Renegades React to… Game Theory – Doki Doki Literature Club (Parts 1 & 2)

after all after we completed survived insert horrible thing like you know remembrance here people asked us to watch these game theories about Doki Doki literature club and I'm frightened should be interesting well yeah we'll just have to just yeah I'm not I'm pleased the game brings a lot to game like the game brought a new spin to day games and just the whole having to do things over and over again which has been done in games like PT and other horror games was really interesting so it's nice to see that I'm interested to see what theories people have on stuff I'm really glad that we classify PT is a horror game like we still talk it is it's still I mean I know but like it's like we refer to it as like a horror game like I just like that we still talk about it when it when it was has been tried to be right but it's ours now it has been like what three or four years since well I still got it a lot of people yeah a lot of people a lot people tried to sell their PS boards that had it on it but ridiculous amounts of money like one guy ready for bottom oh yeah some people actually I saw one guy tried to sell his ps4 for like two thousand dollars and he and included in the pictures it showed PT and it showed like him playing it and I was just like it's just like confirmed it's on here and it's all yours that's like a whenever Angry Birds was was big and that was removed in the store people's baby flappy bird flock of birds yeah oh that's right yeah yeah people were selling their iPhones for a lot of money because they saw it flappy bird on the I still have my old life I find that classy girl yeah I don't have flappy bird but I have fallout bird this well there were a lot of cop what a copycat yeah came out after that we're actually okay but they just weren't flappy bird they didn't have the same fallout bird cuz I like the little sprites of Pete I always play in the end Joe Joe I know that his name is Joe it's Joe trohman I know who it is but her brain Joe Joe good – he was like as close as you are to me mm-hmm like mm-hmm we breathe we breathe kids same air and you forgotten his name you canceled kombucha all right so well let's just get into the video I'm excited for the theory let Superman Pat's guys say wait that's my right this guy another one what's going on here wait that febre breaking me you promised where's mom kidding this oh it does but the special interest for like requested things like Wi-Fi minimum wage jobs and even the house next door but today we're gonna talk about a game that will make you stop trusting the barrier you're using to watch this video and at the bottom of the game's description which is a cute little reading note from the literature club's president Monica you'll find the very stern warning in bold letters this game is not suitable for children or those were easily disturbed this year during your first playthrough doki-doki literature Club seems like a normal visual novel with your child Prince a Orion quiet lucas yuri and Russell Satsuki but at the end of your first run strange things can happen it all starts when say aureus it comes to her depression commit suicide soon after she's deleted in the story as you replay the game the world begins breaking apart as it tries to move forward without C or E and eventually you discover that the club's president Monica has become self-aware within the game and is manipulating the game's code even piling on your very computer in a desperate attempt to make you you the player lover when nothing else works she deletes everything else in the game leaving Monica just Monica you in the club room with nothing to do but talk forever at least until you do achieve it to the other characters and delete as a character file in order to save everyone else and reach the true end doki-doki literature Club intentionally leaves a lot dangling for gamers to figure out on their own but out of all of it one question has been bugging me non-stop since I finished playing what is the story behind the game presenter is simply being a character in a visual novel becomes self-aware the Wady DLC is designed the way that Monica manipulates it and things that she says in her extended conversation with you Holly there's something much more sinister going on with her and that is the theory for today that's right Doka Doka literature Club is that Monica is from different yeah even once you make it through the main story because even the energy when you restart the game after deleting Monica say Oreos who's the role of club president now and that's pretty normal until the end of the first day you get the biggest risk of them all Fiori now is self-aware expressing the exact same desire of Monica and possibly the other girls as well see this is about the way doki-doki literature club is designed that doesn't add up throughout your second playthrough Monica reveals that she's been manipulating events behind the scenes the whole time that she's been messing with Yuri netsuke and series character files by amplifying their worst rates so that you'll like them less and you'll like her more that's why we read those from being a little bit clingy to being self harming and obsesses by now Sookie goes from being flirty mean to just being a plain old jerk and why say already greats from being mildly depressed to suicide late in the span of a few days these are all the consequences of Monica adjusting their character parameters behind the scenes but that might seem to make sense on the surface but if you actually stop and think about it that's not really hope visual novels work at all visual novel characters aren't bi based their behavior is determined entirely by what's written in the game's script the game dialogue script not a program a script I can see how that gets confusing there's no need for a character and a dating sim to have complicated behaviors like this but what if they were created for a more complex game what if the characters in doki-doki literature Club were intended to be used in a different game altogether one where they would need to have more complex believable responses to a greater range of player choice what if their assets were sympathy repurposed from that day in order to make this dating soon it's not just speculation the clues are there hidden in plain sight and doki-doki central mechanic the poems over the course of the first act to read poems from all the other Club members which seems pretty innocent sure reading between the lines you can start to get hints that say Ori is depressed that Yuri is prone to self-harm being abused by your father but it's nothing overt in the game second act you're given three randomly selected special poems out of a possible 11 that makes these hints much more overt but there's one of those poems in particular that really stands out a huge block of redacted text with only a few letters left visible spelling out the question that would be unsettling enough on its own but if there's one thing Scott we need to do is to run dark images in Photoshop and play around with sliders if you crank up the exposure on that image all the way to max capacity suddenly it becomes possible to read the full text we're a regular partly heart palpitations arrhythmia I searched and searched eyes scanning everything I can find on there symptoms shortness of breath chest pain dizziness no this is only ELISA symptoms are nowhere near this other than that reiniers information was a complete and utter this can't all be coincidence it's not possible I don't know how much of this rentier is behind but I do know this there is something horribly wrong this family and I accepted the invitation to become a partner I can hear ELISA screams through the walls I listened hopelessly many are said maybe with her short word is he in her room now chilly right this creepy letter at most and heartbeat heart complications arrhythmia or all possible problems at the heart so it's not so much this person is making a diagnosis but rather it's someone trying to read the symptoms he's seeing and figure out what the diagnosis is it's a clinical assessment which means that the speaker is a doctor of some pie and notice the words he uses their symptoms it's an illness affecting multiple people of family as we see later in the letter a family that apparently you can join almost like a cold it's also worth noting like this doctor who's speaking has some degree of detachment this girl Alisa almost like she's a research subject of some kind possibly part of a human experiment and when you put all this together mold performing experiments on young girls it's sounding familiar we hear about human experiments exactly two times both times when Yuri describes the plot of the portrait of Margaret the book what she wants to read with us in the first act Yuri makes it sound relatively innocent enough well basically it's about this girl in high school who moves in with her long-lost younger sisters but as soon as she does so her like it's really strange she gets you targeted by these people who escaped from a human experiment of prison and while her life is in danger she needs to desperately choose who to trust and in the second act Yuri's personality gets a bit more unhinged and she gives us it's about this religious that's turned into a human experiment all the people trapped there have this trait that turns them into killing machines that lust for blood but the facility gets even worse and they start selectively breeding people by cutting off their limbs and affixing them too and then she kicks awesome that sounds a lot of information for a fake bull actually when you compared to what we learn about at Sookie's favorite manga and that's because what URI tells us about the portrait of Markov eases just a short snippet of text meant to create the illusion of a bigger story it is the bigger story here it's the plot of the horror game the team self Otto is working on the game that all for these characters originate and if you think I'm done we have just scratched the surface we can dig deeper to uncover more about this title and release date as well as how these four girls fit into the overall story because team sells bottom left off whole AR G's were content hidden in dopey tokens game box if you thought that the literature Club was interesting before simply because it had these cool meta moments and jump scares we'll get ready there's a whole other day here underneath the surface waiting to be puzzles together that'll start to make you really question everything you thought you knew about say Ori Natsuki Monica part 2 comes out you see what I read it community members have uncovered about it you're gonna be really excited to just – nothing was real from URI or netsuke and I hope I'm right which makes I wanted to say URI – which makes it more likely I mean not that I'm already discounting it because if there is stuff in the game files we'll find out in this but yeah like if there's something in the file – cause the rest of it kind of seems like a reach yes poem from URI she could just walked out well the thing the thing too is like they are promoting their next game yeah like okay like that's where you could stop I don't know I'm saying this coming in as a skeptic because ever since I watched the The Sands is nest video I liked it too but I mean you were you know speaking of a reach like you know yes yeah it's one of those and I think we foxes even said like not everything I do is related to earthbound y'all yeah so I so you're not a fan of a mr. Matthew path you I mean you mean mr. matrick Patrick I get I stopped watching Matt Pat when he basically decided that Scott Cawthon was wrong yeah that rubbed me the wrong way to when he was basically Scott Cawthon doesn't know his own game I'm sure because that was dumb conclusion without all the information there but later when Scott Cawthon confirmed something to him he was just like oh you see it takes a lot to admit you're wrong and he was wrong I mean and then I gained a little bit I gained a little bit of respect back for him but it's taken time for me like I'm with you like after a certain point of watching game series I did not you know I didn't like I didn't like watching game theories anymore yeah but then but then when he admitted he was wrong and he's also he's also come to the he's also like come to various conclusions that some of videos that he's done he did not do proper research and all this and he's apologized for and everything and he's kept the videos up because well for one you stand by your work and you have to you mean there's no fruit I mean this is the Internet the Internet's not written in pencil you can't just erase it and then whiteout over it this is ink yeah unless you burn it to the ground nothing's gonna change unless you burn all of YouTube yes which is impossible right now but you know I've gained a little bit more respect back for him but still I take most of his game theories with a little bit of AI I'm just like I'm always skeptical yes great article that I am nothing is real cuz if it was from URI then she could have just taken a page out of her book and Mark through it with Sharpie right if it is from the portrait of Mark off which it sounds like it is it does so so but maybe that maybe we'll find out in this I mean if we don't then then I'll keep looking but you know no more delays let's let's get let's get to it delete Monica my apologies for any technical difficulties we may be having during this series so it's one of this theory you start to unearth a horror game hidden underneath the cute facade that is literature Club we found a letter hidden in plain sight alluding to human experiments in Cole's old topics that appear in your his book the portrait of Mark a book mysterious this will concoct a theory that the four girls for the club are actually characters from another game ahora gate in fact being produced by team Saldana and that this is the reason that Monica turns sentient in doki-doki your AI isn't meant to be contained in a mere visual novel but today is where things really start to go off the rails as we dive deeper into the portrait of barckhoff mystery and cover the game within this game that's a self hiding a third game yeah and by the way if he's not Monica was bad well then you should start getting really scared of Uri she finished the game the character file from the game's directory play a huge role in the plot Monica manipulates and deletes them one by one in her quest to make love an old you have to delete Monica's file in order to reach the game's true end but there's more in these files than just character information each of them is a puzzle in and of themselves left in the game to be solved by the fans and to fans of D DLC in particular stepped up to the challenge so the character files on your computer starts eh which isn't for real file format the programs recognize they did with the text inside each file giving them clues as to what they should be doing next your it started as a bunch of random letters and numbers but that pile of letter bomb it was actually text encoded in base64 it's an encoding technique that converts binary data specifically ASD I I text the same stuff that Bob built his armor using a few years ago on YouTube that may sound like it's really hard to code but all you have to do is copy it and paste it into a base64 decoder like this one right here when you decrypt URIs file you'll see that it's actually a short story of creepypasta which the game's director dan salvato confirmed that he wrote over two years ago and just stuck in the game as an easter egg it's a spooky story to be sure but it seems to be just an easter egg changing the extension resulted in this Aryans playing around with Photoshop Dizzy's police team may remind you of what happens when you invert the colors on a picture it produces those it's more basics before code which would be bird it reveals a joke that really starts to bring all this together can you hear me I can't I can't see you but I know you're there yeah you've been watching for a while now right I guess I should introduce myself or something um my name is obviously already know my name sorry anyway and guess it if you were able to put a stop to this you would have done it no I mean I know you're not evil or anything because you've already taught me so much I really should thank you that for everything you've done you're really like a friend to me so thank you so much I think more than anything else I really don't want it to be for nothing everyone else is dead maybe you already know that and there's a lot of stuff but I know I can see that it also seems to be written after doki-doki Street ending where she destroys the game notice how she comments that there's something to you as a player can't stop something that's killed everyone else which is why she says that she's experienced some sort of deja vu and that this is it's her only story supporting the idea that she's coming from somewhere else perhaps once again and it's not just her either it's all horrible everyone else has had the same kind of experience what's the most exciting though is her suggestion that perhaps we as the player can both go back and tell them what's going to happen if they know ahead of time they should be able to avoid it meaning that we're gonna be task was trying to jog our memories or that in this new game there'll be some sort of Easter Egg crawling back to the events of dope dope quo if they remember their time with me in other worlds other worlds like other games that these characters used that maybe we can do something these other games to warn the girls and prevent dhoka dhoka from ever happening in the first place one reference in particular really stands out lately this deja vu on what she calls the first gives you as a string of random letters and numbers this throws at the coding music continues to linger through my veins in a in my muscle stems from unreleased tension experienced by my entire body that's three characters now who've brought up this third the same eye that happens to be described on the cover of the portrait of new games being about human experimentation psychic phenomenon that invokes uncontrollable flood losses of people exposed to it which brings us the last piece of the puzzle which is in order to unlock its secrets you need to convert it into an within another subject who was terminated earlier based on the context of the redemptive last episode it's my guess that this girl is Alyssa even the number of letters and Alyssa matched the number of redacted letters thank you for that Sanger can be only parallel to the portrait of Markov that we see here though a note to the head doctor at the bottom of the page reads well you are choosing to avoid measures necessary to prevent a repeat scenario doctor who you not have as much faith in your personnel as you do in your god Yuri says that the book is set in a religious camp that was turned into the human experience this mysterious doctors reported devotion to a goddess and her death Holmes allusion to joining this mysterious family judging from the berries notes on this webpage the tests performed on the three-year-old were all about activating Libertines a–'s third eye that lust for blood which proves successful but then based on the Baylin test results latina able to suppress but not only are we getting more and more clues as next game team salvado was working on we're actually seeing exactly how our favorite Club mates are gonna fit into the story because I am confident three year old latina grows up which vocal tics fighting at the phoria vomiting screaming harm to example harm to sell this place laughter there's your one character Lucy display almost all these traits during tokidoki literature club ticularly in that second act your game bugs out theories dialog becomes the most erratic we repeat there are two more things that absolutely confirm that girl is latina the first is a range libertine ax was born January 15 2001 which would make her 17 years old in 2018 the year that project libertine ax is set to release as the only member of the literature Club at senior year here is the only one of the girls in the ripe age range to be limit ena but there's also one more piece of crucial evidence that absolutely clinches this theory and evidence isn't found in the game itself or even in its data or a random hidden webpage but rather in the doki-doki literature club merchandise store CGT of each girl taken straight from the gate nothing too exciting there another four or creepy original artwork featuring iconic quotes from the characters between all of these there's this running motif of the girls being tied up in a red string even Monica has a bow wrapped around her but uhreally doesn't seem to possess these strings in fact all of the red strings seem to be emerging from her from her heart in this flower whatever this is ensnaring all the other girls an allusion to libertine a psychic influence over the last poster a bit different I mean completely different from anything else in the game or on the site it shows the quiet bookworm URI sitting in the classroom at sunset with a knife for some unhinge in fact it's the most which is in full control of the situation and behind her you see all sorts of ominous text scrawled on the blackboard to a right host a poster with this is the third jury third eye and this is the only artwork we see it depicted Illuminati confirmed URI as Liberty no doki-doki literature club isn't just a free game maintained mote team Soldado's upcoming horror title it's a part of Project Lee Bettina Monica is upcoming game's protagonist while URI is the monster at the center of the story libertine ax herself this is why Curie is so attached to the portrait of our top story it is her story and the disconnect from being put in the wrong game is the reason that Monica becomes self-aware but hey it's probably dead okay okay all right so so if that's what we're getting in the next game from then I I don't know man I'll see y'all in 2018 all four of us playing it well that's why we're here yeah also right also truth be told if any of us have a third eye it's me because look at this right here it looks look it's white you know it open it's too lazy I have a lazy I have a lazy third eye I can't believe he literally said Illuminati confirmed Wow yes I was killed you know I know actually I've got a yeah I've got several funny like parodies of Illuminati there's the ones the chili Menotti it's it's the the eye is actually like like bloodshot that's got a joint next to it loominatee I don't remember okay sorry my mic chalumeau naughty killed her train of thought oh but I mean it was nothing profound but I mean the I will say like I mean the points made were decently solid I mean yeah like fair but yeah well it's as someone as someone who's done a lot of digging in the 15 fan theory conglomerate it it takes a village like yeah you can't just you can't just be one person doing this well because everybody else notices something different right exactly um but like I guess I mean like you you know with the character files that it's something like it's not otherwise it wouldn't be there like it's put there for a reason and then like if you look at one it's kind of like oh this is a weird little short story or this is a weird picture or something like that but the fact that they all have a like a common theme to them yes you know it's it's it's not really not an accident yeah it's not something that they cobbled together from all this all the disparate parts it's clearly one big thing going on well yeah well with what Matt did here you at least she named the people that did the work yeah yeah yeah I mean that I that I'm greatly respect I mean cuz who'd have thought to do the binary coding on the Monica on the once the key well if I'd even gotten to the point of seeing the image with QR code I would have skipped well I know it's not QR code but like thinking it's a QR code as soon as the QR code didn't scan I'd be like well well that's that it looks like we've reached a roadblock here fellas like I'd just be like well this is a mystery about men solve yeah I would not I could not have the patience to sit down and individually figure out zeros and ones like one line by line or like say or ease it was uh what was it translated to audio and then you get that form picture the QR no no much after I played the audio and it came back as the unsound I would have been like okay well that's fine we're gonna die and I be in December yeah yeah cause of say Ori thanks Matt that Lord so so yeah me well the the links that the just the fact that the developer went those lengths to hide those things not just in the game but also in their store and that to me is just like wow I think I've been trolling I don't know how much I I don't know how much I go along with the like the portraits in the store where it's like all the threads are coming from URI I don't know how much I believe I think that's a bit of a stretch I'm not gonna say that it's not legit but that was a head means like it wasn't like you just put them together and they fit like yeah yeah well yeah well there's probably more pieces there's probably more pieces to the puzzle it's just those three are the are like the are like not the corner pieces but they are the the day or different pieces they're not connected yeah they're they're different like for instance URI is the base of the is the base of the picture mm-hmm whereas the to wear as a say Ori and gosh that's that's that's a key that's me thank you sorry Natsuki are the corners at the bottom and then at the top at the top is Monica who's in charge of everything yes who is the protagonist and if they're more care if they make more posters from the game we might see that those fill in gaps yeah you might see the lines feeling like more characters are shown and maybe and maybe then everything will line up but as is I agree I agree with you there's it is a bit of a stretch to say that that's all like connected because he had to draw the lines to match to marry match and there's a lot there's a lot to decipher with this agency there's still stuff that people have missed because here T that the developers still like sit sitting there just like you miss something oh yeah I mean the read it's still going crazy trying to figure out everything about the story everything that's going on so I'm interested to see is house I Orion Natsuki fit into it because yeah because they didn't and I'm not saying this it's like Oh matpat didn't cover this but I mean they covered some of Monica and then we and you know to Yuri the story to Yuri story but they and granted with the information he has you can't really draw conclusions as to how they're involved but you know we don't know how they're involved at all and when he was going through the note from Monica where it was saying like you we can prevent all this like all the others are dead like blah blah blah blah blah it almost makes it sound too like she wants you to save everybody and that would be including Yuri slash latina so it'll mean I guess that'll be like a true ending type thing if if this all bears out into their next game well yeah maybe maybe it's good maybe it's like a program rewrite like with what like with how they did in doki-doki literature club maybe it'll be something like that in the game that they're doing but it'll be back to the way I'm thinking about it is after you do something in the new game you have to go back and play doki-doki again file into like the character into like the character file I'll have to do something changing yeah I hope so but I just did to see if the picture from nan Sookie's file is actually Alyssa yeah and if it's possible but that's how Natsuki ties in that not ski is Alyssa yeah not because he be what do you think about it not Sookie kind of got the short end of the stick because we never got a resolution for her well in all fairness we didn't go down her track either though that's true yeah there was a there wasn't a whole lot with her no story there isn't like any other people playing it cuz I think Heather were things mess up mm-hmm you know her stories like oh you're at home or we're making cupcakes it's fun haha we're flirting I like manga yeah so it's not really as yeah yeah it's not as fleshed out as some of the others series we don't IV because she plays a small role go ahead it's the only thing that wouldn't well not maybe not the only thing but one thing that wouldn't like make that mesh together is the fact that from the way it sounded Alyssa was before Tina and not ski is not older than URI but I mean that doesn't necessarily have to correlate exactly right I mean she could be like Alyssa's daughter or something maybe she doesn't have a mom that we know of but I mean that's also a huge stretch so oh yeah the only family thing that we hear about not skis her and her dad's a piece of shit yeah other piece of shit but even before the game you know fuck's up I don't even think that her dad really mentioned no it's not yeah until yeah I know I think I think she just lost her footing for a second and then she got straight I don't think but yeah no I don't think I mean we didn't go down her path more but I don't think her dad was mentioned until until after shit gets real yeah man and then that leaves sigh Orie which what was what was inside the audio file to project luma Tina so I already might be it might be a key player she might be the she might be like the info dump or not infinite more like that more like the Oracle to Monica you know to Monica maybe because because for the information dump that is provided by by say or ease audio file that you know scanning the QR code you get project limit ena maybe maybe she's going to be the make she's gonna be like a secondary protagonist that would that would kind of make sense to where – yeah that would doubt kind of make sense – I guess because after you delete Monica's file and restart the game Saori is the one that becomes self-aware yeah so it would make sense that if you know if all of this holds water and you know they're all a part of the next game that her and Monica would have would like come from a similar place yes and that Nazi and URI would come from a similar place right yeah so we'll have to see I mean we got 20 other the whole 2018 to look forward to for a boy okie-dokie come out it was here like last November okay I don't remember it was it was the latter quarter okay so this is will be a whole year strangest ad campaign for a game I've ever seen but uh as much as I enjoy stuff like this I almost died i I heard for the good old days what a game came out and it was a game I played it and you finished it but and now we're at a game and things that point to that being said I have spent actual hours watching Final Fantasy 15 Theory videos so like let's online shock you know like I kept like I'm basically saying I have no room to talk like yeah I eat this shit up but at the same time like I said many times during the video I'm so tired like I mean I repealed back something in there like two more layers that four minutes place you're like oh this games like an onion yes shrine has layers layers are you saying it stinks hmm no way so this game is like onions they stake yes no no they make a cried what a little bit oh you know Brown sex bright little white hairs no exactly yes that's this game sure shrill old up white hairs yeah that's what happens when you leave a hard drive with just this game on it out in the Sun Oh any cracks and all you hear like just onion just my god okay we're becoming hew potato with this it's time to end yes it is alright so much all right so ladies oh man this was the doki-doki literature club that everybody really needed this to watch yeah me too oh me too I learned a lot I'm stressed I'm stressed I'm excited for this year for what may come yes I can't wait I'm excited the game did its job yeah and Matt Pett kind of did his job he did a good job at reviewing what redditor said yes thanks reddit Thank You reddit is that would make a sense of why doki-doki was free if it was just a ad for their next game God God like I mean not prequel but like a that campaign yeah alternate universe for their game you know what the dumbest one I've ever seen is like an ad campaign that's pretty much like a bait-and-switch why it was this movie that came out it was like I forget like the possession I believe you go into the theater what you watching the theater is like 10 minutes long and it says go to this website here to watch the full movie literally that's what happened really so many people like walked out of the theater and demanded their money back mm-hmm because because I could have found out where to watch this online but like reading like the IMDB forms or something I didn't have to deal with this shit yeah and honestly it you see they tried to do something but it didn't work because the movie overall sucked see and that but that's the difference at least doki-doki is a good game that stands on its own yeah yeah which which is why I said so many times I was surprised it was free cuz it seems like there's a lot of work into it oh yeah alright well that was it we did it we did it yes did we yes I mean oh look at her she's found a new toy all right so ladies and gentlemen signing off for the meme squad yeah I'm Nate I'm Carly I'm Elena I'm exhausted and that's Lucy that's Lulu our our mascot so uh yeah we'll see you later everybody links to the original videos down below be sure to check out game theory if you're interested in that kind of stuff and we'll see you later peace out bye

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  1. I guess once again Mat Pat was wrong since nothing happened in 2018…

    It was until 2019 when Team Salvato announced something for the game, an update as he described.

  2. God you all have such bad attitudes, someone makes a theory that makes perfect scientific sense just is about the wrong character and you all end up hating the guy. Lucky your fans are a lot more forgiving then you.

  3. Here's more proof to back up Yuri been libitina, Yuri in Japanese means lily, and what god of death has a relation to lilies? Libitina, boom

  4. so apparently youtube decided to screw me over and make my old comments not appear at the top anymore on random videos, so after scrolling far enough im just gonna repost the ones from before and HOPEFULLY it sticks
    16:30 scott doesn't know his own game… In that video I simply took it more as a discussion on pschyology and matpat brought up trivia i haven't thought of in a long time (primarily his whole segment on Phineas Gage) . Yea ultimately it wasnt even the infamous bite of '87 and therefore was (more or less) pointless to bring up in regards to the game, but as a history/psycholog/medical segment it was interesting… People did some REEEEEAALLLYYY fucked up things in the past if it meant they MIGHT be "cured" (cuz hey you only use 10% of your brain after all , why keep the whole thing lol)
    Intro pt is a horror game, tried to be erased, angry/flappy bird
    2:24 name is… Brain disconnected
    4:20 Nate: oh… Its been like that …
    6:50 cat staring
    15:40 could've just blocked out the page

    23:35 Nate: see that ring like… seevveehn ddaaays…….

    What did Jacob say at roughly 7:58 ? Cease and desist!



  5. I fucking hate the whole Sans is Ness hate when Matpat himself said he did it for fucking fun and that it wasn't a serious theory, so people need to stop being assholes and "lose respect for him" over something that was a fucking JOKE.

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  7. Game Theory always says that "Its just a theory." I'd respect his rights of creativity and dedication to his work. sigh

    Who's unsubscribing? I know I am. It seems everyone forgets GT and FT are theories. If you can't appreciate the work he puts into the video WHICH ALL ARE MEANT TO MAKE DISCUSSION then you shouldn't be watching the videos. Why doesn't anyone do that anymore?

    The cat still sees something. A ghost?!

  8. You do realise these are theories right
    The channels name is game THEORY
    And at the end of a threnody he literally says
    “ And that’s a THEORY a game THEORY

    These aren’t facts, he just researches, theorises, write scripts and play games
    And don’t forget he’s a father now.

  9. Intro pt is a horror game, tried to be erased, angry/flappy bird
    2:24 name is… Brain disconnected
    4:20 Nate: oh… Its been like that …
    6:50 cat staring
    15:40 could've just blocked out the page
    16:30 scott doesn't know his own game… In that video I simply took it more as a discussion on pschyology and matpat brought up trivia i haven't thought of in a long time (primarily his whole segment on Phineas Gage) . Yea ultimately it wasnt even the infamous bite of '87 and therefore was (more or less) pointless to bring up in regards to the game, but as a history/psychology segment it was interesting… People did some REEEEEAALLLYYY fucked up things in the past if it meant they MIGHT be "cured" (cuz hey you only use 10% of your brain after all , why keep the whole thing lol)
    23:35 Nate: see that ring like… seevveehn ddaaays…….

  10. I hate the fking girl who keeps bitching about things. ITS JUST A THEORY YOU FKING PIECE OF SHIT. Try making a “better” theory than he does. you probably can’t explain anything in 10-20 minutes. HE SPENT TIME ON IT you should just appreciate it.

  11. The cat's tail looks like a mouse's tail what type of cat is that.

  12. I was really disappointed with this reaction video but still get some enjoyment from it

  13. These people are acting like these are facts. It's called a theory for a reason. Mat has never said that he was completely right and everyone should believe him. His literal outro is "But that's just a theory, a game theory" he knows he has a possibility of being right but also wrong. Before you criticize someone for a reason that doesn't make sense, re-search what/who you're criticizing. Thanks.

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