Reacting to Rohit Shakya x The Underdogs (Uniq Poet, Symfamous, Grizzle, Menace)

hello subscribers the day we are reacting to but I'll hit sake and the underdog cynic put some mass and gristle and menace I didn't know there were so many people and they're underdogs I know unique poet only from all of these people so hopefully if they really do there I hope they I hope I enjoy anyway 37 thousand subscribers well thank you so much for every single one of you I never expected to have these dis much subscribers also I never expected a lot like the baccarat so much also I never expected to venture out of like my usual usual reactions which is vocally nice performances I usually love live performances with vocals however I'm someone who enjoys rap in my own time so that's why I started in these Nepalese rap reactions just because someone requested it so I really enjoyed thank you so much for every question that first reaction from me which is kings of nap hop I think thank you so much because you should you have showed me like a whole country which is everyone's like great I rap so I'm really you know grateful for that okay we can start recording in 3 2 1 go also I do not understand the Nepalese language which is something to be expected of me because I'm from Bosnia so like very far away but I really do enjoy every single one of the pals reactions that I did so that's why I'm doing another one also this was requested 20 times by this one person so I hope you enjoyed and I'm giving you a shout-out for being so persistent and not getting mad at me for not reacting to it right away because I'm someone who gets like like so much quests and it's really hard for me to decide which ones I'm gonna do so sorry anyways this one doesn't have English subs I think okay I don't know maybe it does and then text no language stops so we're just gonna listen yeah also the usually pause my video sorry let me see just something wait I think this is they support you and IQ your night care sorry I always nice it's nice I really really think any boy has like one of the greatest words in English and his English is very fluent he doesn't sound awkward at all when he spits in English it sounds really like it comes from here so I really appreciate him he's really good the needle to your vein the thing about music when they hit you feeling pain is nice I really like him I think he he really does good in English and of course in that police but in English surprisingly well he reminds me of someone I cannot put my finger on this right now that Chile's voice and that floor really reminds me of someone I don't know who someone maybe tell me do you have anyone he reminds you of so I can maybe figure it out but he's really really good he's like a native speaker I know him I think I think I know how he's familiar has familiar face like his flow nice he really has like both of them have really nice lyrics really motivational I love these types of rap that motivate you to do something or to like become better to better yourself I really really enjoy these types of lyrics really much my motivation was so far like wow I really really like this song okay I don't recognize it really like the speech as well like his voice the most I like him the most for now I know I am the biggest fan of unique but I really really like him please someone tell me who he is because he has one of the Vice coolest voices he's a bit morning then then they both have like very like low voices but he has something you know something a bit more special I really like it just vocally his flow okay I like his flow a lot okay like I'm the best so far hopefully you didn't mind me saying who I like the best this is just you know group it's not a battle don't worry cool your mind you you might be of old school rap when like I don't wanna like offend anyone boom boom biggie and stuff like that when I hear that he has that tone of the voice and as well the pronunciation of old-school rapper please don't kill me I like it it's just like different I didn't expected I like him doesn't like him I like all of them I think all of them are amazing Wow did not expect this to be like like this equal for me like in terms of like knowing these people I only know it unique so it's really weird for me to like like everyone equally I usually have someone I like better and someone like maybe like a bit less you know but I like them all like equally he really surprised me with his like delivery like it's really like old-school for me please don't kill me just because I said Vicki I don't mean he's as good as Vicki but it's just the the vibe I get from him I feel like he listens to a lot of old-school rap this guy killing it though I'm glad they let him shine as well I guess this is over sorry Mike I got water and okay let's stop recording was coming from this first of all I like calling them equally surprisingly all of them are really really good not surprisingly because I know in nepali the rappers are really good but i watched a lot of rebels from nepal and most of them are deleted because i thought they were gone on copyright strike it so i asked them and they told me i can react to any of them because they were very nice people so if you want any rebels please do comment down below but when I reacted to rap battles to me it always seems like one opponent was a bit stronger than the other here it's really really equal I think all of the lyrics are really nicely written I know this I don't think this is a is this a freestyle I don't think so because okay okay okay well it's five you okay so yeah it's it's not okay but it's not a freestyle I could tell because there was no thinking you know I really like these types of like ciphers and I don't know if I should call it a cypher but it seems like a cypher because there's a lot of people you know just going in really hard and I really like the positive message in this whole thing I haven't heard so wary ink for some reason I am someone who enjoys swearing in rap however when it's such a nice positive thing that is like these lyrics and so inspiring it doesn't need any swearing so that's good I think this would this people would really like this in the fall because for some reason some people in the pub really don't like swearing in the rap music which is pretty weird to me because here rap is kind of all about suing here in my country but that's also not very good so it should be a balance if you are gonna swear in rap make sure it like has a point here this song really seems like really clean and I really like that feeling and it feels like so motivating and so like inspiring and nice I've really enjoyed it it's a bead as well Wow I really really enjoyed this type of beat it's like I don't know how to describe this Peter but it's really really good and it goes well with all of their flows let me just see who I liked have a stop recording let me see yes I have okay I like them okay me boy it was first this guy have a second I in my opinion the voice that I like the most because of uniqueness was the third guy please do tell me who that is so I can check out his solo songs more because I already know unique and all of them are really good but third guy really left the biggest impression on me just for his voice like just for his tone of the voice and also for the way he thought it was really really nice I really liked him I expected to like unique boy the most however because he started I think I I don't know I just I like him but I liked him the best third guy tell me who the third guys okay it was grizzle I guess I think because if they're in there order unique point is first some math honest I don't know how to browse that is second and I think Rizal is third and menaces fourth so I don't know Manas seems to like old-school hip-hop that's what it seems to me and Corozal is really really cool I really like him eunuch boat is always amazing with lyrics and some I don't know how to pronounce him second guy is really really good as well I saw him in a rap battle I think when in you know underdogs were battling someone and he was really quick with his words so I really liked him there as well so this was a complete success I did not expect to liked every single one of these people and I even like the beat maker so that was amazing or the producer however I call him so yeah amazing hope you enjoyed my reaction I really did not expect to like this as much as I did so thank you so much for the person who requested this for 20 times I you are one of the most you're the MVP of this because you asked me so many times and I'm so sorry I haven't like haven't responded like more quickly I'm so sorry but I really hope you do enjoy this video and I really liked it so props to you thank you for requesting this so if you have a request the video just tell me if you want me to shout you out if I ever do that video I probably will so you know if you want a shout out I guess don't make it I mean just please make it really like simple because I cannot read especially Nepali names I don't know how to read them yeah hope you enjoy I love you

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