Red Dead Online Gets a Major Update – IGN Daily Fix

50 thoughts on “Red Dead Online Gets a Major Update – IGN Daily Fix

  1. In honor of the red dead update, how many times have you been killed playing online while minding your own business? I’ll start, literally every time I’ve tried playing!

  2. IGN Sydney is looking tired no matter how much make up you put on her, its showing give her some time off from work dont exhaust your best

  3. Dropped a major update that still doesn't compare to GTA V online when it first dropped on the 360 and ps3.

  4. Look at sydnees costume😂😂😂😂 looks like she was reading all the thirsty comments

  5. Sydnee!

    To be continued…..

  6. I hate what they did with the player icons. Like, who cares about defensive if you can't even find anyone!

  7. Did they downgrade the graphics again? I miss the way it used to look at launch. 🙁

  8. She looks and sounds like she is depressed. You ok sydnee?

  9. This twat doesn’t game. She’s placed by IGN for clicks by thirsty incels. Ironic though IGN is located in the lefty capitol of the world, San Fran. Thought they were against the objectification of woman?

  10. I wonder why the title and thumbnail were changed from focusing on the GoT writers doing Star Wars…

  11. Let’s hope that new Star Wars film won’t be dark… and what I mean is the lighting.

  12. I like that she’s just wearing a t shirt, the more we all just dress casually the less the people who dress fancy have power over us

  13. Ain't gonna lie I'm just here for Sydney

  14. People are dumb…and they act all surprised when this was announced a year ago half of them forgot they were all about it in the comments

  15. As if the writing for the past few Star Wars movies wasn't bad enough.

  16. Yesterday was all comments about the sweater button , I don't even wanna see what you thirsty boys are saying about this smokeshow outfit

  17. I love how a month ago everyone was super pumped for D&D's Star Wars movies but they made one mistake and now everyone assumes it will fail.

  18. The writers used to have so much praise lol but we all know that was George RR Martin

  19. Funny if it werent for the last season of GOT this might be great news

  20. D&D can direct a battle sequence but they cant tell an original story to save their lives.

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