Reverse Citation Searching – aka how to bring your literature review up to date.

okay a few people that have asked me how do I find more recent literature so I just want to show you what I call reverse citation searching other people might want know it's different things but bear with me we'll take a look at this technique this is a list of my current literature picked on one of these down here sheesh I think that what lesson to be learned from The Fairly of the UK University now I'd ever read that in a while it's 2006 I want to know the Senate hit more recent than that about this topic now how better to find out about that didn't have a look at who's citing more referencing this work and that's exactly what Google Scholar allows you to do I can copy that text there I'm going to Google Scholar can type in that title it will find the Lester to be learned but have more importance to us at the moment see citations down here so we click on that find something it's done recently like this one will notice it's purple it's cuz I've already been there so you don't have to miss your Blue Peter moment I can now have a look and see where that's published and see if the catalogue here at Edgehill has that I see that it's an australian journal of educational technology copy that go to all i because like here see if we tighten up channel which we do okay go to the journal now here my guess is some 25 2009 was to show you where it's picking up one up from 25 2009 like it's here 25 page 14 so if we go 25 page 14 25 page 14 is this one here and then we compile put it up a sir HTML now we can read that particular text and to be honest with you I think I want to read that now because that looks really interesting okay why

5 thoughts on “Reverse Citation Searching – aka how to bring your literature review up to date.

  1. I found this article under a "reverse referencing" search. This helps with the problem of finding more recent research in an area identified by an early published article.

  2. Just accessed this David to remind me what you demonstrated yesterday David – great tutorial. Thanks

  3. Very interesting feature that I have never come across. Thank you for the tutorial sir.

  4. I wish someone would give a comment about this – there are 50 views!

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