Recording A Spotify Ad

*Intro music plays* (Off Camera) Audio Rolling (Off Camera) Action *alarm sound, blender, and screaming* BUY SPOTIFY PREMIUM, YOU CHEAP FUCK (Off Camera) We got it We got it? Awesome

100 thoughts on “Recording A Spotify Ad

  1. *disgusting crinkle noises*
    LOOok aT alL weVe acCoMplIsHed
    *licking and breathing noises*
    iTs pErFeCt (??)
    *smelling noises*
    rEEceS tHe m0vIe

  2. Had Spotify premium since day one and WOW I never knew there are so many peasant cheap fucks that sweat their balls to get one

  3. People are masochists, prefer to hear a minute of ads instead of buying a song for a dollar. Or use adblock and listen to their music on YouTube

  4. Soundcloud did a better Job with the Ads there u get only 1 and then the next song starts.
    But Spotify u get 3 and they tell u to buy Premium -.-

  5. …but cheese only lasts so long. The impression a small business makes has to last longer.

  6. It's actually quite sad I can't relate to that. Been using Premium for a few years now..

  7. heY Can I aSk yOu sOMETHinG?😐🥺¡
    cAn iT wAit‼️😡✌️iM tRyiNg tO gEt mY mUsiC bEfORE the fliGHT🏖✈️
    wHY? i jUst dOwnlOad mY mUsiC📥on the gO💺🛵🛵🚲
    yOu caN PLAY MUSIC in The aIr??!!😳🗣🛎🎧
    i cAn pLay mUsic iN a SuBmArIne😎🤓🗺⛴

  8. What's so special? All ads are like this and because of it I'll never buy premium.

  9. Spotify non-premium on mobile is worst music app ever, you cant even play what you want, all you can do play is random song from playlist, you cant even replay song….

  10. Spotify without premium is useless though. How do you folk listen to music on planes etc?

  11. I want to be legal and use Spotify so artist get money because of their work but every time I heard an Spotify add I just say fuck it and go back to my illegally downloaded music

  12. I cannot relate to this video because I am not a poor person and I pay for a subscription.


  14. This is what it sounds like when I’m listening to lofi and one of these loud ass ads come on

  15. Me laying in my bed, peacefully listening to a song on Spotify, half asleep with one earbud in : 🎶😴✨

    Spotify ad : 🎉🔫⚠️ Buy 🤡🚑 🚨Spotify🧨🔊🔔 Premium 🔨 🚀🛎️

  16. I don’t have time to watch this video, I’ve gotta get my music fix before I take off

  17. i don't know how it goes in english, but whenever ad lady asks me 'do you know, what is the greatest benefit of spotify premium?', i always hear in my head this snarky little voice replying 'that i don't have to listen to you?'.

  18. also this ad in which there is this guy on a plane who calls listening to music offline 'magic' is an insult to humanity. gosh! how i hate this stupid ad.

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