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hey guys so cuz around the camera oh whoa so today I think a few months ago I made a video about a rioter that I really enjoy Henry Morris and I figured today I will continue that series so today's writeable we'll be talking about is Justin Martyr I do not have a picture of him sorry you probably could look up what people think he looks like though there's no guarantee that that's accurate so Justin Martyr he was born in some place called Nablus in abl us you'll have to look that up I tried looking it up I can't really figure it out in about AD 100 and to kind of give you a brief brief overview of his life before we talk about his work he started off life as a pagan philosopher he tried the Stoics he tried the pythagoreans and finally he settled in with the plate plate on us Paul was a Plato until he met a Christian man whom as far as I can tell right now I can't figure out who it was it doesn't say particularly who converts him to Christ and after that Justin became a very determined and very strong fighter for the faith Justin was he became a very influential teacher among the early Christians and he was martyred hence his honorific of martyr Justin Martyr and he was martyred in Rome 8165 hears at the age of 65 him and several of his students they were questioned by the prefect Rustica I hope I'm pronouncing that name right I'm not even gonna try and pronounce his students names they were questioned they were told to sacrifice to the pagan gods and they refused so they were scourge and then beheaded okay so now we've done a brief overview of his life let's talk about his work so Justin had a Vienna philosophers mind and he was a very intelligent man and so he wrote several what's called apologies now it's not an apology is and he's saying he's sorry that's an apology as in him defending something like a Christian apologist so Justin he wrote two of those he wrote several addresses to the Greeks about their religion and stuff and I'm currently reading his dialogue with try though now trifle was a Jewish philosopher of the second century same time is Justin I haven't finished yet it's a really good read though I would strongly strongly strongly recommend checking out his work and something of note that I would like to point out and this doesn't just apply to Justin a surprise to all the early church writers so Tertullian Origen Polycarp Ignatius all of them something I would like to point out is that too often people want to say certain things about Christianity either well the modern Christianity is just one of many types of Christianity they like to point to Gnosticism for example and that's clearly not true Gnosticism was not a form of Christianity it was a heresy or so Justin kind of disproves all those sayings the Mormons who like to say well the Bible's been corrupted well first off you know they have no proof of that it's just Joseph Smith's word and well he wasn't exactly known to be the most reputable guy their people come in so there's so that Justin proves that the Bible has not been corrupted or the Jehovah's Witnesses who like to teach that well the early church didn't believe in the Trinity they didn't believe in it until Constantine came along in it that's also not true Justin talks about the Trinity he talks about the deity of Christ and the hope and the holy spirit so we know that's not true or the Roman Catholic cult that likes to say that you know the church has always taught praying to Mary they've always taught you know indulgences purgatory stuff like that well Justin doesn't mention it you know he never mentions Mary except for us Jesus's mother and that's it that's all he mentions he never mentions praying to her he never calls for a co-redeemer never calls for a co intercessor or none of that he never calls for any of that and so it's very interesting to go back and read these early writers now let me quickly clarify because I know I'm gonna hear about this I am not calling these writers Scripture okay I do not at all place them on the same levels as Scripture under no certain I believe that the Bible is complete everything necessary for salvation is in the Bible contained from Genesis to Revelation however when it comes to these writers I do believe it's it's a good thing to read especially if you're going to study into being a minister or pasta or ever you want to call it or if you want to write in defense of the cursed – all because the eyes outside just by reading one man just by reading Justin alone for example you know I can clearly show that all these ideas that people like to toss around about Christianity they're not true the Christians have always believed in the deity of Christ we've always believed in the Bible as inerrant Scripture we've always believed but there is no one beside Christ and so again I'm not advocating for these guys to be added description but I am saying it's kind of nice to read them and to understand what the early church believed and not all of it's perfect and these were human beings they were liable to make mistakes Tertullian is a perfect example of someone who makes mistakes he'd later on join the montanus movement and that's you know if I make a video on Tortelli and we'll talk about him in more detail anyway so the works by Justin I would recommend his first and second apology very good reads his address to the Greeks and his dialogue with try though there's the ones I've read so far as well as the martyrdom of Justin I think I've got some of his others I don't call them off the top of my head I can't remember what else he wrote or anything like that I can't remember for sure but this is what I've got so far and I said they've all been very influential and very insightful sorry insightful not influential my mistake so I'm gonna leave you guys with that if you guys want I can cover Tertullian probably either next week or the week after if you guys would be interested in that maybe I could cover someone like cotillion for better references and stuff I would definitely recommend checking out the channels posta Apostolic Church and Kent Johnson does very good when he comes to talking about the church fathers or church ride I call them truck fires I don't call them Church Fathers she just said call no man your father and I'm going to hold true to that but yeah that's basically it for this one guys let me know you're caught in the comments down below if you've heard of Justin Martyr if you've read any of his work or if you'd like to if you are new consider subscribing hit the like button and share the video with others and that'll be about it say bye Christopher bye I'll see you guys later god bless you

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