Reading a Cursed Japanese Poem【ASMR】

Hey guys it’s Nihongo Johnny and welcome
to my channel if you are new My name is Johnny and I talk about all things
Paranormal and Japan Today I thought I would try something really
new and try some ASMR I have had a lot of requests to do this So I thought I would give it a try I don’t think it’s going to be something
I do on a regular basis But I thought I would try it just once If you guys do like this though please feel
free to let me know in the comments And if not that’s okay too Tonight I will be reading a cursed poem In both Japanese and English I have read part of this poem before but I’ve never read the entire thing It is said that this poem was written in the
early 1900s by a Japanese man who lived in France and he had a lot of influence by French poets It is said that this poem is extremely cursed and that if you read it you might just feel
a very scary feeling You might start to get sick and you might even die Those who read it are cursed with misfortune
But I guess I’m just going to take the chance and see what happens I did once have this friend who read it on
his live stream on YouTube and the following week his computer actually
broke so that might have been a coincidence or it might just have been the cursed poem I think tonight is the perfect night to read
this poem Because today it was thundering all day in
Los Angeles and that never really happens so it made it extra creepy and I’m so excited to try to read this to
you guys tonight Once again this is my first time doing ASMR So please let me know in the comments below
what you guys think and… If this goes badly I might just never do it again and we’ll just forget this ever happened but if you guys do like this I’d be happy to make another one but I don’t really want to turn my channel
into an ASMR channel I just thought it would be something fun to
do Okay, so
I’m going to start off by reading this in English and then I will do the Japanese version Tomino’s Hell Elder sister vomits blood
younger sister’s breathing fire while sweet little Tomino
just spits up the jewels All alone does Tomino
go falling into that hell a hell of utter darkness
without even flowers Is Tomino’s big sister
the one who whips him? The purpose of the scourging
hangs dark in his mind Lashing and thrashing him
But never quite shattering One sure path to Avici
the eternal hell Into that blackest of hells
guide him now, I pray to the golden sheep
to the nightingale How much did he put
in that leather pouch to prepare for his trek to
the eternal hell Spring is coming
to the valley, to the wood to the spiraling chasms
of the blackest hell The nightingale in her cage
the sheep aboard the wagon and tears well up in the eyes
of sweet little Tomino Sing, o nightingale
in the vast, misty forest he screams he only misses
his little sister His wailing desperation
echoes throughout hell a fox peony
opens its golden petals Down past the seven mountains
and seven rivers of hell the solitary journey
of sweet little Tomino If in this hell they be found
may they then come to me, please those sharp spikes of punishment
from Needle Mountain Not just on some empty whim
Is flesh pierced with blood-red pins they serve as hellish signposts
for sweet little Tomino That was really creepy But I didn’t feel anything I thought the poem was kind of beautiful in
a dark way to tell you the truth What did you guys think? I don’t think anything bad has happened
to me yet But I guess we’re just going to have to
wait and see I heard that the Japanese version is the actually
cursed one So maybe if I read it in Japanese I might
get a different result Let’s try it and see 姉は血を吐く、妹は火吐く、
可愛いトミノは宝玉(たま)を吐く ひとり地獄に落ちゆくトミノ、
地獄くらやみ花も無き 鞭(むち)で叩くはトミノの姉か、
鞭の朱総(しゅぶさ)が気にかかる 叩けや叩きやれ叩かずとても、
無間(むげん)地獄はひとつみち。 暗い地獄へ案内をたのむ、
金の羊に、鶯に。 皮の嚢(ふくろ)にやいくらほど入れよ、
無間地獄の旅支度。 春が来て候(そろ)林に谿(たに)に、
暗い地獄谷七曲り。 籠にや鶯、車にや羊、
可愛いトミノの眼にや涙。 啼けよ、鶯、林の雨に
妹恋しと声かぎり。 啼けば反響(こだま)が地獄にひびき、
狐牡丹の花がさく。 地獄七山七谿めぐる、
可愛いトミノのひとり旅。 地獄ござらばもて来てたもれ、
針の御山(おやま)の留針(とめばり)を。 赤い留針だてにはささぬ、
可愛いトミノのめじるしに。 So that was definitely a little bit more creepy I feel like it’s hard to make Japanese into
ASMR because it has so many harsh sounds It might be easier for a Japanese person to
do it, but I’m sort of struggling So I’m hoping that it was relaxing for you
guys to hear either way I didn’t feel sick.. I felt a little creeped out. My arms started shaking a bit, but I think
it’s because I’m holding myself up Nothing bad happened and I don’t think I’m
going to die I think that this is definitely an urban legend But I guess we’re just going to have to
wait and see I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated If anything happens to me I’ll update you guys both on Twitter and
on YouTube But I want to know what you guys thought Which of these two poems did you find more
scary? Or did you not find either of them scary? Let me know in the comments below and as always if you haven’t already, please
hit subscribe and if you liked this video please give it
a thumbs up and finally please make sure to turn on the
bell for more notifications I put out spooky videos every friday so you never want to miss out on any of those and before I ended this ASMR session I just wanted to thank you guys all for watching and if you made it to the end let me know I’ll be very happy to hear that and I will see all of you guys next week for
another spooky video Thank you once again

73 thoughts on “Reading a Cursed Japanese Poem【ASMR】

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