me, you have seen my Father. Before Abraham was, I am.” Jesus is also the “Son of Man” by way of His Human Mother. Thus, Jesus had human natures. In the sense of humanity (morality, ethics), it is understood that a son is not greater than his father. Jesus said, “My Father is greater than I.”

    Islam was established to prevent (stop) Jesus from being God. But Muhammed’s understanding of the word “one” was lacking or inadequate. That is why Islam’s rejection of the trinity is based on the mathematical equation: (1 + 1 + 1 = 3). It assumes that because you are a trinity, (your body + your spirit + your soul = 3 different human beings). Or in the case of the atom, (the protons + the neutrons + the electrons) equals three different atoms.

    From the beginning of creation, all peoples, all tribes, and all nations have understood the word “one” in terms of both “singleness” and “unity”. Deuteronomy 6:4 reads, “Hear O Israel, the LORD, our God is one LORD.” But God is a Trinity. This is like saying, “Hear O American people, the government, our U.S. Government is one government.” But the U.S. Government is a trinity, because within the ‘Oneness of the U.S. Government’ there are three different natures (government): (1) Executive Branch of Government, (2) Legislature Branch of Government, and (3) Judicial Branch of Government.

    Interestingly, no Islamic country argues that because the United States Government is a trinity, it alone must get three votes on every United Nations Resolution.

    My prayer is that in your desire to seek and to know the truth, you will consider the word “composite unity”. It, too, means “one”. God is one.

  51. Ravi please talk about Virgin Mary Mother of God and of all generation

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