Rhyme Time Music and Movement

Hi I’m Kay a librarian at Ken District Library where we make early literacy fun and exciting through our collection, our programs and our KDLVille play spaces. One of KDL’s top priorities is creating young readers to get young
children excited about learning and reading we offer a variety of
programming for young children baby time Toddler time preschool storytime family
storytime and rhyme time music and movement rhyme time music and movement is an
action-packed and music filled opportunity to move and groove together perfect for children ages 6 and under we
share action rhymes songs games and hands-on musical activities that help
children develop listening and literacy skills drumming singing dancing and other rhyme
activities get children up and moving to engage their muscles and motor skills actions stories and open play
opportunities foster a love of reading and creative expression check out a rhyme time music and movement program at your local Kent District Library go to an
event for young children at kdl.org for times and locations and get your
child ready to read at KDL

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