Richard Blanco – Genius of Stars and Love

Richard Blanco was selected by President Obama as the nation's fifth only the fifth inaugural poet joining the ranks of such luminaries as Robert Frost and Maya Angelou he captured the nation with his inaugural poem one today a historic poet storyteller and internationally sought-after speaker he is the author of several books including for all of us one today an inaugural poets journey which will be released next week Anderson Cooper described the book as a moving and intimate memoir to transform lives and illuminate schools and the texts President Tim Richard when you saw earlier had this to say John join Richard on his journey from a sentimental view of America to one of clear-eyed hope learn from his insight about what knits us together as Americans and as humans who better than a civil engineer and a poet to envision the foundation for a community characterized by dignity beauty and opportunity in honor of the tech Awards Richard Blanco has written a poem that he will present now for the first time ladies and gentlemen please give a warm welcome to mr. Richard Blanco in honor of tonight's laureates our global humanitarian of all of us gathered here tonight and around the world who believe in a better tomorrow I give you this the genius of Stars and love the tiny Billy knives of the Stars have seen it all they've watched us as long as we have stared up at them there twinkled whispering in our eyes eons before our tongues tamed breaths into words they could name them charts and connect them in the likeness of our heroes gods and beasts they knew our minds would dare kindle fire fire to cook to draw and write with such fire to reach the moon someday someday to aim toward their sparkle they knew once they heard the first tree we felled and hollowed into a hall cutting across the mirror of a lake to a far short simply because because there was a farther Shore they held our hands stitching sails took up wind across seas gliding over the flat earth before it was round to us oh they knew following us as we follow them for centuries mapping our world and pastel colors then stitching continents with tracks roads veining across the land they knew we'd solve the mystery of bones and feathers and forge sealed into wings for ourselves kiln sand into glass to peer to ourselves dividing our atoms spinning and right into the heart of their star eNOS breathing burnin like our own bodies they saw us speak with smoke then dots and dashes now the eavesdrop on our voices on our pixels made air traveling at the speed of light through our satellites like fireflies amongst them in the night sky sky sky from which they've also mourned our wars pitied our crisp air turned heavy and dark our reflections drowned in rivers and lakes spoiled by our spoils our land stripped barren by droughts and flood they knew they knew but they waited hoping someday we'd understand what we're and understanding now right here it takes the souls mind as much as the gears of love if we are to survive ourselves and reach their star light someday above to graph the arc of a child's smile tasting fresh water tasting a fresh tomorrow love to design an arm of Steel for an armless man and measure the joy in his eyes able to touch his wife's face again love to calculate what we took and must return to the earth to sow the seeds of a farmers trusts love to integrate all the voices of the voiceless into the gigabytes of words claiming the world love to harness the light that gives life and saves life the same light of the stars that have always known this love love is our wisest formula our most elegant calculation love is our most noble science most brilliant invention love love is our greatest genius as genius as the fire of the stars still eyes that are still watching us thank you

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  1. I am like a hummingbird when I hear his poetry, it's like death and rebirth for me – alert to its presence & then comes the swoon. I dive in.

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