Raych Jackson – “For Korah”

After Korah led a rebellion against Moses,
God split the ground open. Korah, his followers,
their wives and children, fell into the earth. God brought the ground back together and dropped fire from the sky on the rest. The next day, God gave
the final rebels a plague. This is for Korah. My Sunday School teacher thinks
we’ve forgotten God is a murderer, reminds us to walk by faith
and not by sight, or else. Sometimes family
and close friends will betray God, and then the earth can’t remember
the last time it ate. Sometimes God will make a flash decision
that has to be accepted. God opened up the earth
and swallowed Moses’ enemies, smashed the pieces of the ground together, crushed them like a pressed tulip
in a forgotten book. They all became dirt, helped the land be
more fertile, more rich. Korah’s blood fed the worms, a little Red Sea of his own. One flower grows yearly
where the dirt re-met, a recurring tombstone, a reminder. Our God is the creator and the destroyer. Our loyalty chooses
the side the coin will land on. Poor Moses. Vouching for old friends was a waste, an added speck in ground,
a splash in the dirt. This lesson is my church’s favorite story, reminds us Moses
couldn’t even save someone from God’s wrath. God’s wrath is only for those not saved. Save your words for God’s love. Save God’s love for you, and only you. (applause) Oh my god. Oh, this is perfect.
I have just enough–

6 thoughts on “Raych Jackson – “For Korah”

  1. God isn’t a murderer. If a bunch of jerks started harassing and messing with your friend, wouldn’t you get pissed? Food for thought. Also, the poem was hard to follow.

  2. I love her poetry. She has a complex mind. She’s well written. I absolutely love that…it would be amazing to have a conversation with her.

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