Reese's Book Club Authors Share Their Writing Secrets

hi Reese's book club I'm Jasmine Guillory author of the proposal this is Susan Orlean author of the library book I'm Maria Hummel author of still lifes I'm snow cleaning author of next year in Havana and this is the right early life my favorite part of the writing process is definitely the adventure that my characters take me on it's always a new thing that awaits me when I finished writing a sentence or a paragraph that I know really works and I feel like I've performed a magic trick one of my writing rituals is I have to walk the dog and this is because the dog will bother me until I walker but I also find that walking is a really great segue into writing author Kelly Oxford once said if you loved what you're writing and now you hate what you're writing you're half way through yes I totally agree that is so true that's a perfect way of viewing the writing process the one thing that can distract me from writing is my phone and the internet and my house which is why I always turn it on airplane mode and the great outdoors it used to be that many things could distract me from writing my dog and my cat but that was before I had kids and my son and my husband now I could write next to a garbage dump and honestly I would keep writing the best money I ever spent was writer and this sounds boring but to hire an accountant someone else's money is usually the best money I've spent as a writer if I get grants or fellowships and I can use them to do travel or research a few writers gave me really great writing advice which was take time for yourself to have fun just to figure out what other than writing brings you joy and still try to maintain that to loosen up and enjoy it because you could be writing anywhere so you feel like you should be writing anywhere and it really made me a better writer and it's really helped me to take time to still like be a person other than just a writer thank you for watching bye guys thanks so much for watching hi y'all thank you so much for watching the video if you want to see more content like this subscribe here or here or here like somewhere in this area anywhere over there

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