RBCxMusic: Music Makes You ft. TOBi

♪♪♪ – How’d you get into music? – I was working full time, I legitimately loved
what I was doing, but I knew that my passion and my life calling for so long
was making music. I told myself I have to do
this right now, so I don’t feel regret
in the future. I’ve been writing poetry
since I was about 8-years-old. When I first moved to Canada
from Nigeria it was a means
of coping for me. – Who are some of your
favourite poets? – Nayyirah Waheed,
Arisa Daley Ward, Charles Bukowski. Gil Scott-Heron really
influenced me in my work. As a teenager I used to
just straight rap on songs and I think I was limiting
myself as an artist because I was saying
“Is this gonna be cool? Is this gonna be well received?” The music that really hits me
is when an artist isn’t afraid to defy convention. They’re able to do some soul
searching in the process. That’s why on this new project, I’m playing with harmonies, I’m playing with different
arrangements. I’m even going super off kilter and not doing traditional
song structures. I wanted to create
a rich soundscape. – What sort of role does your
mental health and awareness factor in? – We’re tapping into a new
state of awareness as artists and the important thing
with that is to remember our why. I have to remember my purpose
of why I’m doing this so that I’m not swept
by social media or chatter, and I remember
what I’m rooted in. And currently my what and how
is creating music and creating art that brings
people together. – Fill in the blank with one
word “Music makes me…”? – Music makes me happy,
it makes me alive. Music makes me alive. ♪♪♪

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