Rhythm and Rhyme Therapy Group

I’m Chloe, I’m an Occupational Therapist and
I work at Novita. So, Rhythm and Rhyme is a group for under
5s. It focuses on developing communication, social
skills and play in a group setting. Most of our clients are between 1 and 4 that
come to the group. So its for children who are not yet at school.
A lot of our clients get referred because they’re delayed around communication skills
or they have difficulty following instructions or are looking for opportunities to develop
some social skills or have exposure in a social situation.
We do some nursery rhymes. So we have a visual board where the children get to choose their
own song. We do like a group song. We do like Wheels
On The Bus or Old McDonald Had A Farm and the kids get to pick their own action and
then we sing the song through. And another goes bang. There’ll be two fat
sausages sizzling in a pan. Parents are welcome we’ve had grandparents,
we’ve had uncles, we’ve had siblings. We’ve got quite a good support network between
our mums and dads who come to the group. So they often will share milestones, share
videos and there’s generally an obstacle course set up in the room.
Where the kids can explore during the group, so we don’t make them stay, they come and
go. We’ve got a very supportive group.
It’s just a fun group to be a part of.

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