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there is a real transformation in the nature of learning and its technological a book a written textbook can only get us so far it's important for me to teach in a digital age with a system that enables the student to access the material on their devices since this actually engagement some of the learning tools that have been developed specifically for things like rebel has been pretty cool a written page with students these days can only go so far that's why when Pearson decided to move headfirst into the digital world we were really excited it's a perfect way to help students connect with material in ways that they're used to connecting material it's not a process of pouring old content into some new format a digital experience is an opportunity to enter into some situation interactively make choices that present you with different options and then follow those options and at some point you have an aha moment where you think right I get it the student has that experience of discovery with that delicious moment where something becomes clear to the student rather than just being told this is true the student creates it to create that experience students today a much much more visual than they have ever been everyone has a smartphone and they use it not only for communication but also to obtain information one of the great things about the Revel system is that it enables the student to operate the material for the course on their own time things like revell offer not students convenience allows students to have a learning platform or their learning tools to be more mobile where they are they can read where they want to read without carrying their textbook with them it gives them access they wouldn't have had otherwise revell gives me freedom not only does it give me freedom but it also gives the students freedom to work on their own time the idea was to help students understand a whole bunch of material in ways that they're used to accessing material it is a digital platform an interactive platform that helps students learn not just memorize material but really understand what they're what they're connecting with so for me rebel has given us the opportunity and ability to think about learning tools and new ways and also ways to better help our students

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