Return to me My Darling Love – Poem

As I looked into those beautiful eyes
All I could do was simply smile You captured my heart every day
O why did you have to go away Why did you abandon me my love
You were my angel sent, from above I am now alone with a broken heart
I cannot face life with us apart Each day I awake and hope you’re there
Beside me so that on you I could stare But my bed is empty and I’m alone
I feel ever so lonely and very forlorn Oh do come back to me my dear
My life requires a positive steer I pray each day that you I’ll see
At my front door coming back to me I know we argued and were distraught
I know such fights come to nought I did not realise the outcome would be
You walking out and leaving me So I ask once more to my God above
Please return to me My Darling Love.

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