45 thoughts on “Remember Me, Toronto

  1. As growing up in rexdale happy for this thanks mustafa and Inchalla no beefs this summer

  2. & now Yung lava is wanted for FIRST degree murder… when are they going to STOP and learn?

  3. 9:55 please give me time cause I’m searchin 🙏🏾 beautiful piece from redemption.

  4. Each time I watch this video I tear up because the issues that young men of minoritized communities face is really not spoken of enough.

  5. There will never be peace. Stop fronting.

    P.O will always beef Regent. Dixon will always beef Driftwood. There’s been blood spilled. Lives lost. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be resolution to these problems. But there won’t be.

  6. If nipsey seen this he would have been so proud of toronto

  7. fam. i was born nd raised in toronto, currently living in toronto, and NEVER heard toronto mans say "you know" that many times.

  8. It’s always funny to me when people say that Drake fakes his accent when literally that’s just how Torontonians talk.

  9. Drake is the all time goat no matter what anyone says, consistent hits after hits, name another artist like him

  10. Wallahi respect to Mustafa the poet, he a real Mali and thanks for putting this together. Get them all to sign a TRUCE LMFAO this summer should be a safe zone no matter where you from! Get them to sign a treaty, a truce NO GUNZ, NO SENSELESS VIOLENCE, NO MORE LOST KINGS.

  11. YO doesnt this dude drake glorify violence and rap about sending shooters an shit like that. man fk this demon

  12. Great Vid!
    Drake: "I wanna be remembered as a selfless person"
    proceeds to pay his artists crappy cuts.

  13. Just my opinion I don’t think it’s a good time to be a rapper there is too much haters on the loose. I been working on a brand for a t shirt line, and I will keep up with that till the wheels fall out. It’s too risky getting on a microphone talking about enemies of your own. I use to love hip hop, but all the real ones dies and there ain’t no coming back. My love for art stays at every t shirt stamp I make. Peace to Toronto I wish you all the best in this beautiful city.

  14. What's the root cause of our pain? No mentors, no one to teach you how to be a man. Not being able to control your emotions and acting out and resorting to violence is what we all saw from an angry, heartbroken mother. So my advice to change this cycle is be the man for your kids that your waste father wasn't. That's the root cause and the solution. Don't run from your responsibilities like a boy. It's embarrassing that our women are stronger and better than us. We should be the leaders and the women shouldn't have to raise us and be those leaders. Man up Toronto.

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