[PROJECT PAT] When you first go in man, you’re walking into a whole other world [RAS KASS] If I get raped I’m killing whoever does it and I’m never getting out of here [CASSIDY] Jail aint for nobody. It’s like modern day slavery, they take your freedom [BEANIE SIGEL] Going to jail don’t give you street cred. That means you messed up [KRS ONE] From acclaimed director Peter Spirer [C-BO] First day how you came in that’s how you’ve gotta live the rest of your life [CHAZ WILLIAMS] Just because you walk through the door that means you’re a tough mother- It ain’t that kind of party [KRS ONE] The true and personal stories of hip hop artists who are, have been Or are soon to be incarcerated, in their own words [PROJECT PAT] I saw so many stabbings I don’t know how many I saw I’m talking about like every day [RAS KASS] Prison, if you do something, people kill you I understood the rules there [BEANIE SIGEL] I couldn’t really be creative there. There ain’t really much you could do [40 GLOC] You see so much racism. It gives you a whole different outlook [PRODIGY] They kept pulling me out of my cell They were like “You got anything on 50 Cent?” I’m like wow these dudes are really trying to set niggas up [KRS ONE] Featuring Beanie Sigel, Prodigy, Cassidy, Project Pat Immortal Technique, Slick Rick, and many more [J-DIGGS] If you’re out robbing banks or if you’re out selling dope You’ve gotta ask yourself if I make this wrong decision what is it going to lead to [IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE] It’s not honorable to be a murderer [KRS ONE] Join me, KRS One for an in-depth look Into the prison life and rappers [J-SWIFT] Because I make records, you will be a target [C-BO] You’ve gotta go in there and get your respect (Music) [PROJECT PAT] I ain’t going back to jail. That’s over with [KRS ONE] Rhyme and Punishment Coming soon on DVD undefined

41 thoughts on “RHYME AND PUNISHMENT – Official Trailer

  1. @brandoongf i asked "when is THIS coming out" because Big Lurch is in this documentary :))

  2. @brandoongf just cuz you got life doesn't mean you can't get out on parole, but in Big Lurch's case he ain't gonna be eligible in a while which is a shame cuz if he was sober he would not of done that shit he did

  3. i bought this dvd in walmart.. this dvd is real shit it hit home for me.. it showed me that i need to change for the better.. cause theyre aint no motha fuckin way doin good in these streets.. its about being a grown ass man…

  4. @RuggedEntertainment yall did a good job with this project! loved it! im a convicted felon, and it made me see alot of shit in a brighter light yall.. made me finally see , that going to jail wasnt meant for me anymore!

  5. @Ejwoods08 no it doesn't but still the thing is CHARLES FUCKING MANSON AND THE GIRLS WHO KILLED SHARON TATE AND OTHERS WITH A PERFECT MINDSET GET LIFE WITH THE CHANCE FOR PAROLE, but Big Lurch here who wasn't in his right mind gets life without parole. I find that bullshit

  6. @TheRealestFemale100 shut the fuck up, nobody gives a shit about you and your feelings, stop spamming.

  7. Lurch ate a damn woman he brutally murdered her..put him under the jail

  8. free big lurch, hes not even mentioned but hes the best rapper out of all those guys. cept c-bo they the same level

  9. what is the song 1:18 through 1 :54 please someone tell me ive been looking for it for soooooo long and i cant find it just tell me the name and i can find anything please i need it!!!

  10. hes a gross man how would anyone feel if they lost a family meber because of someone…smh

  11. For anyone that has Netflix streaming, it's available to watch online. I watched this the day it came out, it's a surprisingly good documentary. It's eye-opening how some of the rappers were convicted on the basis of what they rapped about.

  12. Are you guys stupid? Why would you free big lurch? ? He ate a woman! We don't want people like that in our society!

  13. Does anybody know where the bars are from that beanie sigel spit what song is that?

  14. thanks but i was talking about the one that starts on 1:28 and it doesnt sound like Immortal Technique

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