Rhymes Lyrics & Poetry: Aja Monet- How Does Poetry reflect the deepest parts of your soul?

definition of a poet is someone that engages with the world metaphorically someone that seats meeting with the lens of their heart and follows with the actions of their hands forming on a stage sometimes the most exhilarating experience because it allows me to be completely open self vulnerable and yet also to be confident and in the weakness and in all the range of myself and it allows me to communicate to exchange with other spirits in a very natural way and I don't think we ever stopped performing I don't think just because you're on a stage that then said I think the world is the stage and so I guess that just means that i'm always integrating poetry into life and it's not a separate it's not a separate thing sometimes it's even yeah sometimes it's even more disillusioning to be on actual stage I think poetry calls for a long history of those that have come before me and in that it reaches my deepest spirit my beam yourself my voice calls forth my ancestors and you know also my future and it has the ability to create and change things in life that I don't necessarily see on a physical level so I recognize that there is a soul to poetry that teeth that that teaches us how to better be so to always keep their ear to the streets keep your ear to the streets okay I mean that literally I mean it metaphorically I mean it spiritually religiously all that keep your ear to the streets and maintain an open heart and an open ear to being transformed and you try your best to hold your convictions while also taking care of yourself and you're arching nourishing yourself nurturing your craft and live man live with as much as you can while you're here you do not have forever so take advantage of every moment you have to be here and the same way we look in the sky the stars with all we should look at each other and that's my little bit of advice you

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