Reddish Brown | A poem by Corey Peterson

As soon as I return
to my rose-coloured spectacles My brown eyes become Hazel I find Beth She has Faith Whenever she remembers to You don’t need to care about my friends;
I do. Bernard will live out loud as surely
as the sky is blue because he is broken He is head-in-cloud bearer
of inherited subclass haze and when his onion skin mould
of carbon copy shattered he refused to be buried beneath the shards instead, he climbs upon them to dance, brandishes his feet
with tapestries of survival and he sees the world
through hazel-tinted shades. He sees trees raised through concrete alongside roses born blue And he blossoms carelessly before us This world can be wonderful, it’s true. The leaking roof
Is waterfall Let Tala swim. Anthony met his Mark and it’s beautiful. Let love win. I see Mason-ettes
at the other end of ladders Which I am not set up to climb But let pipe dreams
Be my mountains And satellites be my stars Deprive me of your promises Render my fairy tales no less
than my resource of a looking glass. We will be okay. I sink into the carols of my community
and draw reality out of their tune. I let Hazel become the tint
of my spectacles And allow the world to feel rosy Whenever I remember to.

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