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  1. Another beauty of ren and stimpy is that there was pretty strict rules at nick about what can be put in shows, so the people behind ren and stimpy had to be creative to get what they wanted on television. Once mtv picked up ren and stimpy for a adult party cartoon it lost its creativity because it could show more the creators didn’t need to bend any rules to get what they wanted on television

    This has been my ted talk

  2. when ren and stimpy came out i was like 3 years old and it was and still is my favorite fucking cartoon of all time, my parents taped episodes for me and id watch them on repeat to where the VHS started fucking up, i still know lines from the episodes. my favorite episodes (which i have a lot of but ill name my very favs) are jerry the belly button elf, road apples, a yard too far, monkey see monkey do, the one where ren shrinks down and has to go into stimpys brain and the one where ren has insomnia. when i was little i always sided with stimpy but now that im older im totally ren in every aspect lol. especially when he wants to murder stimpy, i currently forget why i wanna say it was the episode where stimpy got all this fan mail that ren had to reply to nicely n shit but he goes insane from it and i honestly feel like that a lot of the time, it was him sitting on their bed just monologing his anger and pain and i was like "me".

  3. We use to love coming home from dancing all night at an E-Club in LA and watch Ren and Stimpy… 'til we fell off the couch and had to hold onto the floor to keep from falling off it, too. Thanks for sharing your insights with all of us.

  4. There weren't a lot of kid's shows back in the 90s that I could sit and watch with my daughters and enjoy as much as they did.
    And seldom did I ever feel such joy as the time when my 8 year old called me a "Fat bloated eeediot!". I was so proud.

  5. I came for episodes, not some dipshit explaining why he's got no penis.

  6. This was not created for children. Your very first sentence is false so I can reasonably assume all the rest is shit.

  7. I'm 63 now. Loved it then, love it all over again. Makes me laugh every time.

  8. Dide im so glad to c that pther people share the love for ren and stimpy

  9. So this…You can just shut the fuck up goody good.You are a woman.

  10. I was John Ks audience to a tea. An 8/9 year old who got really bored of Doug and Rugrats… I’m always grateful to my parents for not being helicopters and letting me watch what I want. I can’t begin to contemplate what my imagination would have been like without Ren & Stimpy, Beavis & Butthead, Liquid Television, The Maxx, etc. The early 90s were a hell of a time to be a kid.

  11. Another message of Stimpy's Invention is that you can't force someone to be happy.

  12. Amazing show. I remeber watching it with my older brother (7 years older than me) and we both love it. He was 18 or something. One of the best shows in the world.

  13. This episode is so much better with commentary. Glad i clicked on it. Juat like the time when my wife cut off my penis and throw it out of a window

  14. Fuck you Nerdwriter! REN and Stimpy and its creator suck ass! 80’s cartoons and anime are way better than this shit!

  15. Wow. Great break down. You are very much appreciated for this work.

  16. It was NEVER made for children! Right away, this video is wrong.

  17. Great job man. If I haven’t already told you, awesome episode.

  18. ren and stimpy was my favourite cartoon until invader zim came out.

  19. It's not all about John K. Let's not forget the genius of co-creator Bob Camp!!

  20. Congrats, this was awesome. Grew up watching it. 🙂

  21. Bruh i remebmer this show scared the shit out of me when i was a kid

  22. Yeah, John K. may be a creep, but I don't see why people use that to discredit the show and the countless other talented artists and animators who helped bring his creation to life.
    Art vs. Artist

  23. Rin & Stimpy was not a kids show. The kids who watched it are the same as the kids who thier parents allow them to watch 16+ movies and shows

  24. John K. was the Mozart of animation; he got a raw deal. I still watch Ren & Stimpy and I'm 57.

  25. Remember when people liked John k
    I don’t.
    This is actually one of my favourite YouTube videos of all time

  26. Ren & Stimpy still hands down the best cartoon of its time… PERIOD

  27. I hate John K. passionately, but damn if he wasn't brilliant. That said, for years I hated Ren and Stimpy until I was finally old enough to accept it.

  28. Ren and Stimpy is what you get when you mix classic looney tunes, pop rocks and nick slime

  29. Sounds like ren and stimpy hurt you as a child or something, some of us loved it and still do

  30. The cringe, the CRINGE! So real and we were all to desensitized to it… Wow…

  31. The most funny thing I have had ever seen was the the ending of „The cat that laid the golden hairball“.
    This was definetely brilliant and so damn random, even in the german sync., that I got a big fan of Alan Moorhouse' „Happy feet“, love it!


  32. Anybody remember when Ren flipped out on the space voyage, started hallucinating and ate soap like an ice cream bar….bro I'll never forget 💀😂

  33. Compare the Xennial age cartoons like Ren & Stimpy with the baby cartoons that the Millennial and Gen Z people were forced to grow up with. Yeesh! :-/

  34. "The Disturbing Secret Behind An Iconic Cartoon: Underage Sexual Abuse" never forget

  35. Im from Argentina and here was broadcasted with the latin dub made in México, and it was excelent. Really great. Look it up

  36. My all-time favorite was when stimpy won all that money. Forgot which season, pretty early though.laughed so hard I fell off the coach.😋🇨🇦

  37. I love that show, this new generation is full of sensitive weak pussies, fuck their safe spaces and fuck their mental illness

  38. As a Graphic designer and artist, it was the uniqueness of the animation, the overexaggerated expressions, the great characters, the gross out jokes, and cool music that made me fall in love with this show, it's still my all time favorite cartoon…the only one I ever laughed out loud to.

  39. I'm more disgusted by that lady in the daytime tv show talking about separate hospitals for AIDS patients than I ever was by any of the eye crusts, snot filled faces and plump hairy butts in R&S episodes. What a fucking twat…

  40. Please note that the first syllable in John K.'s surname Kricfalusi is pronounced "Kris", not "Krik".

  41. This cartoon was fantasic….laugh out loud funny…..as a matter of fact my father was a ww2 navy veteran and he
    Loved Ren and Stimpy.

  42. Our country reeks of trees
    Our yaks are really large
    And they smell like rotting beef carcasses
    And we have to clean up after them
    And our saddle sores are the best
    We proudly wear women's clothing
    And searing sand blows up our skirts

    And the buzzards, they sore overhead
    Poisonous snakes will devour us whole
    Our bones will bleach in the sun
    And we will probably go to – BLLPPPP!
    And that is our great reward
    For being the-huh Roy-oy-al Caaanadian Kilted Yaksmen!

    25+ years later, I still remember every word. Genius show.

  43. John K wanted to make cartoons for "men." And by "men," I mean overly aggressive and abusive men like his father or Kirk Douglas.

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