Raymond Carver Poem About Marriage: "Morning, Thinking of Empire" – (poem video)

we press our lips to the enamelled rim of the cups and know this grease that floats over the coffee well one day stop our hearts eyes and fingers drop onto silver work that is not silverware outside the window waves beat against the chipped walls of the old city your hands rise from the rough tablecloth as if to prophesy their lips tremble I want to say to hell with the future our future lies deep in the afternoon it is a narrow street with a cart driver a driver who looks at us and hesitates then shakes his head meanwhile I coolly crack the egg of a fine Leghorn chicken your eyes film you turn from me and look across the rooftops at the sea even the Flies are still I crack the other egg surely we have diminished one another you

2 thoughts on “Raymond Carver Poem About Marriage: "Morning, Thinking of Empire" – (poem video)

  1. I enjoyed the abundance of eggs. This couple is really hungry.

  2. "Morning, Thinking of Empire" Your poem video work is improving greatly. I always look forward to your next video. I think there is a future with poetry videos. Keep up the good work.

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